Cloud Strife Hair Mod

Cloud Strife Hair Mod 2018-08-13

There was no available Cloud Strife hair mod, so I decided to build one from scratch. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but its okay. I enjoyed using it, so I figured I'd go ahead and upload it. I provided the base hair mod and also made one with his ear visible. Displayed below is the hair. The clothes and background come from various mods and must be acquired separately. Enjoy. :wink:

(Edit: I accidentally used pics of an older version of the Cloud hair. I have now uploaded actual pictures of the modern version of the mod.)

Cloud with Headdress

Cloud Strife Thumbnail 5.png

Cloud without Headdress

Cloud Strife Thumbnail 6.png

Cloud with Ear

Cloud Strife Thumbnail 3.png
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where can i find the clothes shown in those images?
I gathered them from a number of places.....I'll see if I can relocate them.

Alright, these two above are extras I found elsewhere. The rest of the stuff featured I'm pretty sure was just in the "moreclothing" mod.
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