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select Asuka's hair before loading mod or the default may show through.
This plugsuit is a combination body mod with armwear. The hairstyle is not included in this mod. It is a vanilla SDT asset which can be enabled in-game.
The headwear / headgear in this mod is designed for Asuka's hair, it may look unusual on different hair. You can shift click both pieces to remove. This mod does work with handjob mode and is breast slider adjustable. There are a few things that need future attention. You will need the SDT Loader and sby template extensions in order for the sleeves to appear. Depending on interest in this mod, free time, and the willingness of others on this site I hope to improve on this. More info can be found here.
Loader Imports ds14048
Thank You again @stuntcock I probably would have shelved this without your help.
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