Meta Injector Reloaded (Discontinued)

Meta Injector Reloaded (Discontinued) 2.0e

- Added an option to prevent launcher file re-check
- When you restore a backup, it automatically prevents the file re-check next time you open the launcher.
- Now if you get the "corrupted files detected" message when there is an update. All you have to do is "Restore a backup" and once you open the launcher again, it won't re-check all your game files this time.
- Fixed files not being recognized as successfully copied if your windows is not in English.
- Fixed "ESC" not skipping files when asking if you want to replace them
- Now if all files fail to copy or to be found in the meta file, when the tool tries to patch the meta file, it just says "No files to patch"
- Fixed label "Not copied" showing even if all file have been successfully copied.
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- Fixed files successfully being copied but not being counted.
- "Searching for files in the meta file" now only displays when something goes wrong.
- Program pauses if at least one file was "Not found" in the meta file
- The amount of files to be copied can now be different from the total files in the "file_to_patch", if some of the files were "Not found" in the meta file.
- The program now shows which files failed to copy if at least one of them failed.
- The final list of files that failed to patch has now only 1 file per line, instead of 4 (v1.9)
- The program now doesn't halt before patching the meta file, it just does.
- Fixed tool letting "access denied" files being considerate as "successfully copied"
- All files are now copied in the same way, regardless of their sizes.
- Changes the text from some error messages.
- Changed the formatting on some error messages.
- Fixed the option "Keep files and folders structures from the files_to_patch folder": It wasn't keeping the structure correctly.
- Added the "Meta File Status" feature which tells you how many files are currently patched in your meta file.
- Added the menu option "4 - List patched files" which shows the name of all the files that are currently patched in your meta file.
This is an enhanced version from my Resorepless. It not only displays the results way faster but also shows the folder name, and the results are sorted by folder name, and then by file name for a better view when visually searching if a file is patched or not.
- Speed greately increased when files greater than 1MB are copied to their right locations by the program.
- Fixed tool not exiting when the option "0 - Exit" was selected.
Fixed crash after the latest KR update
- Compatibility with the Taiwan version
- Performance slightly better during the "Searching for files in your meta file" step.
- Performance greatly increased during the "Patching meta file" and specially the "Copying files" step.
- Changed the order of the steps, now the tool copies the files before patching the meta file.That way it only patches the files that had success when copying.
- Fixed some typos and added a lot of warning messages trying to explain why afile couldn't be copied.
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  • The tool now works with the KR version, after the recent update

  • If you are using the KR version, you are now able to patch 100% of the files of the game.
  • Hashes Generator for Meta Injector is no longer required in order to make the tool work with new files, the tool will always extract the most up to date information from your pad00000.meta file.

  • You can now use this tool to patch 2 or more files with the same name, but in different folders (that wasn't possible before).

  • Interface re-designed: As the tool patches your meta file, you can now see the hash, file number and folder number already converted in hexadecimal of the file being patched, in case you want to open the file in a hex editor and edit yourself

  • Memory consumption greatly improved.

  • A "Skipped" message now appears if you try to patch "multiplemodeldesc.xml" and "partcombinationdesc.xml" since they cause the game to crash.
"hashes.txt" file updated with all the hashes from the Korean pad00000.meta
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