The static hair files, that I've used to create these alternate versions from, were originally made by roguesrus.

I wanted to use the Alternative Hoodie made by Iago and as such quickly threw together a file that doesn't clip with it.
Spider-Gwen Hoodie Edit.png
After doing so I realized that I didn't like how the front of the hair looked without the hood, so I ended up making a version that has the original front (more volume), but the edited back.
However this is not compatible with Iago's hoodies!
Spider-Gwen Edit.png
And last but not least I edited the masked version. I also color corrected some jpeg artifacting around the eye, filled in some skin colored pixels along the front of the mask and removed the hair, cause I thought it looked out of place, since she's wearing a mask.
Spider-Gwen Masked Edit.png

P.S. Yay, first upload! Any feedback is much appreciated. :)
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