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Harley Quinn classic nude 1.0

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I saw this and really really wanted to use it, the problem is that the skin won't load, I've run into multiple obstacles and fixed many of them and it still doesn't work. It could be a problem with resorep I understand but a mod that isn't working isn't working. What's happening is that I load into the game and the skin isn't changing. It would be appreciated if I could get some guidance and maybe info on the optimal graphics settings foe this mod
It's a shame that it doesn't work for you. But I don't have enough time to help you out, or to fix the mod.
I just want to know why when the camera is far away or really close does your mod only work? At normal distance I just see the regular black and red outfit.
There are some (level of detail) textures that are smaller in size. They are shown when you are far away. I thought I've modified all of them. At least for me it worked. Maybe you can change your texture settings to something higher. That might solve the issue.
Como eu posso instalar esse mod no meu Batman Arkham Knight?
I deducted 2 stars because the .dds files either got corrupted while rendering or rendered incorrectly. I can't even open them on Photoshop and I have the Intel DDS plugin for Photoshop. I know it's these files specifically because I'm able to open other AK texture mods without any problem. This is leading me to believe that it's also the reason why the textures/bump maps aren't loading correctly and you're having to reload the mission to fix it. Vergil, if there's any chance, could you send me a zip or rar of the project files for these so I can re-render them?
The textures are encrypted to prevent someone remodify the mod and upload it without crediting me. But I will not encrypt the textures on my next nudemod. Yes I can give you the textures. :)
Always excellent detail in his mods, clear to me he strives for his mods to looks realistic and faithful to the artstyle
Thanks 3dfapman
I use Vergil's mods all the time and never have problems with them working.
I'm glad to hear that, thank you!
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