Animtools "Titfuck" Positions (SEE WEBMS)

Animtools "Titfuck" Positions (SEE WEBMS) 1.9

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Remade animation from scratch with default scene rotation(except for OnBed/OnCouch/etc), looks a lot better now. Made a bunch of variations of the position, many using props. Made a .7z with pre-made character folders for the positions, and a .7z with just the positions. Switched from GIF gallery to WEBM.
Adjusted positions to hide his cock properly.
Adjusted her leg positions to make more sense, made some slight changes to hide the top of her breasts better.
Fixed her legs looking weird, and clothes fit properly now. Adjusted animation a bit.
Made a few variations of the position.

To do oral just move the mouse to the bottom of the screen. (His cock must be quite long.)

TO GET THE POSITIONS TO LOAD PROPERLY: Load one of the positions, set her left hand to "Handjob", and then load the position again. (Otherwise her left hand hides his cock, mostly affects "titfuckholdingbreasts".
(If anyone knows a mod or animtools command to make her left hand go behind his cock automatically, please let me know and I'll update it! Thanks.
Arm quickfix (Her arm was hiding his cock w/ smaller breast size)
Reversed screen, added a prop for her head to rest on, added a .zip with the old versions of the position.
Changed scene rotation so that his cum lands on her breasts.