A Friendly Favor

A Friendly Favor ver. 2.0

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Hello again, my fellow perverts of the internet. I was just in the shower earlier today when I came up with another dialogue idea and decided to bring it to reality. So here it is: A freeloading student pulls her best friend's pants down and decides to suck on him because she read on the internet that drinking the semen of smart people will make herself smarter. That, and she is failing all of her classes, so desperate times call for desperate measures. This dialogue is based on the "Bullies Suck" dialogue, whose creator I forgot the name of, so I am unable to give credit to this person at the moment. Enjoy and have a lovely day.
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  1. A Friendly Favor (ver. 2.0)

    After rereading this dialogue, I decided to update and improve it. So now it has better lines...