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Yue Ying's Failure at Wu Zhang Plains (Dynasty Warriors 5)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Cloister, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Author's Note: I received a lot of positive responses for the Wonder Woman story. I appreciate people who left a comment and/or thanks. I'm not sure if I'll be able to follow that up with this one, but it's a story I've wanted to do for some time. It involves Yue Ying from the Dynasty Warriors series. I've always enjoyed the somewhat over elaborate character design of those games (but not so much the game play). Opportunities for Ryona are also a little scarce as characters just kind of get knocked around and fall down when they die. And there's no good pay off from game over screens either. So I wrote this one where Yue Ying loses a duel against Zhen Ji during the final mission of Shu from DW5. It probably has my favorite design for her. Enjoy.

    And if you haven't heard of Dynasty Warriors by now... I'm very surprised considering there are a million of those games and multiple spin offs. In that case, this story probably won't do much for you.

    Yue Ying's Failure at Wu Zhang Plains

    The battle of Wu Zhang Plains had taken a bad turn for the Shu Army. They were badly outnumbered by Wei and their supply lines had been disrupted. Yue Ying could see the loss of morale among her troops. Even with her Juggernaut inventions on the field, defending the small village on the eastern side of her husband’s camp would not be easy. There was no room for failure as retreat would be impossible. This battle would decide the fate of the Three Kingdoms. She was prepared to do anything to defend Zhuge Liang. Surely he could find a way to reverse their fortune with a clever strategy. Unfortunately, it did not take long until Wei attacked in force.

    “Do not let any of them through! We must hold!” Yue Ying ordered.

    A wave of soldiers in purple uniforms charged with spears in hand. Her soldiers in green clashed immediately intent on holding their ground. Spears crossed swords. Arrows from both sides fell on the village. The Shu Army’s loss of supply line started to show as her forces lost momentum due to exhaustion and hunger. She charged forward to pick up the slack and cut a swath through the countless enemy soldiers. Her scythe-like war spear made quick work of those who opposed her. Wei’s forces began to stall. It also helped that her Juggernaut’s flamethrowers spread fear through enemy lines.

    Her luck did not last as Wei catapults zeroed in on her inventions and smashed them with boulders. Only a few Juggernauts remained as she fought on keeping in mind that defeat would cost them everything. Her husband’s camp would be vulnerable if her position was taken. Wei proved to be relentless as more soldiers charged in the distance.

    “This does not bode well...” She muttered.

    Her troops began to buckle against the onslaught of Wei troops. She prepared to pull her soldiers back to regroup but was interrupted by a shrill whistle. The strange sound made her stagger as if someone had punched her in the chest. She was momentarily dizzy until a Wei officer appeared from the mass of enemy soldiers. Zhen Ji had joined the battle with a smile on her face. The beautiful woman with the flute had proved to be trouble in the past. Surely this time would be no different.

    “Stand aside. I do not have time for such petty opponents!” Zhen Ji laughed.

    Yue Ying readied her weapon. Zhen Ji would surely cause chaos Shu could not afford. At the same time, if she could defeat her, it would send the Wei forces running and buy valuable time. And they had to be stopped here if there was any chance at victory.

    “If it’s a fight you want, do not expect any leniency from me!” She vowed.

    They clashed in the middle of the battlefield as their troops fought on. Even with Yue Ying’s war spear, Zhen Ji proved to be skilled enough to block attacks with her flute. In her hands it was more like a club, and proved to be just as painful when she got attacks in.

    “We’ve come to corner your sickly husband! This will be his last battle!” Zhen Ji declared.

    “I will not let you anywhere near Zhuge Liang! The wife of the dragon will not yield!” Yue Ying fired back.

    Neither of them held back, but Yue Ying found her opponent danced around the battlefield. Her movement made her a hard target to strike. It took no time at all to realize there was no way to finish the duel quickly. The woman with the flute was not just a pretty face. This realization was reinforced by Zhen Ji scoring a powerful kick to her stomach that sent her reeling before smacking her in the face with the flute. She tried to retaliate and swung for Zhen Ji’s legs only to miss by a hair.

    “You’re pathetic!” The Wei officer spat.

    “Your taunts are pathetic!”

    A quick lunge forward paid off as Yue Ying managed to land a hard hit and push Zhen Ji to the ground. It did not keep her down, but it did shut her mouth. The battle around them faded away as their duel became more intense. They swung with full force with the intent that the next blow would be the last. Yue Ying struggled to sink her blade into the enemy. Zhen Ji did not have the same trouble with her flute. The small blunt weapon allowed for quick strikes and worked well into her dancing. Yue Ying was on the defensive as she was hit repeatedly from her arms to her chest. The stress from the supply shortage started to rear its head as she found herself tiring out. She had to end the fight soon.

    When her enemy was close enough she prepared her strongest attack. She spun her spear blindingly fast in a circle while darting toward Zhen Ji all the while. Fate turned against her as the woman with the flute narrowly dodged her blade and managed to lock weapons in the middle of the spin. The drive forward came to a grinding halt as they began to struggle with each other. The smile on Zhen Ji’s face was unbearable.

    “Is that the best you can do?” She scoffed.

    “I shall prove my might to you!”

    Despite Yue Ying’s determination, her strength started to give out. They pushed back and forth until Zhen Ji slowly gained the upper hand. She pushed more and more until Yue Ying found herself on her knees. She barely held on and could not keep up her guard. A swift kick was all it took to send her tumbling backwards across the filthy ground. If not for the prolonged battle of Wu Zhang Plains, she would have jumped to her feet in a second. Instead she was out of breath. It took more effort than she could afford, using her weapon to push herself up, to get back on her feet.

    By then Zhen Ji had readied her flute. She played a haunting melody that assaulted Yue Ying’s senses. Her body felt numb. Her arms fell to her sides as she lost hold of her weapon and dropped it on the ground. The music left her completely defenseless as she swayed from side to side. The expression on her face changed to confusion and then helplessness. She found it hard enough to keep her head up much less resume a fighting stance.

    “My body... has betrayed me...” She moaned.

    A Wei soldier took advantage of the moment and grabbed her from behind. He yanked her arms back and held her tight. Zhen Ji’s tune still had a grip on her and she had no chance to break loose.

    “Hold her well.” Zhen Ji instructed.

    The cocky Wei officer casually approached and slapped Yue Ying across the face to add insult to injury. In her helplessness, Zhen Ji was free to attack with impunity. She could not defend herself from the barrage of punches and kicks dealt to her body. Each blow to her face blurred the battlefield. Each strike to her stomach made her want to double over and curl into a ball. Pain overtook her body. With each passing moment she felt less like a brave warrior of Shu.

    “This cannot go on...”

    Then Zhen Ji took a shot below the belt right between her legs. Her head snapped back in agony as she cried out.


    “You will know your place soon enough!” Zhen Ji assured her.

    Yue Ying was released from her torment as an explosion went off nearby. One of the Juggernauts had caught fire and blew up. The forced knocked everyone nearby to the ground. The sudden turn was a second wind. Yue Ying scrambled for her weapon to get back in the fight. She snatched up her war spear only to feel a crushing blow to the back of her head. It took all of her will to avoid collapsing to the ground, and even more to climb back to her feet. For better or worse she pushed herself to keep fighting.

    “I cannot let everyone down...”

    The duel went on but the damage was done. Yue Ying’s attacks were sluggish as the pain started to mount up. A pounding in her head made it impossible to focus as Zhen Ji tore into her with the best of her ability. She could not keep up. Her war spear was nowhere near as fast as Zhen Ji’s flute in her battle worn state. She was losing ground quickly. Surely her soldiers would take notice. If she fell here her forces would fall apart. The main camp would be exposed. It would be over for Shu. Zhen Ji knew this well and moved in to finish the battle.

    Yue Ying felt regret and despair grow with each painful blow. When she neared her limit, a wide strike from Zhen Ji’s flute knocked her to one knee. Pain refused to let her get up. It was all the time her enemy needed to play another melody on her flute. Only this time it created a sphere of energy as large as her wagon sized Juggernauts. She was too stunned to move as it exploded in her face. The forced knocked her head dress off and broke her weapon in two before she hit the ground. Her scream was drowned out by the thunderous blast, leaving her groaning face first in the dirt.

    “You’re just as arrogant as that windbag you married!” Zhen Ji laughed victoriously. “Did you really believe you could defeat me? Filthy peasant.”

    Yue Ying energy was completely spent as she rolled onto her side. She had no fight left in her. The Shu soldiers took notice of her defeat and looked on in shock. Zhen Ji moved forward and put one foot on her side. She pressed down with authority.

    “...aaah!” Yue Ying gasped in pain.

    “The wife of the dragon is defeated! Your commander is next!”

    Yue Ying quivered as her soldiers scattered in a panic. Wei crashed through her lines cutting down anyone who was not fast enough to get away. Nothing could stop them on their march to Zhuge Liang now. Her husband’s camp was vulnerable. She had failed to defend him. But Zhen Ji was in no hurry to charge forward. She rallied her forces. Wei soldiers quickly took Yue Ying prisoner binding her arms and legs together. When the chains and ropes were secure, they propped her up on her knees before Zhen Ji.

    “I will send Zhuge Liang your broken weapon right before we march on his camp. My lord will unite this war torn land under the banner of Wei!”

    Yue Ying slumped in her captors arms. It was the end of the Shu Army. Her husband did not stand a chance now that her position had fallen.

    “Forgive me... my husband. I proved unworthy...” She muttered as the Wei Army took her away as a prisoner of war.
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