New slightly lower variant of the regular high-waisted shorts added, just the normal shorts for now. I've slightly improved graphics of the High-Waist shorts, and the Low-Waist shorts have the same changes, but I haven't yet done the same for the Capri and Rolled versions.
More variations!

Figured I might as well try and get all that I can out of these shorts, I saw some pictures and thought I'd give what I saw a try.
Hotfix for the download.
Lots of minor changes; bits, bobs, doo-dads.

Improved the shading by using gradients, basically the same as High-Waist Jeans in terms of details. The jeans were cut from the same cloth -so to speak- as the shorts, just with some improvements, so I brought those improvements on to the shorts, I think it looks much nicer now.

The new version won't replace the original, so you can choose for yourself which one you like best.
Added another alternate download in case extracting the .rar isn't possible.

Some users might get a warning, the download is safe; it's simply the firewall making sure the .swf isn't a malware/virus executable.
Fixed belt shading issue for the RGB shorts, looked like an overlap in the middle, lighting was also changed slightly.

I should also mention that the belt uses the RGB 2 slot and can be made transparent to expose the shorts underneath and cleanly simulate no belt being worn.
2.0 Includes the regular and RGB adjustable versions in the download.
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