Terra Cotta-Arc Hair

Terra Cotta-Arc Hair 2019-01-20

Preview (nude):

The following character code recreates the above image (without modifying everything else, i.e. mood, background, or anything about the male):

"Loader Clothing Only" outfit preview:

The above outfit can be found here: Terra Cotta-Arc Outfit

"Vanilla Clothing Only" outfit preview:

The following character code recreates the above image:

A pre-set folder can be found here: MEGA
The above folder download includes the usual items - a named pre-made folder and the images I use here.
(This version includes 3 character folders - Terra (Naked), Terra (Loader Outfit) and Terra (Vanilla Outfit). The third is based on the placeholder outfit seen above. Additionally, a .txt file featuring both of the above character codes and 2 additional codes that make the male into a futa, since that's marginally closer to canon than Terra going at it with a guy)

A version of the hair without glasses can be found here (link directly leads to a .png of the hairstyle without glasses): Terra Cotta-Arc Hair (No Glasses)
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