Y'shtola Rhul Outfit [Shadowbringers]

Y'shtola Rhul Outfit [Shadowbringers] v1.1

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I strongly advise using the latest version of the Loader to run this. If using the hair as well, I suggest running this mod with MoveEyewear and MoveEar (or Hide Ear, though MoveEar is sufficient) to properly obscure the default model's ear.

Important Note:
There is a "known bug" with the mod where her right arm will sometimes be invisible if you start the mod with her arm behind her back depending on how it was loaded (i.e. loaded via MoreClothing). If you experience this issue, swap her right arm's position between "behind back" and "on legs". This should resolve the issue.

Image previews:

Left Arm:

Right Arm:

Two versions of this mod exist. The above images are taken from the version of the mod which includes the hair. The version without the hair also omits the tail and the tattoo on her neck. Additionally, note that the outfit is breast adjustable.

For a standalone version of the hair, see this mod: Y'shtola Rhul Static Hair with Dynamic Earrings (with Dynamic Tail)

To recreate the eye color and skin tone used above, use the following code:

A pre-set folder can be found here: MEGA
The above folder download includes the preview images used here, two custom backgrounds, a custom folder for the full outfit, and the hair downloads. Note that the Custom Folder requires adding the mod to MoreClothing to function properly - the masking used for the fur at her shoulder prevents this from properly loading as a Char.swf in a custom folder. See the file entitled "README - Character Code.txt" within the .zip for further details.

Moreclothing details:
-The Robe itself is split into two components. One component is on the Tops ("T-shirt") Layer, ending around the second midline near her waist, and the other on the Bottoms layer, encompassing the rest of the top and the skirt.
-The boots are set as a Legwear component.
-The sleeves of the robe are Armwear.
-As with the standalone version of the hair, the tail is bound to the Hair layer (alongside all components of the hair, unsurprisingly).
-The collar and tattoo (or just the collar in the standalone version) are, naturally, bound to the Collar layer.
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