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SC Noble Dresses 2.0 by CyborgArmGun

Better, corrected Versions of ShinglesCat's with added Shoes and fans to match.

  1. CyborgArmGun
    Reworked, and fixed version of SC Noble Dresses.

    Things Fixed:

    • First person View for ALL dresses, and fans.
    • Ground items Show correctly

    • Textures are optimized and compressed to 1024x1024 for performance rigs.


Recent Updates

  1. Native upload get!
  2. OOps x2
  3. Link fixed, oops!

Recent Reviews

  1. (deleted member)
    Version: 2.0
    It doesnt work, sorry. I have already the mesh, the wedding dress that you uploaded but everytime I try to use this dresses, the skirt is rigt but top is white in each color. So its a huge failure.
    1. CyborgArmGun
      Author's Response
      First off "failure" is very harsh

      I've not been active lately and I'm working on a fix.