1. V

    Flash performance tip

    I just discovered this and I'm surprised this wasn't brought up in other performance related thread but if you want to play in fullscreen or at a reasonable window size, you can get a pretty big fps gain by lowering your desktop resolution. Just by lowering it to 720p (I have a 900p screen) I...
  2. Beyond Infinite

    Battle Carnival

    Not sure if anyone posted this before but it look like nobody make a thread about it. Anyway just wanted to let you know that this games have a very good potential ryona. It a FPS games and it free to play some more, you can check it out if you are interested. P.S. This games have loli in it...
  3. S


    Girlsarmy is a ryona fps game similar to bullet girls. Good part is this is for pc so dead girls can stay dead and not vanish, also game looks good too. Bad part is I think it's done by a single person and he is getting over ambitious like trying to add an attack helicopter. Instead of making...
  4. dragonoidso

    Is anyone planning to continue the necessary improvements for SDT?

    Konashion's gone. LONG gone. Someone needs to keep the game alive.
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