flash player

  1. V

    Flash performance tip

    I just discovered this and I'm surprised this wasn't brought up in other performance related thread but if you want to play in fullscreen or at a reasonable window size, you can get a pretty big fps gain by lowering your desktop resolution. Just by lowering it to 720p (I have a 900p screen) I...
  2. Deltavoid

    Flash Player (standalone) not loading mods...(SDTL) PROBLEM SOLVED

    quick answer: Remove or comment out sdtl.swf from mods.txt This is an issue I have had for a while. I started using @some_dude 's SDT Launcher and i liked it, however after some time, issues with mods started appearing and load times were not ideal for troubleshooting settings. When I went back...
  3. I

    Flash Player / Game is Lagging

    Hey, Im sure that this question was asked and maybe answerd before, but i cant find it so im asking agin: When i play the game even in Vanilla and sett the quality on high, the game begin to be laggy. But i think that my PC should have more than enough power(core i7 6700 hk, 32GB Ram and GTX...
  4. kinkman

    running flash player projector (32 bit stand alone) in AMD64 linux?

    1st i'm posting this here as we don't seem to have a 'help' area. i'm trying to get the linux version of flash player projector 11.2 32 bit to run in debian 8.3 AMD64. i've downloaded it, and tried running it from my home folder. clicking it (KDE plasma) does nothing. tried installing...
  5. MrMetaldong

    Memory, Hardware Acceleration and Strand Shaders, Window Size, Quality Setting

    It doesn't seem that SDT is able to take advantage of a super duper GPU very effectively, but a few things I've noticed seem to indicate that, to a certain, minimal degree, it's able to. The first thing is strand shaders. Turning them on or off has no discernible impact on performance for me...