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Bikini Russia 1.4 by Huitznahua

Bikini with a lot of features (animated knots, highly detailed, ...)

  1. Huitznahua
    Thanks to :
    • @stuntcock without whom this project would not have been possible ;
    • @sby too for his help.

    Features :
    • Straps connected to the bikini cups ;
    • Animated knots which bounce with the movements ;
    • Highly detailed (preview) ;
    • Available in two formats : High Quality (HQ) and High Performance (HP).

    Requirements and incompatibility :

    Fore moreclothing users :
    Add this lines to your moreclothing settings txt file.
    Bikini_Russia_HQ.mod=Bikini Russia HQ:CostumeBra:CostumePanties:Body>CostumeBra
    Bikini_Russia_HP.mod=Bikini Russia HP:CostumeBra:CostumePanties:Body>CostumeBra