Automation Protocol Dialogue

Automation Protocol Dialogue 0.1

So, this is my attempt to piece together some dialogue.

Used Android.txt as a template and reference. So also thanks for that.

Basically, this is just a fun dialogue I threw together, mostly as a concept idea for a larger idea: An android with buttons to swap personality tropes.

This particular android girlfriend has a certain disposition against other girlfriend candidates... I guess you could say? Anyways, feel free to tell me what you think, I don't have sensitive feelings.

Required Mods:
- Moremoods

Recommended Mods:
- AndroidBehavoir
- Aya_Legs
- AB SciFi Apartment Background
- Your choice of hair (I used starcraft ghost's with goggles)
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Great dialogue. It's pretty well-written. Though, in regards to the personalities of the robot, I would recommend adding in some buttons corresponding to the personalities to give it a much more robotic feel. However, this would require dialogueactions. It's up to you, though.