Animtools "Under Table" Positions (SEE WEBMS)

Animtools "Under Table" Positions (SEE WEBMS) 1.5

Made a few position variations: Handstand, Handstand Anal, Her Standing, Him Sitting Fuck. Made two .7z, one with the positions, and one with pre-made character folders for easy loading.
Made some slight changes to the sitting variations, and made one with her hand on his leg. I tried to put both of her hands on his legs but it never looked right.
undertable.txt is unchanged.
Undertable position is untouched. Made adjustments to Him Sitting position to make it look better.
quickfix for his arm (For sitting variation)
Made a variation of the position with him sitting in a chair at the table.
Original version is untouched (as far as I remember).
Slightly adjusted her hand placement to better hide the invisible parts of his cock. Also changed the angle of his balls to look better.