Nyx Warframe Bodysuit

Nyx Warframe Bodysuit 2018-07-04

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This mod requires the Loader and Template Extension to run.

According to Warframe: "Mind control and psychic attacks make Nyx a very dangerous foe. Her ability to reach into enemy consciousness and manipulate their behavior can turn the tide of the battle." Nyx is all about mind control and manipulating the enemy to make them their own worst enemy. Her abilities reflect this:
  • Mind Control. Nyx "invades the psyche" of the targeted enemy, temporarily turning them into an ally. In this form, they cannot take damage from allied shots, but the damage is still tracked. When the effect ends (either from duration or from the Nyx cancelling it), this damage is applied as a lump sum. Enemy damage will hurt the target normally. Certain enemy abilities will benefit the Tenno when the unit is Mind Controlled - for example, Shield Ospreys give all allied units in a certain radius extra shields. When Mind Controlled, the Osprey will give this bonus shielding to Nyx and her allies when they're in range. Only 1 target can be under Mind Control's effects at a given time.
  • Psychic Bolts. Nyx uses her mind to shoot a series of bolts at nearby enemies. These bolts home in on their targets. The damage from this ability is sub-par, so it is widely regarded as not being that good.
  • Chaos. Nyx unleashes a powerful blast of psychic energy, confusing all enemies in range. All effected enemies will think anyone nearby is a Tenno, and thus attack the nearest target indiscriminately. This ability also causes affected enemies to stagger for a brief period, giving it the potential to be built for crowd control (minimizing one's duration to repeatedly stagger enemies rather than making them fight eachother). This ability can be recast while active, but this will not re-apply the debuff to already confused targets.
  • Absorb. Nyx enters a meditative state (as in, she gets into the stereotypical meditation Lotus position) and floats into the air, projecting a large bubble around her. Any and all fire that hits this sphere, whether from friend or foe, will be absorbed by the sphere. When the ability is deactivated - either because the Nyx ran out of energy or she ended it herself - Nyx explodes the sphere outwards, dealing the accumulated damage to all enemies in range. This ability also increases Nyx's "threat level," making enemies tend to target her moreso than her allies to help increase the damage intake of this ability.
The currently available augments for Nyx's abilities are as follows:
  • Mind Freak. Enemies under the effect of Mind Control will deal extra damage.
  • Pacifying Bolts. Enemies hit by Psychic Bolts will be confused for a short period of time.
  • Chaos Sphere. Casting Chaos also produces a sphere of effect. This will shrink in size over time, lasting for 50% of the ability's total duration at max. Enemies who enter this sphere will be affected by Chaos, even if they weren't in range when the initial cast occurred.
This mod, having been made with a Loader template, has no issues with handjobs.

Backgrounds to match with this can be found here: MEGA
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