Gamer Girl Dialogue (re-upload, ver. 1.5)

Gamer Girl Dialogue (re-upload, ver. 1.5) 2018-06-08

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Hello my fellow perverts of the internet. 'Tis I, Antimatter42, and today, I am giving to you a gamer girl dialogue as a gift for the fast fulfillment to my microphone mod request and in response to the lack of gamer-girl-themed mods and the various challenges on the internet over the years. This mod is designed to be used with Dr. Neutral's microphone mod, and is based on TorqueAOD's Class rep dialogue (If you load it, the menu may read the name as "Class Rep," and most of the actions she does are from that dialogue). It should also be used with whatever headphone mods you find.

Scenario: The scenario is simple. A gamer girl takes on an internet challenge created by "Big Mic's Microphones" in which she must suck the microphone long enough so that she wins the special prize whilst concentrating on her match on whatever first-person war game you guys imagine her playing. A sort of "trolling" video, if you will.

I hope you enjoy the dialogue. Have a lovely day.

P.S.: Use this dialogue while imagining her with a controller in hand until someone makes a video game controller mod.

Update: I was not sure how to add a new version to my earlier download, so instead I am adding this new download and deleting the old one. The dialogue should now appear with the name "Gamer girl" on the menu.
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