Thanks to @stuntcock for his help.

This mod use the physics library, so you will nedd the Loader 5.43 or greater and the TemplateExtensionV5_sby to use it.
This mod need to be manually loaded, with moreclothing or through a character folder using SwitchSet. It will not load properly through a character folder whitout SwitchSet.

If you encouter some problems, please let me know by posting a comment in the comment section below. my loader thread (I prefer a public message on a regular thread because the comment section below appear to being not very handy for bug tracking).
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Latest updates

  1. Floating nipple fix.

    Thanks to the @pervM feedback and the @stuntcock assistance, floating nipples should not appear...

Latest reviews

Thats a great one and you can do a lot of new cool stuff from there, like a really tight version of the Strapless Bikini that makes the goods bulge from both above and below, BDSM-strap bikinis or decorated versions with different themes like maids or shiny latex or really tight nipple-shibari, etc. Really nice for big breasted characters. Must've taken quite a lot of work to redraw the frames.

Theres a weird thing with the nipples, where they appear way to the right of the character, its a bug I presume? Would look great with transparency when the nipples are aligned, no doubt.
Thank a lot dude. I already thought about some variations based on this design but not the strapless bikini (It probably require a different approach which will need some experimentation). Unfortunatly due to the peculiar design, decorations are difficult to implement (You may have noticed that there is no details or shading).
Edit : I finally understood what you mean (thanks to @stuntcock). This should be fix now. Thanks to you for the feedback.

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