First clothing mod I've made.

You might have seen my help post showing a picture of what I was working on and of course asking for help with Adobe Animate, the shorts in that picture are an extremely rough draft of what is now in the download and preview.

V 5.0 Graphics Improved V
HighWaistShorts 4.1 Preview.PNG






Low-Waist Comparison.png

HighWaistShorts Low-Waist 4.1 Preview.PNG

Fully RGB adjustable
-RGB slider 1 controls the base shorts color.
-RGB slider 2 controls the belt color, can also be made transparent to simulate no belt.
First release
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Latest updates

  1. (5.0) Low-Waist Variant

    New slightly lower variant of the regular high-waisted shorts added, just the normal shorts for...
  2. Capri & Rolled shorts

    More variations! Figured I might as well try and get all that I can out of these shorts, I saw...
  3. Download Fix

    Hotfix for the download.

Latest reviews

Thick Legs/ass version maybe please? would be great.
great but you have them in thick legs and ass? I would like to get more of those who are already friends thanks for your time.
I usually prefer low waist bottom but I admit this one look good. Congrats.
I'm having an error every time I try to unzip the .rar file.

Looks great though.
Thanks, I've added an alternate download with just the .swf, That should work.
Damn. You did a great Job Right there. Can´t wait for more mods. <3