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Wallis and the Time Machine - cross-platform (HTML5) version HTML version 2 by fleet

adult visual novel, sexual content, male hero, fantasy, time travel

  1. fleet
    Time travel has always fascinated us. Many people have read, or are at least familiar with, H.G. Wells' famous novel, "The Time Machine."
    Ever wondered what happened to it, after the events in Wells' story?
    Follow the adventures in time of Wallis George, the great-great grandson of the hero of Wells' story.
    Wallis is down on his luck, out of a job, can't score with girls -- until he discovers he has inherited The Time Machine!
    Will he use it to satisfy his curiosity about the past and the future, and perhaps make a better life for himself?
    Or, as in Wells' novel, will he only find disappointment with his preconceived ideas, and a new and better understanding about what's important?
    You, the Player, make the decisions that determine the outcome.

    Note : The story and artwork in this are my original work and protected by copyright law. Uploading any of my visual novels to other web sites without my expressed approval is a violation of copyright law and the terms of use for my work.


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