EyeScale 1.3

EyeScale allows you to resize and move the eye on the Her model in SDT using either a set of sliders in the "Custom" menu, character codes, or DialogueActions variables. This is intended as a replacement for the old BigEyes.swf mod by @gollum, with more customization options.

This is a SDT loader mod. It was tested using Loader v5.45d.

These are the sliders:

and the eyeScale,xOffset,yOffset,irisScale char code option is added.

Either/Both can be disabled in the EyeScale_v1_3.txt settings file, if needed for a bundle.

Here are a few character codes you can load for common settings:
Old "BigEyes.swf":

If you load DialogueActions before loading EyeScale, you can use these variables to modify her eye:
es.her.eyeTransform        - Formatted as (string) "scale,xOffset,yOffset,irisScale". Default is "0.926422119140625,0,0,1.0"
es.her.eyeTransform.scale       - Default is 0.926422119140625
es.her.eyeTransform.xOffset     - Default is 0.0
es.her.eyeTransform.yOffset     - Default is 0.0
es.her.eyeTransform.irisScale   - Default is 1.0
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Latest updates

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  2. 1.2

    Slowly working towards a bug-free version :) For a request from @WeeWillie, added...
  3. Updated to 1.1

    Fixed a bug where EyeScale could only be loaded last in a Mods.txt.

Latest reviews

this isn't my sort of thing but i think its cool nice job
It works as intended, but when I load a new character the eyes start in a weird position, like a bit above the default position. Idk if that's just me, but if not can it be possible to make it go to the regular position on character change. Thanks.
Sweet mod! I have encountered a problem though. It seems the placement of the sliders is already used by a mod, and thus overlaps it's sliders.

Just perfect. Is it possible to fix mascara smear for small eyes?
Love to see new options available that can also be scripted in dialogs.
Works perfectly except that I keep getting Mod Loading Failed when I try to load it.
Thanks for reporting. This should be fixed as of version 1.1
really good idea. been waiting for this for ages, is it possible to make a mod like this but for the tongue? always wanted to be able to make the tongue longer, bigger ect
I have a problem, the moreclouthing mode not loader when eyescale is on the Mods.txt
Thanks for the report! I believe this should be fixed in version 1.1
Interesting concept. I'm surprised no one's made this sooner. I look forward to any updates you might add on down the road.