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Naoto Shirogane Audio Dialogue 1.0 by SpawnFire

Audio Dialogue for Naoto Shirogane of Persona 4

  1. SpawnFire
    Moderator's note: since this mod consists of ripped audio files from a copyrighted work, it will not be uploaded to the actual Undertow fileserver. An offsite download link has been provided instead.

    This is an audio dialogue for Naoto Shirogane of Persona 4. It contains 86 lines extracted from game audio, most of which are quite short (<2 seconds). There are no mood switches; all of the lines can be triggered in any mood. Up to ten variants are included for the more frequent events (such as resistance), so you'll need to play with the mod for a while before you'll hear all of the audio.

    The dialogue lines make no reference to specific sexual actions, so they're theoretically applicable to any sexual position. However, there are lines for special events (such as cough, cum_in_nose, and wake) which cannot occur during pelvic penetration. If you want to hear the full range of responses then you'll need to use a fellatio position.