This mod requires the Loader to work.
It uses the Armwear slot and RGB Slider.

Credits: This mod was made using sby alternate loader template (no, you don't need it to make it work).
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Very good work thank you. It seems Template Extension must be enabled though, or this gloves are invisible/not equipped.

For me it was the case at first, happened to some other outfit parts as well which are probably based upon that Template Extension. I do not remember which ones.
All of my loader mods so far are made with sby template so you're probably right. SInce I always play with the "loader pack" he offers in his thread, I've never considered the problem. Anyway, I'm always surprised at which ones of my mods become popular. I consider the fingerless gloves poor drawn (I made them in a hurry) and in a desperate need of a revision for better shadows. Besides I know that somewhere in the forum someone has a far better version of this mod only I don't remember where I have seen it.
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