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Yuffie's Defeat (Final Fantasy 7)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Psythe, Jun 10, 2014.

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    (Just a bit of info for context. In the original game, Elena was the only female member of the Turks, a group of elite agents that work for Shinra Power Company. She was treated as sort of a 'junior' member by her colleagues, and was clumsy and somewhat inept. This is helpful to know in contrast to her new-found badassness(hey new word!) in the story. Also for clarity, this stakes place 3-5 years after the events of Final Fantasy 7.

    I hope you enjoy, and please let me know what you think!)

    Yuffie had gotten herself into a mess, a terrible mess as it turned out, fighting an enemy she thought she knew how to fight, but found she was more wrong than she could have imagined.

    "What was I thinking?..." Yuffie thought to herself desperately as she weakly tried to defend against Elena, the leader of Shinra's Turks squad, who was now beating her senseless in the ruins of Midgar's Sector 6.

    It had been several years since the Sephiroth incident that caused Midgar's destruction, and Shinra had found massive quantities of materia in it's ruins, most likely forming from the lifestream that tore through the city on it's way to defend against the meteor Sephiroth had summoned to cripple the planet. True to it's opportunistic mega-corporation nature, Shinra decided to set up shop in the city to collect the treasure trove of magic orbs.

    Meanwhile, Yuffie was in the Midgar area searching in the ruins for useful stuff, mostly for fun. She now lived a more carefree life since armageddon had been averted, and one of her hobbies was finding useful stuff in piles of junk.

    Making her way to the main street of the Sector 6 slums, where she could barely make out a semblance of the old shops and the Don's old mansion, Yuffie found it. What looked like a mining operation, with blue-armored Shinra guards standing and patrolling in the street and workers standing around and digging, collecting a short distance behind them, with who she could make out as Elena from the Turks directing them, obviously in charge.

    At the first sight of all the shimmering blue, green, yellow orbs, Yuffie was practically hypnotised, a wide smile forming on her face. Could it be?

    At that point she knew she had to have them. All of them. And hey, Shinra was still a problem, so she'd be doing the world a favor by sabotaging their little operation. 'Is that a win-win or what?' she thought with glee.

    Composing herself, Yuffie crept up to the nearest shop ruin, hiding as she planned her attack on the Shinra group, who were all working in front of where the Don's old mansion used to be. After a few moments, she decided much planning wasn't needed, after all their were only four guards, the workers would run away, and Elena was such a rookie last time they met she'd be laid flat with scarcely a smidgen of effort. The job was simple.

    Taking a breath, Yuffie brandished her oversized shuriken, then darted out from behind cover, dashing to the first guard who had his back turned and slashed him in the back, dropping him. Maintaining her momentum, She then sprinted through the other three in an arc, slicing and dicing them as fast as lightning, before anyone knew what was going on, stopping after the last guard to catch her breath and confront the rookie just ahead.

    Elena, true to her style wearing a black pantsuit and blonde hair in a tight bun, lips lipsticked darkly red, looked up in response to the commotion with alarm at the sight of her dead guards, which gradually gave way to an expression of amusement and dismissal. Elena smirked slightly "You again? I don't have time for petty girls interrupting my business. I'll give you ten seconds to leave, to avoid the worst mistake of your life".

    Yuffie cocked her head playfully, unaffected by Elena's threats. "You know, I don't take orders from rookies. How many times have I laid the rest of the Turks flat, and you can't even keep up with them. Why these workers take you seriously I'll never know."

    Sensing an imminent conflict, the workers had stopped digging for materia and we're slowing edging away from the situation, trying to duck out without being noticed. "Everyone, leave now" Elena called out. "I need a bit of...alone time with our friend hereThe workers stopped and turned around, slowing making their way out. A few muttered "yes maam..." as they left the area.

    "And of course you stay foolish girl. They always ignore the warnings. It's a tragedy really. But then again, what do you have to worry about with a rookie like me, right?" Elena put her arms out to her sides in a 'take your best shot' pose.

    Elena's last comment slightly unsettled Yuffie, since she acted nothing like the4 awkward, clumsy junior Turks agent she had known, but she shrugged it off as paranoia. She could do this. All the materia would be hers. A dream come true.

    Dashing forward, Yuffie leaped, then slashed sideways with her weapon at Elena's midriff...which Elena effortlessly avoided with a jump, then landed on Yuffie's blade, pinning it to the ground. "rookie's luck huh" Elena remarked with a shrug, before raising her other leg into several sweeping back-and-forth kicks to Yuffie's chest and face, knocking her neck backwards repeatedly, then jumped off the pinned weapon and slammed her foot into Yuffie's stomach, doubling her over in mid-air and sending her flying backwards, skidding hard onto her back.

    'What...what the hell?' Yuffie thought dizzingly as she tried to refocus her blurry vision, stumbling to her feet. 'So she's not quite a rookie anymore. Alright. Keep your focus Yuffie, you can do this' She reassured herself as she got once more into battle stance. "So you're not quite as pathetic as you used to be. No biggie". She started at Elena once again, this time cautious and determined to circumvent her quick reflexes.

    With a measured but forceful attack, Yuffie swung at Elena from every direction, slicing, dicing the air Elena had just occupied an instant eariler, before ducking, jumping or side-stepping away, maintaining her amused smirk the entire time.

    Just as Yuffie went for a powerful, yet sluggish arc attack, Elena caught her oversized shuriken in mid swing, grasping it with great strength as Yuffie desperately tried to pull it away. "You know, it might be me, but I think if one person in a battle wields a massive, four-bladed weapon that could reduce somebody to many small pieces, and the other is completely unarmed, that is rather unfair, don't you think?" Elena let out a few quick kicks to Yuffie's ankles amid the distraction, the last of which causing her to stumble in pain and let go of her trademark weapon.

    Elena examined Yuffie's prized blade for a moment, like she was passing the time with an amusing trinket, before casually flinging it far out over the wreckage beyond secter 6, and far beyond Yuffie's reach. "No!" Yuffie yelled out before she could stop herself, quickly stifling and trying to regain her composure. "You know, when we're done here, I'm going to make you go get that. You'll bring it back to me on your hands and knees rookie." a visibly angry and reckless Yuffie warned, just as she re-launched the battle with a vengence.

    The two twirled about the newly designated battlefield blocking each other's blows with no give on either side. After sometime, Yuffie finally managed a rough kick to Elena's stomach that stunned her momentarily, wrinkling and dirtying her otherwise immaculate suit, apparently giving Elena the fury needed to tip the scales, as she recovered instantly and broke through Yuffie's defensive stance completely, striking her in her bare stomach with the force of a juggernaut.

    Yuffie stumbled backwards clutching her stomach, gagging and coughing as she felt like collapsing to the ground. "What. Can't take a punch? Tsk tsk" Elena eyed yuffie with mock-pity as she took full advantage of her vulnerability, grabbing her by the shoulders, and ramming her knee into her stomach as well, then following up with an uppercut straight to her face, bringing her slightly airborne before falling flat on her back, the air knocked from her lungs.

    Yuffie could barely think from the intense ache in her stomach, dazed from being punched. she struggled briefly in a panic until her breath slowing came back to her, just as Elena sashayed up to her prone form smiling condescendingly down on her as if she'd already lost. "Are you done?" Elena asked Yuffie, who was lost for words. "I'm talking to you girl, are you done?" Elena sharply kicked Yuffie in her side, causing her to roll over in even greater pain. "No...no I'm not done!" an incredulous Yuffie declared, exhausted as she climbed to her knees, making her way to a standing position. "Then try again, though I should point out ending up on the ground clutching yourself and groaning is inadvisable", Elena added as she readied for Yuffie once more.

    "Well aren't we..." Yuffie launched a combo kick at Elena with renewed strength, each blocked or avoided with apparent ease "sure of ourselves blondie. Well I don't have time for it. I ----" Elena suddenly broke through once more with a face punch, then another, and another, snapping Yuffie's neck back sharply each time, before finally grabbing the ornate headband around her head and using it to slam Yuffie's head against her knee.

    Yuffie stumbled backward again, trying to hold herself on her feet while holding her head in pain. For the first time she wasn't annoyed or frustrated, she'd finally gotten scared. She had no idea how Elena had gotten so strong, but she was, and it was proving too much. Yuffie considered this might have been a mistake. 'What was I thinking? I shouldn't have come without backup. Not good.' Yuffie tried to stave off her ever growing panic as she tried to muster the strength to fight on.

    Elena gave Yuffie no time to recover as she moved in for more pummelling. Grabbing her half top roughly with both hands, Elena manhandled a dazed Yuffie into the wall of an old abandoned shop, the old Gun Shop, as it turned out, ripping her top down the middle, almost in two in the process. "Oops..." Elena remarked slyly, her knowing smirk back across her lips.

    Yuffie tried to put up a defense, resisting being drug, and trying to fight Elena off, but she'd gotten too weak. It wasn't enough. A fact Elena delighted in exploiting.

    Reeling back for momentum, Elena unleashed a barrage of punches on Yuffie's stomach, each one more powerful than the last, and each causing Yuffie to heave and cough, groaning with a dull sick feeling ever growing. 'I've got to...fight back. Why can't I fight back...' thought a confused Yuffie as her head swam.

    Elena changed tactics slightly, kicking Yuffie in each of her shins. "Ahh..!" Yuffie's yell became a moan as she sank to her knees involuntarily, her mind desperately searching for a way to recover. "If only you'd seen what I did to Reno when he tried to throw me out of the Turks for 'incompetance', you never would have come here today Yuffie. After Rude and Tseng found out, they fell into line promptly. I am now the leader of the Turks." Elena leaned in close to a kneeling Yuffie as she closed her hand tightly around Yuffie's throat, slightly choking her. "Soon, President Rufus will be forced to...depart...and I'll take his place as the president of Shinra Inc." Elena's voice dropped almost to a whisper in Yuffie's ear. "I will own Shinra...just like I will own you". With that, Elena tightened her grip on Yuffie's neck, choking her completely. Yuffie was in a blind panic, frantically clawing at Elena's arms trying to force her to release her grip.

    Just as Yuffie started to lose consciousness, wondering if this could really be the end for her, Elena finally let up. "Oh no I don't want you dead. That would not do. But If you don't surrender now, the pain will get worse, far worse, until you eventually give in anyway. There is no escape girl. I told you this would be the worst mistake of your life."

    Yuffie sat on her knees for a moment, unsure of what to do. 'Surely there was some way out of this. She was no match in melee combat but....materia! There's a whole collection of it here. What was I thinking?' the realization dawned on her such that it filled her with hope. She might still take down Elena.

    Gathering her strength and focus, Yuffie pushed herself through her aching body to get up on her feet, and with all her energy, dashed for the digging site full of little shimmering orbs of various colors, all waiting for her to help finish what she started. Yuffie was almost there. She could almost touch --- "Aaaaaahhhh!!" Yuffie felt an incredible vibrating force through her body overtake her. Hot, searing, from the inside out as she fell forward onto her face, just as she heard an unmistakable sound of thunder...

    As Yuffie turned her head to try to look behind her, to see where the attack at come from, she saw Elena, casually walking towards her, a little blue orb in her left hand.

    "Oh no, we can't have that. Those aren't yours Yuffie. Bad girl!" Elena released another stream of electricity into a limp, helpless Yuffie, causing her to scream and squirm as the lightning surged through her, heating her clothes and causing them to smolder along the edges, before finally easing up, just as Yuffie thought she'd almost rather die than have it continue.

    "Pl...ple...please stop.." Yuffie coughed out as she felt her body intensely ache all over. "Oh, you want me to stop?", Elena asked, acting as if she had no idea what the problem was. "Yes...please" muttered a humiliated Yuffie as she all but surrendered to her enemy. "Well then, I think you have some begging to do. Go on...convince me." Elena ordered, with a subtle wicked grin. "....beg? No..no I won't beg." a renewed hint of definance returning to Yuffie as the immediate intense pain ebbed. "Yes you will. It's a shame you want to put yourself through agony before you do but, whatever."

    Elena unleashed a third strike on Yuffie, who was slowly trying to crawl her way to the materia. "Aaaahhh!!!!..." Yuffie screamed anew, her body feeling like it was burning internally. This was it, she thought amidst her agony, Elena had her. Dispair filled her mind as her body twisted and contorted.

    Elena finally released Yuffie from her torture, with a look of possibly genuine pity for the poor girl who refused to give in sooner. "How about now?". "...Alright.....you...you win. Please stop. I'm...begging you".

    "Good, you're finally learning your place, now crawl over to me and beg properly". Humiliated, exhausted, Yuffie did what she thought she'd never do for anyone: she slowly lifted herself from her stomach, turned around and crawled slowly, submissively to Elena's feet, her mind in a surreal state, unable to fully comprehend that she was in fact submitting to her enemy. She hated herself for it, but she was trapped.

    Elena towered above Yuffie, obviously unsurprised by the outcome. "Please Elena, please stop. You win. Please don't shock me anymore...". Elena smiled to herself, immensely satisfied. "Who's the rookie now?" asked Elena, her position of power and victory washing over her, a feeling almost sublime. It was always like this whenever she dominated her opponents. For too long she was the butt of jokes, teased and made fun of for her lack of experience. After years of training and hard work, she had the power now.

    "I....I'm the rookie" Yuffie declared, to her shame, her badly torn top exposing her breasts almost compleley, emphasising her defeat. "Just...just please let me go. I'll leave right away, and I won't bother you again. Please" Yuffie looked up desperately at her victorious foe. "No I'm not letting you go. I own you now. I won't kill you if that's what you're worried about. Oh no, that wouldn't be much fun would it? Instead..."

    Elena grabbed a handful of Yuffie's playfully cut short hair and roughly pulled her to her feet, then tossed her away, causing her to stumble as she tried to keep her footing. "Strip, rookie."

    "What?..." an incredulous Yuffie looked on in dismay. "No...no please. I don't want to do it", Yuffie pleaded with her conquerer. "No?....well then, now might be the time to try out another of these materia you like so much." Elena pulled a reddish-orange orb from her pocket and pointed it at Yuffie, a burst of flame shooting from it, catching Yuffie's tattered top on fire. "Ahhh!!..." Yuffie's flailed around frantically, finally yanking the top from her and throwing it away, breathing heavily as she realized she was now topless before Elena. "See? You strip or I strip you, my own way."

    Yuffie's eyes went downcast as she was left with no options. Slowly, she reached down and pulled off one of her boots, then the other, and threw them aside, now standing in her knee socks. Then came her socks, first the left, then the right, until she finally stood barefoot.

    Her face blushing terribly, Yuffie reached for her shorts and pulled them down, along with her panties, down her legs, letting them drop to the ground and stepping out of them, kicking them to the side. "Now, let me introduce you to your new life, rookie" Elena stepped forward and grabbed Yuffie by the hair, pulling the only clothing left on her, her headband, off her head, untying the loose knot. "Turn around and hands behind your back." Yuffie complied, still feeling as if she were in a daze, not believing all this was really happening.

    Elena tied Yuffie's hands behind her back tightly with her own headband, then promptly spun her back around, eyeing her up and down. "Hm...something is missing. Let's see...oh I know" Elena pulled out a black marker from her blazer pocket, and began to write on Yuffie's stomach, just below her exposed small breasts, spelling out 'I am a rookie, defeated and shown my place by Miss Elena'. "Perfect. Now I've been thinking, you've had a bit of a reputation for being obsessed with materia, so I know the perfect task for you." Elena led Yuffie by the hair to the small crater the men were digging for materia a short time ago. "There" She pointed authoritatively. Retrieve all those and put them in a pile up here...with your mouth" Elena added with relish.

    More humiliated than she'd ever been in her life, Yuffie started down the embankment, hardly finding her footing on her bare feet, finally making it to the little shining spheres she was tasked with collecting.

    Falling to her knees awkwardly given her hands were bound behind her and couldn't support her, Yuffie leaned down and scooped up a materia in her mouth, almost gagging herself on the orb as she slowly turned around and made her way back, finally dropping it on the ground beside the crater. "I think you'll make a fine slavegirl Yuffie" Elena patted Yuffie on the head. "Shinra will rise again. And you will be the symbol of the abject failure of those who oppose it. " Elena sent Yuffie back to her task, which she continued throughout the rest of the day, getting herself covered in moist dirt all over her, especially her face, as she retrieved materia. She was a pitiful sight indeed, in direct contrast to Elena, whose short, blond bun maintained it's professional look above her red, painted lips. Her suit almost untouched, perfectly reflective of a soon-to-be Shinra president.

    Yuffie became a permanent slave girl that day, and after being loaded up into a Shinra airship, was transported to different places around Midgar, and occasionally other locales around the world, forced to retrieve materia naked, and often oggled by the miners she was forced to work for.

    And so that became Yuffie's life, the girl who loved and obsessed over materia more than anyone, forced to handle it everyday as a slave girl for the megacorporation she had once sworn to help overthrow, while never once getting to keep any for herself.

    Following that day in Midgar, Sector 6, where she made, as Elena said, the worst mistake of her life, that was the last her friends ever heard of Yuffie Kisaragi.
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    Wow, great story. I really liked the gradual change from proud Yuffie to completely broken Yuffie. I also enjoyed the fighting. The kicks against her chest, face, and stomach were my favorite, and I liked her coughing too, but it was all nice. The story definitely hit what I like to see.

    I loved the slave girl ending, too. Way to go!