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ExtraMod [Core and Mod Template] v1.51, Template v1.5

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**EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Legacy EM mods WILL break the fuck out of ExtraModCore.
PLEASE be sure to destroy or quarantine any old EM mods (anything that says ExtraMod 0.99 or lower when it loads in). If you get errors or failures with EM Core this is very likely the cause**

[To denote a difference between previous EM mods and ones that require this ExtraModCore I've changed the filename indicator from 'EM' to 'EMC' only for older mods]




Update Announcements:
Core v1.02, Template v1.0, Pkg v1-0 - Initial Release (Beta)
What is ExtraMod?
ExtraMod (EM) is a mod for Loader and is a branch of the ExtraMod Template Extension.
The ExtraModCore mod requires Sby’s Template Extension to function. This, and the loader, are the only requirements to run.
***Placing ExtraMod immediately after TemplateExtension is HIGHLY advised***
ExtraMod opens up SDT like never before.
The whole point of EM is to allow modding of nearly every single visible asset in the game (outside of the game menus -- for now) without the necessity of messing with any code. EM also gives modders access to features such as skin registration, asset states, and some completely new modding elements!

The template is modeled after KONA's original SDT Modding template (which was later improved upon with Sby's Template Extension and this mod is an extension of that extension).

It also gives the user the ability to soft unload any of these new mods, pair other various mods together (such as noses, lips, eyes, foregrounds, dialogue boxes) without worrying about them persisting.

What does ExtraModCore do?
- Using a similar system that was originally designed by Konashion, EM expands on what elements are moddable. For a complete list see below.
- Optional variables included in the 'Settings' frames for max customization and functionality.
- While the EM Core may update from time to time, the template will likely rarely to never need to update. This means that mods will automatically update with each new version of the core.
- Low/No Code environment.

transforms to face/nose but not affected by skin HSL. Can be used for static head piercings.
BROW_PIERCING - tweens with eyebrows but not affected by skin HSL
HEAD - all head parts (except for eye), jaw, upper lip, lipstick, neck, face, nose, ear, etc
BODY_EXPANDED - skin reg, hand states, missing elements from vanilla template, full body replacement
EYE - HER eye, upper eyelid, lower eyelid, static eye replacer, masks, iris, sclera, eye makeup
OVERLAY - Foreground(FrontLayer), BackLayer, SceneLayer, MistLayer
DIALOGUE_BOX - font, font size, font color, dialogue box art
FUTA - HER futa penis

Other than the new ModTypes added by EM Core a few other features have been added to the template to help modders develop:
> Templates for popular alternate body types such as TAF, Thicker Thighs, Skinny Bitch, and Feet4Heels
> DHE templates and primer code
> Various Helpers and Tutorials

How to Install ExtraModCore
EM can be loaded manually through the game’s built-in SWF mod loader, however it is recommended to load it on start-up via Loader’s $INIT$ load sequence.

For further information on how to load mods through $INIT$ refer to Tickle’s Guide Here.

Similar to EMH, It is highly recommended to put EM early in the load order after Template Extension, but before Animtools, and MoreClothing. Recommended to put ExtraMod before ExtraModHim.

Using ExtraModSettings
EM has a few variables that are settable by the user. To use the settings file copy the following into a .txt file with the name ExtraModSettings.txt and and place that file into your Loader’s Settings folder.

The file should have the following by default:
;;---- ExtraMod Settings -----
;;Note that generally 0 = false, 1 = true

;;Use rotated thigh in animtools with all mods.

;;Use included rotated vanilla thigh replacer

;;Angle offset at which the rotated thigh will actuate
;;Acceptable values should be between 1 and 2. Default is 1.885

;;Allow mods that include the HandJob Left Thumb to load
;;0 = false, 1 = true

;;Default Custom Font. Font must be available on system
;;Use text string without quotes to identify font by name. Comment (semi-colon) out if unused.
;;Fonts can be identified by their system number as well, e.g., 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.
;dialogueFontName=adobe gothic std

;;Enable the built in debugger
;;0 = false, 1 = true

Variables following an “=” can be changed. Statements following a “;” are comments that are ignored by the code.
‘useRotatedThigh’ tells the mod whether or not to use rotatedthigh mods if available. Some mods can include rotated thigh art (for animtools), but may break clothing. Use this setting to disable rotated thighs.

'useEMRotatedThigh' there is a built in rotated thigh alternate art to replace the vanilla art once a the angle of rotation has passed the 'rotatedThighAngleOffset'. Toggle this off (set to 0) and EM will never use the default rotated thigh.

'rotatedThighAngleOffset' this is the angle offset at which the rotated thigh will actuate. Acceptable values should be between 1 and 2. Default is 1.885

'useLeftHandThumb' tells EM whether or not to use left hand thumbs mods during handjob mod if available.

' dialogueFontName' is a fun setting where you can load in any font you have on your system to replace the in-game dialogue font. Not all font have acceptable sizes.

‘useDebug’ enables debug logs. Safe to say most users will never ever need to set this to 1. It's also ok to just delete it.

Planned Features and Known Bugs
  • Full compatibility with MoreClothing
  • Remove the debug from the official settings file
  • In-game toggle for Left Hand Thumb
  • Improve performance
  • Add more moddable features for HER eyes.
  • Vanilla thumb position on left hand handjobmode needs a RGBnail container.
  • Left Thumb doesn't align correct occasionally
  • Due to a bug where MoreClothing attempts to save a game state there can occur a "Mod Loading Failed" error which requires a hard RESET.
  • Tanning still has issues.

ExtraMod for Modders
What is ExtraMod Template.fla

This is a mod template that includes all the vanilla mod types, sby’s template extension mod types, and all the ExtraMod (EM) template mod types. As such, this FLA requires the included SDTMods package folder to be in the same location to export correctly. This included SDTMods package has the updated ModPackage.as needed to package Template Extension and EM mods.
EM also has template elements that rely on Dynamic Hair Extender (DHE) and as such the DynamicHairLibrary folder should also be included in the working folder.

***For information regarding mod compatibility please see the FAQ section****
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Hotfix 1: Right Hand Skin Change

    Discovered that the right hand skin wasn't updating as intended on body mods. Patched that issue.
  2. EMv1.5, Template V1.5

    Nails, Eyes, and Unloading This is a major update that many upcoming releases will be dependent...
  3. EMv1.4, Template V1.4

    I apologize for some many updates in rapid succession, but if it's of any consequence they are...

Latest reviews

ces incroyable mais moi extraMode ne fonctionne pas XD
Thanks for the review! While I can't speak french, I'd like to help if I can. Try starting from a fresh loader distro and install only EM. If you continue to have problems, more help can be found on the sdt discord.
Wow it's amazing that this community is still making stuff this great after all these years.
Thanks! I appreciate it! Glad to hear the hard work and time was worth it
Amazing mod but can someone help When I have moreclothing mod enabled extramdod mods don't seem to work.
Feel free to DM with your specific issues and I'll see if I can help.
Very nice mod! Although i can't seem to load mods requiring EM at the start using $INIT$, i need to load them manually. Other than that works fantastically.
Thanks! Generally EM mods should be able to be loaded through $INIT$ so long as they are loaded later in the load order. Feel free to DM me your mods.txt and I'll try to get back to you when I have some free time.
The amount you do for this old ass game is astounding. Amazing addition to SDT, and keep up the great work!
What can I say.. I've got a soft spot for flash hentai games.

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