1. sandman_2010

    Earth-chan Static Hair 2018-01-21

    All of my other character imports can be found here: Sandman_2010's hair imports (80 hairs) Update 01/21/18 (Earth-chan)
  2. Desk Lamp

    Earth-chan hair request

    I would like to request earth-chan static hair, I could only find one side view which is kinda usable other pictures that are not side view can be found here for inspiration if you like EDIT: Request filled see link Earth-chan Static Hair
  3. J

    Hair alignment

    Hey guys I made an Earth-Chan static hair mod but I just can't get the alignment right. I have tried using templates but they usually end up just pasting a white picture over the face with the hair inside the box. Anyone that can help?
  4. PervyNord

    Earth Chan hair Request

    You all probably seen the Earth Chan memes, can anyone make this hair? An adult version would also be nice
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