Byleth (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair

Byleth (Fire Emblem) - Static Hair 2.0

Includes both a version of standard Byleth and enlightened Byleth.
Also includes alternate versions with longer hair by Hank East.

Not going to lie, not a big fan of Byleth. Haven't enjoyed the introduction of self insert avatars into Fire Emblem and Byleth is a non-character that doesn't even come with customization. Still, to each their own.


Byleth Screenshot.png

Byleth Screenshot 2.png

Enlightened version
Byleth (Enlightened) Screenshot.png

Hank East Edit
Failing Up
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Latest updates

  1. 2.0

    Added alternate versions with longer hair at the back by Hank East.

Latest reviews

Good but on the last version it's obvious the bottom is copy pasted. Maybe make it go inwards. I mean expand it.
Failing Up
Failing Up
I guess your right. I didn't make the edited version. But perhaps I'll edit it later to make it look a bit more natural.
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