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Nude Remix AUTOLINK Pack 4.5 by NiteGuardian

All the DOA Girls in their Birthday Suits

  1. NiteGuardian
    This is a complete Pack of all the Dead or Alive Ladies fully nude except for their iconic items like headbands and fans for the AutoLink install method, simply drag the contents of this pack into your "AUTOLINK" folder in the game's directory after you have installed it first.

    All bush are on Costume 01 and all Shaved are on 02 except the following:
    - Lisa and Tina are 03 and 04 due to their Hats and Masks on the first two.
    - Alpha152 has one color on each of 01, 02, 03, 04.

    These files are only tested and confirmed to work with version 1.08 and up of the game -and- for AutoLink version 2.60 and up.

Recent Updates

  1. Minor Bugfixes
  2. Naotora Hotfix
  3. Simplified Pack