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Fishnet Stockings 1.0 by superduper2019

Thigh-high stockings with a square fishnet pattern, revealing the skin beneath

  1. superduper2019
    The color of the stockings can be adjusted via the Bottoms.RGB slider.
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Recent Reviews

  1. AdrianMcClean
    Version: 1.0
    Works well for the most part, and it doesn't force any slider settings it shouldn't (such as body size). The RGB slider support is a plus. However it isn't compatible with the built-in shoes.

    These fishnets operate as a bottoms addition. They're compatible with other bottoms, but order of application matters.
    1. superduper2019
      Author's Response
      It's true that categorizing the mod as LEGWEAR would be more appropriate and convenient than a combination of BOTTOMS and FOOTWEAR. Unfortunately, this option does not exist for Vanilla imports.

      There are Loader mods which provide Fishnet clothing, and which can be combined more easily with shoes, skirts, etc.. Those mods will be uploaded to the RM ... eventually.