Late for school again (scenario/dialogue)

Late for school again (scenario/dialogue) 1.1

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PLEASE READ This contents scenario/dialogue depicts characters under the age of consent in western nations. Or commonly seen as Loli. You've been warned.


This is my first scenario/dialogue ever. It still needs work but I'll post it anyways just in order to understand how posts work on this website.

Add the Onii Chan character folder to the mods folder with needed changes in the CharacterFolders.txt


> Changed the whole scenario to work with the 'CustomAutomation.swf' mod

This scenario uses Animtool positions specific to the size of the Model found in the positions folder please add them to the animtools_positions folder or whereever your LOADER picks its animtoolpositions from.

Hair: Hattori Junko School Uniform: under SWF imports #2 Skinny stomach: Here Background: unfortunately don't remember where its from :confused:
I'm not sure if everything listed here is absolutely necessary for the scenario to work:Loader, dialogdisplayeditV5_1, MoreTriggersv2.22, SDTDialogueActionsv4.09dev10.swf, AnySizeHer_v1_4, himnotletgoV2, moremoodsV5, penisrangeV7, animtoolsV26
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  1. V1.1

    > fixed all his body placements to be (almost) completely still while performing actions on him...

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Amazing concept, I love it already. BUT I can't seem to get it working properly. During the start of it, before the dialogue even gets to where his dick is out, she's "deepthroating" an invisible cock. I also don't know how to get that position. Could I perhaps get some help here?
Understandable in 2 week when I got time on my hands I'll make a loader pack with this Dialogue and a new one. promissed.
How do you even load this? Doesn't really give a clear explanation...
A little unsure of how to get this setup because im rather new but might get it on my own some help would be nice incase i can't looks really hot tho
Leave a bundle pack with everything already set! This seems like a good game!
I hear you and I agree its a bit confusing how I presented this dialogue. its a mess rly. I'm currently working on another scenario and thought about providing my own loader pack with this and the new scenario but also with many other characters from animes and also own models. I haven't worked on the new scenario for a while (cuz I don't know how to end it coherently) the pack will be available through a MEGA link and will be around 1gb big.
Did He killed her sister ????
thats ctualy hot I want a part 2 OwO
used the newest update if you do countine the story/scenario could you make a scenario were the mother walks into his room and is turned on when she see him fucking his sister and he turn her into his little toy and they fall for each other i know twisted as fuck but hell
Nice update, will there be a scene where the brother rapes his own mother while still thinking that it's a dream.
I thought about continuing the story in a setting 'a few years later'. But I guess I could do one as a shorter scenario following up on this one. Depends in what mood I'm in. Its hard to write a story for a scenario I'm not invested in but I apreciate the idea. I guess it would make sense to see what could have happend next.
make a part 2 this was good pppppppooihbvcf sdfcfuuwes;/d
the blowjob section doesn't seem to work properly: when autosoft is set, her mouth moves too high and far to the right to take it in
Make sure that bendKneesAuto=0 is set in the AnySizeHer_v1_4(_1) setting .txt file. If its not that try pulling your cursor away from him for whenever the automove deactivates. lol


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