Haru (Beastars) head

Haru (Beastars) head 1.0

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Wanted to see if this was possible. It's not perfect but I think it's serviceable.
And I made different versions so you can decide what looks good.
(I would've made the ears just straight but they wouldn't fit the template hence why I tried different options)

I covered up the in game eyes with Haru's eyes since it didn't look right without them.
But I did also make heads without Haru eyes if you want a generic rabbit head.

Things needed to complete look:

!!!! The heads are designed to work with this nose remover mod originally by MrActionhouse MrActionhouse & updated by tmb tmb

Also here is the skin code I used (you might have to adjust it for your display?):
Skin: Tan
H: 6
S: 130
L: 400
C: 21

I also set Eyebrows to:
Brow: Lines
Eyebrow Line Alpha: 80

I also remove most makeup settings for obvious reasons but it doesn't look terribly bad if you wanted to add it back in

For the Ears they're either: Up, Diagonal, or Back
For Haru's Eyes they're either Normal or Clenched
Haru Up Screen.png Haru Diag Screen.png Haru Back Screen.png

This is what the generic rabbit head would look like:
Rabbit Screen.png


Here is the bunny tail mod originally by dantethedarkprince dantethedarkprince & updated by Shade Shade & V vonhizzle
Also I recommend anysizeher mod by S somedude
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