Studio Microphone HIM Replacer

Studio Microphone HIM Replacer 1.2

An alternative version of my Him Microphone Replacer.

Replaces the male model with a studio microphone, as requested by Antimatter42.

Bear in mind that I'm not an artist. The source files are included in the download. You have my permission to edit this mod in any way you want.

The file also contains an AnimTools .txt with the default animation slightly altered (as seen in the picture)


NOTE1: If using AnimTools, you should choose an animation BEFORE loading this mod. Weird things might happen if you don't do it.

NOTE2: Yes, the microphone does indeed ejaculate. It's amazing how technology advances.

NOTE3: The microphone holder is the left leg of the male model. Have that in mind if you are going to use this mod with a custom animation.
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  1. v1.2

    --V1.2-- -Added a bit of detail to the mic -The mod now automatically removes the male's model...
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