1. P


    I have been playing SDT since 2013, but i played along all this years in a web page, the problem here is that page sometimes get too lag and some items can´t be loaded, so i decided to get the loader, but i don´t find it anywhere, excuse my english
  2. Antimatter42

    His Arm Holding Her - Solved

    I wasn't quite sure how to ask this, so I decided to open a separate thread for this question here on the help forum. My question is how can I allow the guy to hold her head on SDT without him loosing his grip on her every several seconds? Would a mod have to be made? Is this an issue only I'm...
  3. Antimatter42

    Animtools Positions on the Loader Tab

    Maybe there's a really obvious answer to this I haven't noticed yet, but when I was using the Dva Defiled loader pack, I saw that there were animtools positions on the loader tab, as you can in the screenshot below: How do I make it so the game loads with animtools positions on the loader tab?
  4. Antimatter42

    Questions about this forum

    Back in May of this year, the first thing I created and posted here on this site was this character I posted on this thread: My First Character Post Additionally, I said back in the summer that I was creating a dialogue based on said character. Well, truth be told, I'm actually the one who...
  5. T

    HELP: Cant get some Hentai Games to work

    I've been downloading hentai games recently, and for some reason some of them refuse to work, mainly fairy fighting, and all of Toffi's games, i tried the Unicode settings, as well as using location emulators, and nothing has worked so far, the only correlation i can see is the fact that all of...
  6. B

    Why do no mods show up when I look for them in the resources search?

    With the old undertow, you would just search up what you wanted and it would be there. Now when I type something in which I know exists, I get nothing. Please someone show me how to navigate this website, because this new system is inhibiting my abilities to find mods that I am specifically...
  7. irisluna

    Hiya, i'm IrisLuna. but you can call me Luna.

    I'm a bit lost in this particular site as it's format is a bit, well different. I'm a returning player in Tera, and it's changed a LOT in the time I've been gone, especially in the mods that did/didn't work I've never constructed a mod before but I am interested to learn the in's and outs of...
  8. edgelord 3000

    Dialogue questions I have

    I figured I might as well just start a topic for the questions I have regarding dialogue technicalities. 1. Is there any way for me to check where her arms are before playing a line? Sort of like generic:"My left hand is on your penis."{"check":{"left_arm":"handjob"}} generic:"My hands are on...
  9. Antimatter42

    How to use the moreclothing mod?

    This may or may not be a stupid question, but how do I use the moreclothing mod? When I load it, there are no clothes, but I do have a folder of clothes called "moreclothingmods" located in the $INIT$ folder that came with the prepackaged loader I downloaded from Samoth. Basically, this is what...
  10. edgelord 3000

    Can't get poptobottom in moreclothing to work

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding what the setting is supposed to do or I'm doing it wrong, but I'm just not able to make the entries I place there actually hide behind other clothes. It will hide behind some tops, but not all. Should be fairly simple, right? +poptobottom=School Swimsuit,China Dress...
  11. A

    Animtools Doesn't Show Girl in Edit Mode

    The title pretty much says it all: whenever I open animtools in edit mode, the only character present is the male. Obviously, this is problematic for editing and creating new positions, and I'm at a loss as to what I can do to troubleshoot this. If it helps, here's a screenshot:
  12. O

    Removing Overlay in Animtool

    Im just started using Animtool, and get the gist of it, but there an overlay that shows all the vars and model skeletons that i can seem to get rid of. I've tryed every button on my keyboard and looked thought all the guides, nothing. Any know to get rid of this overlay?
  13. N

    Need more Dialogue Bundles to play

    Recently I played the WeeWillie Dialogue Bundle and boy I got so addicted to it. I have also played Sexy Sister Saga and the MLP one, those bundles are awesome too. So I was wondering if there were some more interesting dialogue bundles I should check. Hence if you guys could tell me names of...
  14. Samoth

    Loader Mod Creation Question: Body Markings

    I'm going to start this by apologizing if this is the wrong sub-forum to post this question in, just in case there's a better one out there. Given what I was looking for, I figured this was a good place to start with. In any case... I'm trying to work on a mod that involves what would probably...
  15. SkyHeart

    Progress bars | I can't get the wrapper to appear on screen

    So, first off I want to say that the progress bar itself works perfectly. The only problem is the wrapper This is how I made the wrapper: I took @DrZombi 's template (The one with the heart) and made it into this: I deleted the black layer: I clicked "Save-as" and selected the option to save...
  16. Alice George

    New member

    Just wanted to say I'm a new member to Undertow. I need help finding and downloading a game.. hmu if you can help?
  17. SkyHeart

    Is there any way to set "Body 1" and "Body 2" clothing inside the dialogue file?

    Is there any way to set "Body 1" and "Body 2" clothing options that moreclothing adds inside the dialogue file?
  18. SkyHeart

    Is there any way to add custom objects to a scene?

    So this might seem like a dumb question (And most probably, it is) but, Is there any way to add custom made objects to a scene? I'm talking like the way Animtools does with the preset list of objects it has (Couch, chair, bed ect.).
  19. SkyHeart

    SkyHeart's Underworld Trainer [WIP]

    I'm far enough into this project to be able to say I'm going to finish it. So I'll leave this thread as kind of a place to debug and, once it's done I'll post it here. So from the spoilers above you can see that I'm about 25% done with the first version (And that I'm bad at marketing...
  20. SkyHeart

    How do I make a custom HUD?

    How can I add my own counters and icons (for those counters) up there next to her breath, vigour, how many times he came etc?
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