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  1. KingFuzzy

    Ms. Fortune From Skullgirls (First submision)

    Hey , so I made a hair import of Ms. Fortune from skullgirls and I wanted to have some feedback on it so here it is ! :grin: IDK if somebody already did it but i didn't saw any . charName:SD...
  2. Mineur

    Rory Mercury Static Hair 1.0

    You can find her skirt on the BrokenToasters' Real Clothing Mod thread. charName:Rory...
  3. Mineur

    Koneko Toujou Static Hair 1.0

  4. Mineur

    Arnya Fromel Static Hair 1.0

  5. Mineur

    Liliruca Arde Static Hair 1.0

  6. Mineur

    Silica Static Hair 1.0

  7. Mineur

    Sinon Static Hair 1.0

  8. Mineur

    Leone with Teigu Static Hair 1.0

    You can find her strapless bikini in the Downloads section : Strapless Bikini...
  9. Mineur

    Ao Nanami Static Hair 1.0

  10. Mineur

    Atori Kuramine Static Hair without earring

    On the left thumbnail : the "with earring" version, accessible through the "Version History" tab. On the right thumbnail : the "without earring" version, regularly accessible through the "Download Now" button...
  11. Mineur

    Tanpopo Kuraishi Static Hair 1.0

  12. Mineur

    Millianna Static Hair 1.0

  13. C

    Koneko Hair + Ears + Wings 1.0

    The ears and wings are hidden by default. To make them appear or disappear, you simply left-click on their location. This can be tricky (due to overlying clothing and other SDT layers) so the recommended approach is to press Tab until a highlight bracket appears in the desired position, and...
  14. voltlight

    Lucchini Static Hair 1.0

  15. voltlight

    Sanya Static Hair 1.0

  16. voltlight

    Eila Static Hair 1.0

  17. voltlight

    Perrine Static Hair 1.0

  18. voltlight

    Sakamoto Static Hair Eyepatch

  19. D

    Milly Static Hair 1.0

  20. Zyrell

    Shamu Static Hair 1.0

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