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Note : This is an original story written by me. The artwork is my original work and protected by copyright law. Uploading any of my visual novels to other web sites without my expressed approval is a violation of copyright law and the terms of use for my work.
I periodically search for my work on line, and I issue take down notices when I find unauthorized uploads.

Giles is a simple (but successful) goatherd and farmer, who wants to marry the local tavern-keeper's daughter.
However, the tavern-keeper would prefer that his daughter marry the wealthy merchant's son.
Nevertheless, the tavern-keeper promises to give his daughter to Giles, if Giles succeeds in completing a Quest for him.
(However, is the tavern-keeper completely scrupulous?).

Giles must go forth, for the first time in his life, into the unknown Wilderness, in order to win the hand of his lady fair.
He must gather what preliminary knowledge he can, and equip himself, to prepare for the adventure.
And then set forth ...

Will Giles succeed in winning his lady love?
Or, will his adventures with the strange and unknown creatures, people, and places he encounters along his journey lead him onto a different path?
Perhaps better? Or far, far worse?

There are multiple outcomes to this story.
You, the Player, will determine the outcome, based on the choices you make for him.

Choose wisely.
[And, Save early, and often ...]






Terms of use: You may not upload this visual novel to other sites without my permission.
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