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  1. JohnTylerHorny

    Ace Attorney - Maya Fey clothing SWF mod? - filled

    EDIT: Filled, see post #14 This forum is quite something lol, it's this mixture of simplicity and complexity I swear, sometimes it's real easy to find what you need and others it's like you're looking through old CIA files.. Anyway, I've looked everywhere and I've seen them in pictures in...
  2. DigitalSmutExports

    Dahlia & Iris Hawthorne (Ace Attourney) Dynamic Hair 1.0

    This download contains the dynamic hairstyle of Dahlia Hawthorne from Ace Attourney, her sister Iris and an RGB adjustable mod as well. The RGB adjustable mod comes in two different versions - one using the bellypiercing slider and one using the gag slider. This was made in response to a post...
  3. Perdition

    Crescent Moon Earings 2018-04-01

    Based on @stuntcock and @skymastolf66's 'Crescent-moon Earring' mod. This mod makes it RGB adjustable.
  4. Widget

    Hakari Mikagami Static Hair 1.0

  5. Widget

    Jinxie Tenma Static Hair 1.0

  6. Widget

    Athena Cykes Static Hair 1.0

  7. sandman_2010

    Trucy Wright (long hair) Static Hair 2017-08-01

  8. sandman_2010

    Trucy Wright (short hair) Static Hair 2017-08-01

    Her hair doesn't actually look like this, the "long hair" version is more accurate, but I prefer this one.
  9. Every_Tuesday

    Betty de Femme Static Hair ( without hat and ears ) 2017-06-25

    Just for notice : The Bunny Ears and the little hat were to big for the Frame so i couldnt make them without some clipping problemes
  10. A

    request: dahlia hawthorne/ sister Iris from ace attorney -Filled

    EDIT: Filled- See post #38 has it been done? would anybody be capable of doing it since the source images aren't a clear side of the hair?
  11. X

    Shih-na from Ace Attorney (Hair + Outfit)

    Requesting somebody make a mod for Shih-na from Ace Attorney Investigations. I couldn't find anything, which is a shame because she's my favorite girl from the series. I am requesting the entire look (hair, outfit, eyes, skin tone, etc) minus the feather boa. Pretty tiny, but it shows her...
  12. stuntcock

    Athena Cykes Static Hairstyle 1.0

    A static vector hairstyle for the character Athena Cykes from Ace Attorney. It is vanilla-compatible. This project was a collaboration between @skymastolf66 and @stuntcock. Flash modders can find the source file at Normal users can download the SWF file via the button at the top of the...
  13. stuntcock

    Athena Cykes Dynamic Hairstyle 5.9

    Click for animation sample A dynamic-animated version of the Athena Cykes hairstyle from Ace Attorney. It uses extended hair physics, and therefore requires Loader version 5.42 or greater. This project was a collaboration between @skymastolf66 and @stuntcock. Flash modders can find the source...
  14. stuntcock

    Crescent-moon Earring 1.0

    Crescent-moon golden earring intended for use with the Athena Cykes character from Ace Attorney. This project was a collaboration between @skymastolf66 and @stuntcock. This item is compatible with moreClothing: SDT-earring-kizukiKokone.swf=Crescent Moon
  15. stuntcock

    Ace Attorney - Athena Cykes (Kizuki Kokone)

    Introduction This project was a collaboration between myself and ZeV. ZeV chose the character and provided the artwork; I handled the vectorization and animation. Widget has also created a hairstyle for this character, but his version wasn't quite detailed enough to be used in this project...
  16. B

    Ace Attorney girls

    With Ace Attorney 5 set to come out in exactly two weeks, I thought I've been itching for more Ace Attorney characters to use for SDT. I already have a thread here which covers a good amount of the characters already: But I'd like to see some of...
  17. icepik

    Pearl Fey (Ace Attorney)

    Pearl Fey from Ace Attorney (only hair) please :)
  18. B

    Ace Attorney hairs from the old booru

    I've been a fan of SDT for a while now, been lurking this forum during the earlier days and back when the booru used to exist. I remember the booru used to have some hairs for girls from the Ace Attorney games, most of which were made by an artist who went by Crane, I believe. I've been...