Wendy Marvell vs Sherria Blendy


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Apr 17, 2016

Wendy Marvell was a shy young mage, of the Fairy Tale guild, considered the strongest in the kingdom of Fiore. That gave her much to live up to. But her own power, while impressive and showing remarkable potential, was still in the early developing stages… still she fought hard and proudly for the sake of her guild. With lengthy dark blue hair tied into pigtails that went halfway down her back, big bright brown eyes, a purple mini-dress with two vertical lavender stripes, long white sleeves, and black leggings, one wouldn’t guess the strength that lay in such an innocent looking package.

But one could say the same for Sherria Blendy. With dark pink, comparatively short pigtails, deep blue eyes, a pink and blue dress with a short ruffly skirt, a heart emblem on one breast and an X on the other, and black stockings that went up to her thighs, she was as cute and carefree as could be. But her strength was similar to Wendy’s, except amplified to a whole different level.

Both young mages specialized in sky magic, making use of the wind and air around them to do battle. And if Wendy, known to many as a Sky Dragon Slayer, was still developing, it’d be fair to say that Sherria, a Sky God Slayer, was in a highly advanced stage already.

Just a short time ago, the two of them did battle during an event known as the Grand Magic Games with their guilds watching on. And while they made for quite a spectacle, trading mirroring wind attacks, it was clear to all who the better was from the opening volleys. Sherria was simply overpowering and it was all Wendy could do to stay in the fight, battered and beaten by the end.

Still, in spite of her repeated sentiment that she didn’t enjoy fighting in any way, Wendy refused to stand down, fighting for her guild until the bitter end, making all of her friends proud in the process. Not giving up, she managed to survive until Sherria had used the last of her magical power, when the battle devolved into a fist fight. This portion was fierce but short-lived as the bout reached a time limit.

Perhaps controversially, the fight was declared a tie. And afterwards, the two young ladies showed no hard feelings. Sherria healed the damage she’d done to Wendy and the two became friends there on the battlefield.

The two met up after the third day had ended and split off from the guilds to spend some time together. They end up in a nearby field, looking up at the stars, happy and peaceful as could be…

“Hooo… a whole day of fights. Exciting, but pretty exhausting to watch too...” Wendy lamented with a sigh.

“Really? You don’t seem too tired to me.” Sherria replied as she stretched out. “Heh, you ran the whole way here...”

“Well… yeah. I can heal fatigue after all...” Wendy chuckled.

“Lucky...” Sherria remarked. “If I could do that, I wouldn’t have had to stop using magic. I would’ve won our fight hands down, no silly draw.”

“Hey now...” Wendy replied, with a joking smirk. “As I recall, I was able to avoid your strongest attack by making it even stronger… a little trickery that drained you in the first place. If you DID keep using your magic, I think I could’ve found a way to use it against you and get the win for my guild.”

“Hah… really now.” Sherria smiled openly. “That’s funny… you know I was holding back that whole fight, right? I just didn’t see the need to hurt an innocent young girl who clearly didn’t want to fight in the first place. You kept pushing me to use stronger and stronger magic until I got carried away and used it all up… in a serious fight though, I mean… let’s be honest, it’s pretty obvious who would win.”

Wendy paused, a little peeved at that remark. “Now hold on, I thought we agreed we both fought well… what’s this all about?”

“Oh yeah, you fought really well for your skill level.” Sherria nodded. “I mean everyone in that stadium was applauding it! They were all amazed that you kept fighting even when it was obvious you were outmatched… to keep going against me was probably the bravest thing you’ve ever done, it should be commended!”

“Are… are you mocking me?” Wendy asked, her eyes narrowing at Sherria’s extremely faint praise.

“What? Noooo...” she replied, her smile not leaving her face even after she’d obviously offended her new friend. “I just said you should be commended! Just like everyone in that arena thought when they were cheering for you… making your stand even when you’re clearly, by far, the weakest… it takes a lot of courage and guts, is all I’m saying. And you know what? I’ll applaud it too!”

She stood up and actually began clapping for Wendy, a saccharine smile on her face. And with each clap, Wendy became more and more insulted.

Marvell shot to her feet and looked Sherria in the eye, a dead serious expression on her cute face. “Hey. Cut it out, okay? That’s not funny...”

“What do you mean? I’m just trying to give you your due...” Sherria smirked, even laughing a little.

“You know what, whatever. Let’s just change the subject...” Wendy sighed as she sat back down.

“Yeah, okay… I was wondering something actually...” Sherria began. “Your strengths seem to lie in healing, which is nice for group battles but… what are you going to do if you ever get in a real fight by yourself?”

“Well I… have fought by myself before...” Wendy hesitantly answered. “Pretty sure everyone in these guilds have had to at some point...”

“Wait… wait, really? You have?!” Sherria replied, with absolute astonishment. “Wow… I really did not get that feeling during our fight… I was CERTAIN that had to be your first-ever one on one battle...”

A few tense seconds passed, before Wendy again shot to her feet and got in Sherria’s face. “I’m sorry, what’s your problem?”

“What? I don’t have a problem...” Sherria answered, her grin growing on her face, as if she enjoyed getting under Wendy’s skin.

“Well it sure seems like you’re trying to make one...” Wendy answered. “Why do you keep antagonizing me about this?”

“I’m not! I’m just interested in the development of such a young, new, super inexperienced warrior...” Sherria shrugged.

“You’re two years older than me!” Wendy exclaimed.

“And that’s a long time when you’re our age!” Sherria fired back, with a chuckle. “I bet you might even be almost as strong as me in a couple of years… heheh, I’ve learned a loooot in the two years I’ve got on you, I promise you that..”

“So what, you think being older than me makes you better than me?” Wendy asked, officially worked up. It was unlike her to get this way, but Sherria seemed to be pushing all the right buttons…

“No...” she answered, a sly smirk as she looked away. “...I think being a Dragon God Slayer makes me better than you.”

“That does it… you and me! We’re going to have a rematch!” Wendy declared. “If you’re so certain that you really won that fight, then why don’t you prove it! No time limits, no rules, no spectators… let’s fight to see who’s really better!”

“Hah… well, I’d love nothing more but... I’m still about fresh out of magical power...” Sherria remarked.

“That’s fine… I basically used mine up in healing people up after their fights too.” Wendy revealed, putting up her tiny fists. “We can just, have a straight-up fight, you and me! C-C’mon, let’s go!”

Sherria laughed. “And here I thought you hated fighting...”

“Yeah, but I’m getting to hate your smug grin even more!” Wendy fired back.

“That’s the spirit!” Sherria exclaimed. “Well, I happen to know a perfect place we can fight without disturbing anything or anyone… a completely abandoned part of town… just need to get my outfit fixed up first.”

As if she knew in advance this would happen, she produced a pen and a sheet of paper, drawing up a little map to lead Wendy to the place in question. She handed her ‘friend’ the map and happily strode away to get ready.

Wendy eyed the map, beginning to calm down… and once the anger subsided, it was replaced with dread. She buried her face in the paper, sulking, “Oh God, what have I just gotten myself into…?”

What made Wendy angry beyond anything was that she knew Sherria was right. It was clear who was stronger in every way. She just hated how much she was rubbing it in… it made her desperately want to prove her wrong, to just prove she could hang with her… but she feared that might be a pipe dream.

Still, she steeled up her resolve, summoned up her courage and went out to get ready herself, for Round 2 of their thrilling battle…

--- An Hour Later ---

The two girls came together at the designated spot, eyeing each other from a distance like they were about to draw pistols and dawn was soon approaching… Wendy had an intensity in her eye as she sought to overcome her worries and shut Sherria up. Sherria of course just wore her smile…

“I’ll be honest… I’m a little surprised you showed up.” Sherria admitted. “I didn’t think you were serious about this… or, no. I guess it’s more, I hoped you weren’t, for your sake.”

“Nngh, it’s comments like that… I just can’t ignore!” Wendy yelled. “You’re going to stop with this jabbering on about being stronger than me, and all these callous remarks… I’m going to show you what happens when you make fun of me!”

Sherria shook her head. “Shame… I was really starting to like you. But after what I do to you, you’ll want to quit the Mage game all together...”

“Shut up and fight!” Wendy shouted as she started charging at her, again letting Sherria get under her skin.

Blendy simply waited with her little cocksure smile, before performing a spin move at the last second. It resulted in Wendy rushing just past her as Sherria spun behind her and capped off her momentum with an elbow to the back of Wendy’s head. This stung and sent her off-balance, landing facefirst on the concrete.

Sherria wasn’t going full-force though, she merely hit her hard enough to send her toppling. She was more embarrassed than hurt as she pushed her way to her hands and knees, grunting and groaning in frustration.

And of course the senior mage just couldn’t help but taunt her already. “No no, see, the object is to hit your opponent…!”

“Shut up...” Wendy spat, trying to regain her composure. Sherria scoffed as she walked over towards her…

Wendy surprised her with a mule kick, her heel digging into her stomach. This doubled Sherria over slightly, and Wendy followed up by launching herself off the pavement and hitting another back kick, this time slamming the bottom of her foot into the apparently arrogant mage’s cute little face.

This was enough to send her staggering as Wendy got back to her feet, fire in her eyes after proving she can hurt her. Sherria wiped her mouth and again just smiled. “Clever… nicely done… not much strength behind the blows… but nicely done.”

Trying not to let her snide remarks bother her, Wendy put up her dukes and opted to let Sherria make the next move. She indeed approached, slowly, donning her own fighting stance as she cautiously neared…

The moment she got within arm’s length, Wendy fired a punch towards her face. But she managed to lean her head away from the blow. Sherria aimed a punch of her own towards Wendy, and she echoed this maneuver, ducking her head away… but it was a feint, as Sherria pulled her arm back at the mid-way point. Wendy realized too late that her opponent’s leg was rising, and she ended up getting kicked square in the jaw.

This staggered her back a few steps, as she struggled to maintain her balance… but this left her wide open, and Sherria rushed in, popping off two quick punches to her face, one for each cheek, rocking her head back and forth. A kick to her gut doubled her over for a snap kick that caught her right between the eyes. This flipped her right over onto her back, and she hit the pavement hard.

“Ooh, ouch… that seemed like it hurt.” Sherria remarked, cupping her mouth to hide her smirk as she took a step back. “Are you okay~?”

“Sh-shut up...” Wendy growled. “I’m fine!”

“Are you sure? I mean, I can help you up… if you need it… my good friend~” Sherria replied, offering her opponent a hand. This mirrored the end of their last fight, where Wendy, thinking there was mutual respect between the two as fighters, was happy to accept. Here, however, Wendy angrily smacked her hand away, hearing nothing but sarcasm dripping from her honey-sweet words.

Wendy took the time to fire her fist into Sherria’s stomach, which she seemed to register but did not double her over near as much as the kick to Wendy’s gut had achieved. Nevertheless, Wendy shot up to her feet and aimed another punch at her face, but this time Sherria avoided it by simply taking a step back.

A low, sweeping kick to Wendy’s shin kicked her leg out from under her and forced her back down to a knee with a grunt of pain. Sherria then reared her leg up for a wicked thrust kick, the bottom of her foot blasting into Wendy’s face and sending her rolling backwards. She landed hard when her roll ceased, the back of her head smacking against the cement, leaving her stunned for a few seconds.

Looking to capitalize, Sherria rushed in, getting a running start. Wendy gasped when she heard her shoes pounding the pavement, realizing the momentum she was gaining was about to result in a lot of pain for her, but she couldn’t react in time to avoid it…

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw her there above her, stopping with her leg up high. She stomped down fiercely… and her foot slammed down directly next to Wendy’s head, damn near giving her a heart attack as she heard the loud thud echo just inches away from her ear. It was a trick… Sherria simply planted her foot there before bending down, again offering Wendy her hand.

“Eh…? Eh…?” she inquired, reaching down to help her opponent in the middle of battle for the second time.

Increasingly perturbed with the way Sherria was mocking her, she indeed did grab her hand, whilst also kicking her leg up into her stomach. Burying her foot in her belly, Wendy rolled backwards, performing a judo throw to send Sherria onto her back, again taking her by surprise. Wendy finished her roll, and ended up mounting Sherria, her knees pressed against her abdomen.

“Now who’s stronger?!” Wendy yelled as she released Sherria’s hands and reared her fist back. She sent a punch down to her seemingly prone face, but even from that position, Sherria had some reflexes, managing to catch her by the wrist. Planning on sending both fists down in a flurry anyway, Wendy quickly fired off a punch with her opposite fist, but Sherria managed to catch that as well.

Suddenly Wendy found herself caught, both arms trapped, even as Sherria was pinned underneath her. She was also surprised to find her body lifting into the air… showing off some incredible strength, Sherria managed to push her lower body up off the ground, bridging her back even as Wendy rested on top of her.

In a deft motion, she backflipped, reversing their position. Now Wendy was on her back, her legs still curled up in Sherria’s stomach as she bore down onto her and pinned her arms to the pavement.

“Hah! This is fun!” Sherria chirped as she held Wendy down. “Now then, go on! It’s your turn to reverse again!”

Wendy certainly tried to find another counter to get herself out of that situation, but try as she might, she couldn’t seem to move any of her limbs… Sherria was bearing down hard with all of what little weight she had. Her legs were forced to stay in their bent position, and she couldn’t seem to pull her arms off the ground thanks to Sherria’s tight grip.

“D-Damn you...” Wendy grunted.

“Oh… you don’t want to go? You wanna skip your turn and let me have an extra one? Are you sure…?” Sherria rhetorically asked. “Wow, that’s so sweet of you, Wendy! I’d be happy to go again~”

Sherria released her wrists and managed to rain down an onslaught of punches before Wendy could react. In rapid succession, she peppered her pretty face with nearly a dozen shots, alternating lefts and rights, crashing into her head again and again, and as she pressed against the pavement she knew she had nowhere to go. Her arms flailed, but the shots rocked her to the point that she couldn’t seem to do much other than lie there and take the brutal punishment Sherria dished out.

The overpowering mage capped off the onslaught by hopping up to her feet and rearing her leg up. Wendy’s momentarily blurry vision only gave her a slight glimpse up her skirt before she brought her foot down, her black and pink tennis shoe slamming right into Wendy’s stomach, sinking into her soft belly.

This knocked all the air out of her in a big wheeze, and caused her whole body to buckle. “Oooh, that REALLY looks painful...” Sherria remarked. And as she kept Wendy pinned down with her foot, for the third time, she offered her hand, waving it in front of her face. “Doooooooo you want some help~?”

Filling with anger, but barely able to make any sudden moves, the already battered Wendy simply uttered, “N-No...”

Sherria feigned surprise. “Oh! Okay then… why didn’t you say so before? Goodness… silly Wendy~”

With that, she simply stepped off of her and took a few paces backward, allowing Wendy to slowly pick herself up. Sherria just watched, her arms crossed, a huge smile on her face, not having broken a sweat whilst Wendy struggled to her feet.

“I don’t care… how strong you are… I’m not… going to put up… with being mocked...” Wendy hissed.

“Oh I agree. If someone’s making fun of you, that’s not okay, regardless of who they are.” Sherria nodded. “If you ever come upon someone who’s making fun of you, just tell me about it and I’ll deal with them for you~”

“I’m so sick of you...” Wendy lamented.

“Then… why don’t you start fighting seriously?” Sherria asked, pointing to her chin. “Go ahead… hit me HARD this time.”

Wendy yelled as she rushed her, and leapt at her, launching into a full force flying punch right to Sherria’s smug face. She actually made no attempt to counter or avoid this maneuver, just standing there and letting Wendy’s fist slam into her.

This rocked Sherria and sent her staggering several feet backward, but to Wendy’s surprise, she still remained on her feet. Spitting out a little blood, Sherria smiled. “I don’t think you heard me... I said hit me HARD.”

“D-Dammit, stop messing with me!” Wendy shouted, as she came in for another punch.

“Oh, okay.” Sherria casually agreed.

That next instant Wendy’s fist sailed upwards, her arm extended high. She was stunned… Sherria had blocked her punch with such speed that she didn’t even see her hand move. And Sherria was quick to follow up, coming in close and burying her elbow right into her belly… once, twice, three times she thrust the solid point of her elbow right into the pit of Wendy’s stomach.

She let loose a loud wail of pain as she fell to the ground, clutching her gut. And Sherria didn’t let up, unleashing a vicious kick right to her face that rocked her head back. Now she was holding her nose instead...

Wendy was beginning to cry from the outrageous pain, and the last thing she wanted was to let this bully see it. Plus, she desperately needed to get some distance, so she began to roll away from Sherria. But all that did was allow her a running start before she unleashed a brutal punt to Wendy’s ribs that actually sent her a little ways off the ground as she unwittingly continued rolling away.

“Oh no! You’re crying… what’s wrong? Did someone hurt you~?” Sherria mockingly asked as she stepped over to the prone Wendy. Even though her stomach was hurting her far more than her face, Wendy kept covering it up, trying to hide her tears. Her cheeks were flush red, blushing from the embarrassment of it all.

Despite her desperate wishes, her worst fear was coming true, she was being absolutely outclassed. She seemed helpless, at the mercy of Sherria who just continued to find amusement in it all. And since the left her stomach wide open, her antagonist saw fit to target it again, this time leaping up into the air before coming down with a crushing knee drop, her solid kneecap burying itself into her stomach.

Sherria again stood and calmly watched, a smirk on her face as Wendy coughed and sobbed, unable to keep from clutching her aching belly, which underneath her dress was undoubtedly beginning to bruise.

“Hrm… I dunno… I think this was more fun when I was toying with you.” Sherria remarked. “These fights are a lot more interesting when they’re competitive, y’know? This whole one-sided slaughter thing, it doesn’t really do it for me. Yeah… I think I might go back to just playing along with you soon...”

Wendy didn’t say anything this time as she forced herself to stand, refusing to let go of her pride even as tears streamed down her face. She tried to charge at Sherria but didn’t have the speed to really run anymore, instead she just shambled towards her, as she simply stood there and waited for her.

Desperate to generate some offense, Wendy aimed a kick towards Sherria’s side, but she caught it with ease. With a simple jerk upwards, she tripped Wendy onto her back and from there let loose a brutal stomp to her damaged, well-softened abdomen. Sadistically, Sherria just smiled away as Wendy let loose a blood-curdling scream.

“Wow, that was a good try, Wendy!” Sherria mocked. “No, really, you almost got me with that one! Probably would’ve ended the fight too, yep… I’m really lucky to have survived past that, whoo...”

Frustrated beyond belief, Wendy slammed her fists into the pavement as she slowly picked herself up again. “I… I won’t… let you… get me down… uggh, I WILL prove myself… t-to you…!”

“Oh, you’ve proven plenty...” Sherria flippantly replied.

On shaky legs, Wendy managed to slowly steady herself, her cocky opponent giving her all the time she needed to get her composure. Willing up as much strength as she could muster, and with a loud battle cry, she rushed towards Sherria at almost full speed, showing off her perseverance.

With her fist reared back, she looked to try and take Sherria’s head off, and end the fight with one good punch…

But she never even got to unleash it. Her own momentum cost her as with a short burst, Sherria had hopped forward and uncorked a brutal knee lift, kneeing her right in the same damn spot that she kept targeting on her poor, weakened tummy. Wendy found herself bent entirely over her knee, stunned to the point of delirium with sheer pain, coughing up blood and spit… she slumped over, as Sherria stood perfectly still, just holding her limp ragdoll frame up on her risen leg.

“Wendyyyyy? Buddyyy…? Are you okay…?” Sherria teased. “Not to be rude, but… well, you’ve certainly looked better… heh...”

Wendy didn’t make a move, nor much of a sound for a few seconds, other than a little guttural moaning. After a few moments her hands began to twitch, but again, that was it… she seemed completely out of it as she hung limply, bent over on Sherria’s knee.

“...Hello? Anybody home?” Sherria mockingly asked, tilting her head inquisitively, as if unaware of the severity of her status.

Eventually Sherria slowly lowered her foot, allowing Wendy to slide to the pavement. Upon contact with the familiar cold cement, the recognition seemed to stir the young mage awake and she attempted to push herself up. But something snapped behind her eyes, a drought of double-vision struck and she went back down.

Sherria knelt down next to her. “Listen… let’s be honest… we both knew it would go like this, right?” she remarked, for once sounding serious. “There’s no one around to impress by being all tough… we’re alone. And for what it’s worth I won’t tell anyone about this… nobody will have to know you got obliterated out here. Just go ahead, go to sleep… I’ll make sure you’re nice and healed up by the time you wake up, okay? And we’ll just pretend this was a dream… a really bad, painful dream.”

Wendy couldn’t express much hate, but her anger still burned from her every remark at that point. Lying down and just going to sleep would’ve been very easy at that point, but she made no attempt to. Turning and crawling, she pulled herself across the pavement over to a nearby street lamp. Grasping it, wrapping her arms around it, she managed to gradually pull herself up… she couldn’t get up under her own power anymore.

Hearing her grunt and groan as she slowly picked herself up off the ground, Sherria simply rolled her eyes. “God, so dramatic, every single time… but hey, A+ effort, for, uh… whatever that’s worth.”

After a few lingering moments, she was finally on her feet… and after a few stumbles, she even managed to stay on her feet after letting go of the street lamp! Wobbly, she turned to Sherria, who just offered another golf clap.

“Yaaaaay Wendyyy! She can still walk, kinda! Yaaaay!” Sherria cheered, mockingly. She then just shrugged.“Come on… I think we’ve both proven our points here. I’m waayyy stronger than you, and you keep fighting admirably even when it’s an absolutely awful idea. If we do this any longer, I’m gonna start feeling bad… for you, and for what I’m doing. I mean I’m practically picking on a child here, you’re so outmatched. I think now’s a really good time for you to give up… what do you say?”

“I don’t… need… your pity...” Wendy spat. “I told you that… back at the Games… and I sure don’t… need your… m-mockery...”

“Name one time I’ve mocked you!” Sherria teased.

“Sh-shut up...” the beaten, humiliated young warrior hissed. “For the love of God… just SHUT UP!”

Somehow she managed to do something that looked a little like running towards Sherria, shambling as she flailed her arms blindly in her direction. Strangely, that didn’t work out very well for her, as Sherria just casually sidestepped out of the way of this, and allowed Wendy to blindly keep going until she fell onto the pavement.

“Hmm… yeah, okay, not a bad move, that one.” Sherria commented, a contemplative hand to her chin as she nodded thoughtfully. “Well, I mean, y’know… not terrible… I think we can workshop it~”

Wendy fought to get her hands and knees again as Sherria walked over, going around to face her. Wendy could see Sherria’s shoes before her face. She couldn’t see it, but somehow she knew that she was leaning down and offering her hand again.

“Really though. Come on now, let’s stop this silly game… this is starting to get embarrassing for ME, here...” Sherria declared. She continued, “I mean, to even participate in this farce with you, (no offense!) what would my guild say if-”

In a fury, Wendy suddenly shot up from the pavement in a dynamic maneuver, as in mid-air she lurched forward with a mighty punch, looking to cut her off and shut her up for good with a wicked punch right to her jaw. The strength seemed to come from a hidden reserve even she didn’t realize she had, and whilst she previously stated to never enjoy anything about a fight, there was a large part of her that enjoyed the way her fist on Sherria’s head felt, and the resounding thud that came off the impact.

“-they saw us like this?” Sherria continued on, not even taking a pause in her sentence. “I mean they’d think I was just bullying some hapless kid… not a good look for me at all, I’d get in so much trouble...”

“D-Dammit all...” Wendy lamented as her arm slumped to her side. “Why don’t you just… go down...”

“Would you like that?” Sherria asked. “If I just like pretended you hurt me, would that make you feel better and get you to stop? I’m your friend, I’m here for you, I can do that… I’m a pretty good actress actually!”

“Shut… UP!” she yelled, again punching her, this one aimed right between the eyes and again coming to a massive impact.

After a noticeable pause, Sherria stepped back and held the wounded spot, lurching her head back. “OW. Oh no! The pain… ugh, it hurts so much… dang, you’re really strong Wendy… almost as strong as me, easily!”

“I hate you...” Wendy muttered.

“Hrm, okay, so that’s a no on that front. Doesn’t help after all...” Sherria noted, dropping her facade like a bad habit.

Growling, too furious to even think straight anymore, Wendy reared her fist back and launched another punch, putting everything she had left into every shot. Her eyes almost couldn’t follow what happened next…

Showing off some blinding speed, Sherria actually ran in a circle around Wendy, came back to face her, and still had time to catch her punch by the wrist before it even came within two feet of making contact with her.

“Wh-wha…?” Wendy gasped.

“Oh, sorry, did you not catch that?” Sherria uttered. “I was worried that might be too hard to track for uh… well, I was going to say for the untrained, but… well, I was going to say average, but… well, your vision. Here, let me try again, stay focused this time okay?”

Sherria released Wendy’s wrist, swiftly circled her wobbly body, then came to grab her wrist again. In nearly a flash from Wendy’s perspective, Sherria was now to her right, holding onto her arm, instead of being directly in front of her.

“Did you see what I did that time…?” Sherria asked, smiling brightly at Wendy’s absolute astonishment. She’d like to have believed that she was hallucinating, that this was simply brought on by the delirium of the pain… but she sadly knew better.

“Hm… maybe the other side would work better.” Sherria remarked, as she again let go of Wendy’s arm and circled around. Before Wendy could even so much as pull her arm away or lower it to her side, Sherria appeared there on her left and again took a tight grip on her wrist, controlling the arm with ease.

“Wh-what… the hell…?” Wendy asked herself, aghast.

“Ah, good, good!” Sherria chirped, a huge smile. “So you DID see it that time! Good for you, Wendy~!”

She burst out laughing, and for a few moments, that’s all there was… Wendy just stood there, a blank expression as Sherria cackled at how thoroughly outclassed she was, and always was in this fight…

The wind began to blow, brushing Wendy’s lengthy hair against her face, seemingly taking her out of her stupor long enough to find her rage again. With a blood-curdling howl, she reared back her free arm and attempted another punch, despite how poorly this tactic was working out for her up to that point.

Sherria let go of Wendy’s arm and ducked with a condescending slowness, watching with a smirk as Wendy’s own momentum caused her to fall, her fist pounding ineffectively against the pavement as she dropped.

Shaking her head yet again, Sherria came over and knelt down, taking Wendy’s arm and draping it over her own shoulder as she gently helped her up to her feet. Sherria stepped in front of her, keeping her hands out, wary of letting fall again. When it seemed she was going to stay upright, the powerful mage mockingly pat her on the head.

Unsurprisingly, this resulted in Wendy sending another punch her way, but this one was absolutely bereft of strength on any metric, and just pitifully bounced off of Sherria’s chest with a comical smack.

“Dang, Wendy… you’ve got a lot of persistence. I mean I learned that during our first fight, but I really had no idea. You really just, don’t have any quit in you whatsoever. You definitely have that going for you.” Sherria remarked. For once, her praise sounded genuine… for a moment. Snidely, she finished, “Too bad you don’t have much else going for you, huh?”

For whatever reason, Wendy thought she had it in her to perform a kick at that moment. Her leg barely got high enough up to get her a toe tap to the shins before she stumbled back, and fell towards the concrete. Sherria reached forward and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her up to her feet; that was the only reason she didn’t fall yet again.

“Look, this ain’t gonna stop until you concede. I can obviously keep going all night.” Sherria informed her. “Tell me you quit and the pain stops… try to keep going, and I’ll actually start hurting you. Come on now… give up.”

“N-Never...” Wendy meekly grunted.

“Mkay.” Sherria casually replied.

With that, she suddenly launched into a cartwheel, in the process bringing her legs up to Wendy’s head. One after another, her shins slammed into the side of Wendy’s face and sent her staggering to her left.

Sherria was of course bounding that way as well, and kept her from falling by performing a dropkick right into her shoulder. This reversed moment and had her tumbling to the right, and she officially had no idea what was going on anymore.

This left Sherria on the ground, but not for long. She performed a combat roll forward, and using that momentum vaulted up high into the air. She actually leapt high enough from that position to go right over Wendy’s head, and just before she fell to the pavement, Sherria was able to catch her with a blind back kick right between the shoulder blades that saw her beginning to fall forward instead.

Sherria landed in a three point stance and glanced over to see a gap between Wendy’s legs as she tried desperately to balance herself. Sherria dipped between that gap, sliding deftly betwixt her legs and coming out on the other side, before rocketing her lower body up off the ground with enough velocity to send the bottoms of her shoes slamming into Wendy’s chin. This mercifully took her down to the ground.

The wildly powerful and evidently acrobatic Sherria lorded over Wendy, kneeling down and looking into her glazed over eyes. “Give up…?”

“N-Noooo...” she grumbled.

“Yeah, somehow I thought you’d say that.” Sherria nodded, as she grabbed Wendy by the front of her dress and yanked her up to a standing position. When she tried to let go of her, it became clear that at this point she just wasn’t standing up again under any circumstance. So instead, to keep her upright, Sherria dragged her over to the nearest building and shoved her against the wall, letting her lean against it.

As Wendy suffered silently and unknowingly, Sherria took several steps back. The sound of her pounding footsteps jarred Wendy to alertness, just in time to see Sherria leap and spin backwards… she then performed what some called a hip attack, but most would identify it as her aggressively slamming her ass right into Wendy’s cute, but battered face, and her head had nowhere to go as it was pinned to the wall. This was humiliating, not least of which because it actually brought with it some shocking impact.

Wendy slumped to the ground, as clearly defeated as could be whilst Sherria landed before her. With her smile unflinching as ever, she laughed, “Wow, would you call that a butt-whooping? ‘Cause I’d call that a butt-whooping! Hahahahaha! Ahhh… give up yet?”

Tears streamed down her face openly again, but still she whispered, “No...”

At that point, Sherria outright facepalmed. “Man, you must be a masochist or something… I can’t believe you tricked me into beating you up for this long without me realizing it…! Now I just feel silly...”

She smirked at her own dumb joke as she reached down and grabbed Wendy by the hair, roughly pulling her up to her feet yet again.

“Naughty, naughty, naughty...” Sherria chided. “There’s only one thing to do for a naughty girl like you… it’s time to give you a spanking!"

“Wh-wha...” Wendy muttered, but before she could question it, Sherria delivered another debilitating knee to her gut, bending her over her knee again. She then began to lick her hand, once, twice, three times… before rearing it up as high into the air as she could, letting Wendy dread the moment as it slowly sunk in.

With a completely unnecessary amount of force, Sherria indeed spanked her ass once, twice, three times… and then just kept going, gradually speeding up until she was rapidly smacking her backside, each shot coming with a loud sharp crack, and each one sending painful quivers up and down Wendy’s spine. She screamed loudly and cried quite openly as Sherria was relentless in administering her spanking.

She had delivered atleast 30 smacks before she finally unceremoniously tipped Wendy over onto her back, again hitting the pavement. Wendy was practically out of breath by the time she was down, frantically sucking in air… she was just about ready to finally submit, and actually intended on saying so as soon as she had the breath in her lungs, the pain and shame had mounted to being beyond what she was capable of enduring.

But as she took in these deep breaths, the wind picked up again… and she got a certain air in her lungs she never expected. Suddenly… everything changed.

Her pain seemed to subside, her tears drying up… she rose with great ease from the ground this time and Sherria took notice.

Suddenly, Wendy’s blue hair was pink, as were her eyes… a bright shimmering aura began to surround her… she looked at her hands, and realized immediately she had a great newfound strength within them.

“What…? How… how can this be...” Wendy asked herself. “This is… this is impossible…!”

She wasn’t sure how… but she’d entered the legendary state known as Dragon Force, in which the user was said to be as powerful as a dragon themselves. A new power coursed within her…

“Ah… ahaha… ahahahahaha! This is amazing!” she declared, fixing her gaze onto Sherria, a confident smirk finally spreading on her face.

But while Sherria was surprised by this turn of events… her own smile didn’t seem to wane…

To be continued...
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Mar 3, 2012
What a great story, even if i not that big of fan of fairy tales. Love pretty much all about it, the beating, the humiliation and the verbal abuse where top notch, Sherria is such a bully here! i can get enough of her mocking wendy. I hope just hope Sherria completely destroyed wendy along whit her pride.


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Apr 17, 2016
What a great story, even if i not that big of fan of fairy tales. Love pretty much all about it, the beating, the humiliation and the verbal abuse where top notch, Sherria is such a bully here! i can get enough of her mocking wendy. I hope just hope Sherria completely destroyed wendy along whit her pride.
Thank you! Indeed Sherria will probably destroy Wendy here.

Here's the part 2, which is more of a transition before the final fight.


“Ha… hahahaha!” Wendy laughed, a kind of triumphant laugh that was almost uncharacteristic for her. But then, she was in a situation far beyond what she’d ever experienced before up to this point…

The Fairy Tale guild’s Wendy Marvell had been locked in battle with fellow sky mage Sherria Blendy for some time. Except, that was a huge overstatement… it was hardly a battle, or even a fight. It had been an utter decimation. She’d been humiliatingly outclassed, exposed for punching way above her weight class, metaphorically speaking.

She knew going in that Sherria was considered a tier above her. Wendy was a Sky Dragon Slayer, Sherria was a Sky God Slayer… officially, she was meant to be stronger than her. So it wasn’t as though losing to her was a big deal. But they seemed so much more even in their original tournament encounter…

Turns out, it was a lie. Sherria was conning her and everyone in that stadium during that match, there was no other explanation. She let her think that she could compete with her… she’d even convinced her that there was a mutual respect between them. She made her think… that they could be friends.

But this too, was a ruse. She’d been mocking her in the most condescing way possible the whole time. And when she tried to stand up for herself… the whole ordeal got so much worse for the young woman.

She’d been beaten, soundly. From the outset it was clear that Sherria could’ve finished her off at any time, in any way she so wished. But she chose to prolong it, to let her get back up time and time again just to knock her back down. Sadistically dishing out a little more pain until she’d gotten to the max of her threshold…

And it wasn’t enough just to hurt her. She wanted to scar her emotionally and mentally as well, demeaning her at every turn in her sarcastic little way. She treated her like a subhuman, as though she were beneath her in every way, as though she’d been doing her a favor just by allowing her to come into contact with her.

The more Wendy tried to hang on to some shred of dignity, the more destructive the blows to her ego became. Until finally, she had been brought to her lowest possible point, the point of absolute desperation.

And just when she was at rock bottom… a miracle struck.

The wind whirred around her, her freshly pink hair billowing imposingly as the air rose in intensity, like the current of powerful river rapids. It was enough to be vaguely visible in the atmosphere as it surrounded the two girls.

Wendy was astonished, not because she didn’t know what had happened to her, but because she knew full well. Long, long before anyone could’ve reasonably expected her to, earlier in life than anyone that she knew… she had attained the Dragon Force.

“Hahaha, this… this is unbelievable...” she chuckled to herself, feeling the strength swell within her. All the pain seemed to disappear or atleast shrivel down to where she could easily move past it. Her shattered confidence made a full recovery as well as she eyed Sherria down. “...Do you understand… what just happened…?”

“Oh yeah.” Sherria nodded, her smirk ever-present. “Yeah, I know exactly what’s going on… guess I pushed you a bit too far...”

“I’m going to give you one chance...” Wendy began, her index finger raised. She was cool and composed like never before. “...one chance to take back everything you said. I want an apology and a damn good one...”

“Oh…? Take it all back…?” Sherria inquired, cocking her head curiously. “But Wendy... even if you are stronger now, it doesn’t make anything I said before less true! Besides, I’ve only ever been nice to you, yannow~”

Wendy grinned and shook her head. “Too cocky to say sorry, even when it’s the only way to save yourself… heh, good. It wouldn’t be in my nature to hurt you if you didn’t want to fight anymore… but I really, really wanna hurt you.”

“Mmm, now this is a different side of you!” Sherria remarked, casually leaning back, her hands to the back of her head. “Heheh… I like it.”

“Not for much longer, I bet…” Wendy muttered, before rearing up and pounding the ground with her fist, a wild howl accompanying the motion as enormous shockwaves permeated the area around her. This wasn’t even really an attack, but even this sent a gust of wind towards Sherria that was strong enough to push her backwards.

“Whoa!” she cried out as she staggered backwards, a little surprised. “Huh, okay, guess you gave yourself a nice buff after all there.”

“You don’t know the half of it!” Wendy declared, before thrusting her hands forward, sending out a much stronger wave of wind. An absolutely immense jetstream burst from her palms and absolutely nailed her opponent. The petite Sherria was swept up in the gust, knocked right off her feet and sent several meters up into the air.

Wendy couldn’t help but laugh a little as she heard her scream of fright, whilst her tormentor was sent into the sky, and then pulled right back down from the shifting current, spiking her brutally as she bounced off the pavement.

She walked over slowly, taking her time as she approached the gradually rising Sherria, who now found herself struggling to get up in a bit of role reversal. As she picked herself off the ground and looked up at Wendy, she was met with quite the scowl. With her hand out, Wendy managed to raise Sherria up slowly into the air, aloft in the wind as though she were being picked up by a giant.

“It won’t help anymore but I’ll still hear out that apology.” Wendy growled, before thrusting her way up into the air, watching as her body gradually became smaller to her eye… and then, larger again, as her adversary came back down at a wicked clip.

All she had to do was relent on the wind, and that brought Sherria hurdling back down like a meteor. Her body seemed limp, as though the lack of oxygen from the height she’d reached had caused her to pass out. She fell from such a distance at such a speed that she looked to be going terminal velocity.

As the air bent around her, the sound barrier being tested by her descent, Wendy’s grin slowly diminished. She didn’t expect her to be unconscious, and was under the assumption she would manage to atleast slow her fall with her magic…

Wendy watched as she came careening closer and closer to the ground, uncomfortable. “...No. No, this isn’t right, I can’t do this!” she murmured to herself, before bringing her hands up, ready to catch her with the wind.

But just before she could start, without any warning, Sherria stopped, just a few meters off the pavement. Slowly she flipped to look Wendy in the eyes, showing that she’d been awake the whole time.

Her mischievous smile burned into Wendy’s heart.

“...Heheh, aww… you weren’t gonna let me fall after all, huh?” Sherria asked. “Maybe I didn’t push you as far as I thought…”

“What… what was all that about?” Wendy demanded, taken aback. “You were just pretending to be helpless up there?”

“I was just pretending to be swept away, too.” she revealed with a cute little wink as she drifted harmlessly down to her feet. “Almost feel bad about it, really. I think it might actually have been the meanest thing I’ve done to you yet… nyeheh~”

“Pretending?” Wendy inquired, once again getting serious. “Don’t make me laugh. You might’ve had your way up until now, but that’s come to an end! I’ve got the Dragon Force on my side, there’s nothing you can do to contend with it!”

“Oh, is that so?” Sherria chuckled. “Well, why don’t you prove it, then? Hit me with some real power!”

“You really don’t know what you’re getting into...” Wendy noted, shaking her head at her opponent’s apparent ignorance. “Y’know, if I were you, I’d be a lot more frightened right about now!”

“Oh, I know you would be.” Sherria replied with a smirk and a wink. “I’ve seen just how scared you tend to get when you’re overmatched...”

Wendy growled, “Idiot! Don’t you get it?! My full might would kill you! And as annoying as you are, I don’t want that to happen! So I’m going to do you a favor and call this off. This fight is over...”

With that, she turned and began to walk away, leaving Sherria laughing. “This ‘fight’ never even began...”

Sherria sent a wave of air towards Wendy, who stopped in her tracks as she sensed it coming. Fairy Tale’s mage turned around casually, letting the air break harmlessly against her newly super-powered body.

“...Huh.” Sherria uttered, her eyes widening.

With an impeccable gust behind her, Wendy dashed towards her foe. She might as well have teleported for as quickly as she appeared before Sherria. She only had time to gasp before Wendy met her with a punch to the face that landed with a magnificent thud, a thunderous amount of power packed into her tiny fist.

Sherria’s small frame found itself flying from this attack, bouncing and scraping against the pavement, obliterating the center of the road beneath her, the gravel cracking and ripping underneath her body.

As Wendy again showed off some speed, darting over to where she fell, Sherria struggled to pick herself up from the rubble. “Wh-what the hell…?” she uttered, as she managed to get up to a knee.

No sooner than she finished that sentence was Wendy on top of her again, driving a swift knee into her face that sent her flying again. She bounced painfully off the road, ricocheting through the air and she didn’t stop until she slammed backfirst into an office building. For a brief instant, her back clung to the wall, before she limply fell a few stories down and was sent crashing into the sidewalk.

Sherria’s arms shook as she quivered up to all fours, whilst Wendy trekked over to her. “Do you get the picture yet or do I need to send you into the seventh floor next time?” she coldly commented, sounding little like her old self.

“W-Wait… wait, I… I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Wendy!” Sherria groaned. “I obviously didn’t… t-take this transformation seriously enough, ugh… and I, really shouldn’t have messed with you so much anyway…”

“Took you long enough to figure that out.” Wendy remarked, as she held her hand out and slowly began to raise Sherria off the ground and closer to her, away from the building so as not to cause needless collateral damage.

“I know… I know, it was awful...” Sherria coughed, as her frail form hopelessly ascended. “I mean, especially since… I’m still messing with you even now.”

“...Pardon?” Wendy uttered.

Suddenly, she felt a resistance… and Sherria’s rise ceased. In fact, she quickly brought herself right back down to her feet. And as she landed, her trademark smile slowly spread across her cute, scuffed up face.

“Wh-what…?” Wendy gasped.

“Heheh, you really thought you were hurting me there, didn’t you?” the mischievous blonde inquired, her giggling gradually increasing in volume. “Heheheh, awwww… adorable. You’re so cute, Wendy!”

Wendy’s fists clenched with rage, her teeth gritting. “You STILL mock me…? Even knowing the strength that I have now?! Knowing the damage that I’ve so effortlessly done to you?!”

“Ah yes, all the damage you’ve done...” Sherria smirked, and simply waved her hand. The little cuts and bruises swiftly disappeared with a feint glow. “...all healed, just like that. Man but it sure was a great effort though!”

“Rrgh… fine! Then I’ll just have to stop holding back!” Wendy shouted, before rearing back her fist. “I’ll give you way more than you can ever heal!”

She thrust her fist forward, but this time, it didn’t make it to Sherria’s face. The powered-up mage was shocked as she felt her entire arm lose all momentum all at once. Sherria just giggled quietly as she’d caught her wrist.

“...Huh?” Wendy uttered.

“Heh, sorry, was that supposed to hit me?” Lamia Scale’s mage inquired, her usual sarcastic tone. “Just to clarify, this is you when you’re NOT holding back…?”

“Quiet!” Wendy shrieked, as she tried to pull away. “Nggh, what’s going on here?! What kind of spell are you using?!”

“Spell…? Oh, honey...” Sherria shook her head. “Tsk, tsk, tsk… I’m really gonna have to smack some sense into you, aren’t I?”

With that, she delivered a wicked slap to her face. It actually staggered Wendy, sending her stumbling backwards. Before she could react, Sherria followed up with a leaping kick to her chest that sent her right onto her backside.

“Heh, now there’s the Wendy I know!” Sherria mocked. “It was getting a little weird seeing you all confident like that...”

“Nnggh! H-How did you do that?!” Wendy demanded, as she jumped to her feet. The air swirled around her, intensifying with her emotions as she glared at her new archnemesis. “There has to be some sort’ve trick to this… there’s no way you could so much as compete with me now legitimately! We’re not on the same level anymore!”

“Ohhh Wendy, sweet arrogant Wendy… how do you still not get it?” Sherria asked with a sigh, as if tiring of her. “We were never on the same level, not even close. And we sure as heck still aren’t, even now...”

“You bluff!” Wendy shouted. “You’re bluffing and it couldn’t be more obvious! Trying to pretend you aren’t afraid, just to get into my head! Well that’s not going to work! No matter what kind of trick you pull or mindgame you try, I will defeat you!”

“Well if that’s what you think, then what are you waiting for, ‘ol buddy ‘ol pal…?” her opponent asked, gesturing for her to come towards her.

Wendy acquiesced, rushing headlong towards Sherria, looking to unleash the true might of her newfound power as the wind swept up in her wake. She threw a dynamite punch right towards that grinning face…

But Sherria not only dodged this, but did so with a flashy backflip. Wendy stopped her dash just in time to see her pop up onto her feet and give her a friendly little wave. “Woo, ever try aerobics? It’s a wonderful time!”

“Shut up!” Wendy yelled as she tried again, this time leaping up for a spinning roundhouse kick to Sherria’s head. This one, she ducked… whilst doing a brisk of squats.

“Nngh, nngh… just remembered I hadn’t gotten my workout in today, hoo...” Sherria panted. “Don’t mind me! Continue as you were!”

“I swear if you don’t stop pushing me, I might not be able to keep myself from destroying you...” Wendy growled, truly trying to warn her.

“Heh, gotta do something I didn’t see coming eventually, I guess...” Sherria taunted, continuing to do her squats.

Wendy grunted in anger as she threw another punch. Sherria moved to evade but this time Wendy stopped short and swung her opposite fist, successfully reading her movements and catching her square in the nose with a solid punch.

This put a stop to her antics, forcing her to stagger back, holding her nose. Wendy pushed herself off the ground with her wind magic, and proceeded to fire herself forward. She basically made her body into a lawndart as she launched headfirst, directly towards her perpetually disrespectful opponent.

But surprisingly, whilst still covering her own field of vision with her cupping hands, Sherria managed to dodge roll out of the way of this attack… leaving Wendy to sail right into the window at top speed.

She yelped in surprise and immediate regret as she found herself diving right through the building, going through several walls before she finally skidded to a halt against the floor. She groaned a bit as she picked herself up. It didn’t hurt much, but it was embarrassing… and she felt pretty bad for damaging the building.

“Wow Wendy, what on Earth on you doing?!” Sherria asked, just to rub salt in the wound. “You could hurt somebody darting around like that, yannow!”

In that next instant, Wendy had charged right out from the building and was up in Sherria’s face, seething with rage.

“...What?” she asked, looking as though she were genuinely confused by the expression on Wendy’s face.

Without a word, she let loose another ferocious punch that looked ready to knock Sherria’s lights out. But she managed to avoid this with a tilt of her head, and then she unleashed her destructive counter attack…

...a taunting little flick to her forehead.

She winced ever so slightly, partly from the vague sting but mostly from the continued antagonizing she was being made to endure. Sherria’s ever-present giggling only made it all the worse.

“STOP THAT!” Wendy shrieked, before going for a slap that would’ve likely knocked out a few teeth if it connected.

But Sherria ducked under it and actually slipped out of Wendy’s line of sight. Thinking she was setting up for some ruthless counterstrike, the young mage whipped around in a battle stance… where she received another finger flick, right between the eyes.

“Behold, my true power! I’ve attained the legendary Dargon Face form!” Sherria joked as she lined up another truly devastating flick.

But as she stood there showboating, an enraged Wendy leapt up and managed to catch her with a kick to the jaw that hit her with enough force that she went down onto her backside, holding her mouth.

“I’ve let you continue speaking long enough!” Wendy shouted, reaching a new level of anger every moment, the wind continuing to swirl, her lengthy hair imposingly rising. “It’s about time I kicked your teeth down your throat!”

With that she lined up her foot, before bringing down a powerful stomp aimed right at her opponent’s face. But Sherria just barely managed to roll away in time, showing some great quickness to avoid Wendy’s enhanced speed from even that precarious position. Good thing she did too, considering the resulting stomp into the pavement broke right through the road with ease.

Wendy whirled around again and threw a blind punch behind her, expecting Sherria to be in the same spot she was before. But this time, Sherria was right beside her… and caught her with a third fingerflick, this one right to the temple.

“By God, I’ve done it! I’ve found the perfect defense for the unstoppable Dragon Force!” Sherria announced, her face full of faux astonishment as she looked at her perpetrating fingers. “Who knew the form’s one weakness was a series of finger flicks?! Nyehahahah!”

Sherria continued to prove a natural at pissing Wendy off. But once again, her habit of distracting herself seemed to cost her, as the furious mage caught her with a punch to the gut that seemed to sink pretty deep, enough to abruptly cut off her giggling. This even doubled her over a bit.

Wendy was swift to follow up, delivering an uppercut to the chin that straightened her out… and then, a leaping thrust kick to the chest that staggered her backwards. But despite her pained stumbling, Wendy was far from satisfied.

“On your back!” she shouted, as she thrust her hands forward and let loose an enormous gust of wind that sent her sailing several feet backwards. She may have shown an ability to negate this before, but Wendy seemingly correctly predicted that she wasn’t able to do this after a bit of hobbling.

Sherria was sent helplessly flying until she slammed onto her back on the road, and Wendy swiftly ran after her. “No mercy! Not anymore!” she yelled. “I won’t hear one more snide remark out of you!”

By all means, she was eager to finish her off… but she was taken off-guard mid-sprint when Sherria managed to leap up from the ground to her feet in a single, agile motion. And no sooner was she back up, did she launch into a counter attack, thrusting her leg up with a powerful kick aimed right at Wendy’s face.

She let out a rather embarrassing high pitched yelp as she saw this, and stopped dead in her tracks to try and avoid this kick. It indeed ended up stopping short… but to her surprise, Sherria’s shoe slipped right off her foot and flew right into Wendy’s face, smacking her painfully and, thanks largely to the shock of it, this actually saw her tumble right onto the road, much to her chagrin.

“Ohhh, whoopsie! Heh, sorry about that, didn’t realize my shoelaces had come undone!” Sherria cheerfully stated, scratching the back of her head. “Guess that’s what that great power of yours can do to someone~! Scary stuff!”

A blushing Wendy scrambled to her feet and backflipped through the air to gain some distance, warily staring Sherria down. “How did you do that?!”

Sherria gave her a dumbfounded look. “Well I was kicking my leg forward and my shoe was really loose, so-”

“No! How did you stand back up so quickly?!” she demanded. “And why do you look like you don’t have a scratch on you? I just beat you senseless and sent you flying, you should be on your last legs!”

“Uhh, you just watched me heal myself a few minutes ago, didn’t you?” Sherria inquired, a mischievous smile. “What, you think just ‘cause I didn’t glow there, it didn’t happen? I just do that for show! I can totally do it without letting people know about it too! Heheh, being a Sky God Slayer rocks~!”

“Tch… you think your healing magic is so great?!” Wendy remarked, just a wee bit bitter about that one, being a healer herself. “Fine, so I gave you a little too much space and allowed you to heal yourself again… it doesn’t matter! You’re on borrowed time! With one decisive combo I can finish you in seconds! And when you’re unconscious, your spectacular healing magic won’t mean a thing!”

“Oh, you think my healing magic is something?” Sherria asked, as if having ignored every other part of Wendy’s declaration. “You should see how fast I can tie my shoelaces! Heh, check this out...”

She went down to the ground, grabbed her shoe and casually pulled it back on before going to work on her laces. Wendy was aghast, and shockingly saw absolutely no reason to wait for her to finish.

“I can take you out even quicker than that!” she proudly boasted, before darting towards her at max speed, looking to dive down onto her and go for the finishing blow in one solid, solitary strike.

“Done!” Sherria chirped, having indeed tied her shoelaces in record time, before hopping right up to her feet… at the exact right time to deliver a stirring headbutt that nailed Wendy right under the chin and sent her tumbling backwards.

“Huh…?” Sherria uttered, looking confused to see Wendy splayed out on the ground in front of her. “What happened? Didja trip?”

“God… dammit!” Wendy hissed as she rolled around and slammed her fist into the pavement. “Why do you keep getting so lucky?! This isn’t how this fight is supposed to go! You should be trembling by now!”

“Ha! Ohhhh, Wendy… Wendy, Wendy, Wendy...” Sherria repeated, dropping just the slightest bit of the glee from her voice. “I keep trying to explain this to you… I’m sure one day you’ll listen to me. Or, then again, maybe you shouldn’t believe a word I say. I mean I said myself how mean it was for me to lead you on earlier, and yet I’ve just kept right on doing it… what does that say about me, honestly?”

“Don’t give me that!” Wendy growled as she forced herself to her feet. “I know I’ve been hurting you… I’ve been taking you to task and there’s nothing you can say to change that!”

Sherria shrugged. “If it makes you feel better, by all means, go on thinking that.”

“QUIET!” Wendy yelled before darting up and throwing a punch. But this time Sherria managed to effortlessly smack it away. “Wh-wha…?”

“...Honestly though, I feel like it’s about time we addressed the elephant in the room.” Sherria began, as Wendy threw another punch that was casually blocked. “I mean, like, the shiny, pink elephant that’s surrounded by towers of wind...”

“Stop talking!” Wendy demanded as she floated up in the air and came down with a driving punch that Sherria caught with her palm. Upon impact, the blow let loose wild waves of air, destructive shockwaves… but Sherria looked unphased by it all.

“This transformation you’ve made… it looks cool and all, but, let’s be real. It’s uh… it’s pretty disappointing.” she noted, looking Wendy up and down.

“Don’t you dare mock it!” Wendy yelled, before trying and failing to yank her fist away. “Nnggh… this form is… s-sacred to Dragon Slayers!”

“Heheh… right. Big bad Dragon Force… nyeheheh, more like Dragon Farce, am I right?” Sherria joked, laughing right in her face. “I mean come on, it barely did anything to change the status quo here...”

“I… I will… defeat you!” Wendy yelled, still struggling to free herself from Sherria’s grip. She was probably trying to convince herself at this point. “I am… I’m mighty! I’m powerful now! In this form… I can… w-win!”

“Uh-huh. You keep telling yourself that, sweetie… I believe in you.” Sherria mocked, as she pulled her in close, their noses nearly touching as she stared at her, eye-to-eye. “And hey, disappointing or not… I am really glad it happened. Because I was honestly getting really, really bored of kicking you around. But this…? Oh this added a whole new layer of fun… after all, it’s not every day I get to humiliate a Dragon Force user. So for that, Wendy, I have to thank you. Lemme show you my appreciation!”

With that, Sherria turned and tossed Wendy, judo style, throwing her a good few meters away, causing her to slide on the pavement in rather familiar fashion. Wendy caught herself, and howled with intense frustration, pounding her fists against the road over and over, massive shockwaves emanating from the blows.

A huge crater slowly formed beneath her as the gravel gave way to her intense, yet rather impotent rage.

“D-Damn you… damn you and your regeneration!” Wendy cursed, tears brimming. “If not for that, I would’ve destroyed you for certain by now! It’s the only reason you’re still standing... it’s the only reason you’re still able to mock me like this! You let me use up my strength while you kept yourself upright… that’s the only reason… this is happening…!”

“Oh, is that so…? Oh, sweetie, you really don’t know when to quit...” Sherria chuckled, shrugging. “Every time you make a challenge to me, you just open yourself up for more embarrassment, don’t you get that?”

“Wh-what are you… trying to say?” the worn out Wendy asked, gritting her teeth as she fought back the swelling emotion, the lump in her throat that had formed. She was trying to hide just how deeply Sherria had dug herself into her head.

“What I’m saying couldn’t be any simpler, silly girl...” Sherria giggled, before pointing towards Wendy, who quickly took a defensive stance. “What you’re about to see will be the last use of my healing skills for the remainder of this fight.”

To Wendy’s surprise, the same glow that she’d seen Sherria heal herself with was now shimmering across her own body. The bruises, welts and scuffs from earlier in the fight, as well as the minor nicks she’d received after achieving the Dragon Force transformation all faded away… every bit of damage she’d taken that day was healed in an instant, and she felt another swell of power to go along with it.

Of course, the one thing she really knew she had on Sherria was that her healing magic couldn’t reduce fatigue in the way that Wendy’s could. So she was still struggling a bit in the stamina department, but no pain whatsoever.

But even though she felt so much better physically, Wendy still scowled as she looked up at her adversary. After all, there couldn’t have been a bigger sign that Sherria wasn’t taking this seriously if she was willing to heal her. Or atleast, that’s what she thought, until she saw her sitting there on the ground, casually untying and peeling off her shoes.

“What do you think you’re doing now?” Wendy demanded, blushing a bit. “Don’t expect me to come charging over so you can headbutt me again!”

Sherria snickered at this. “Ohhhoho, that was priceless! But nah, I just wanted to get ready for the next phase of this, ahem, fight.”

She stood up, her feet now covered only by her dark blue stockings. She rose her foot off the ground and pointed her toes towards Wendy. “Did you know… that my shoes actually concealed my true power all this time?!”

“E-Excuse me?!” Wendy blurted out, looking genuinely concerned at this revelation. A sudden power-up for Sherria was the last thing she needed.

Her tormentor laughed openly at this. “Ohhh my goodness, I was just kidding, how silly would that be?! Heheh… it is a little easier for me to move around without them though. It’s more fair to say that I’m done holding back now!”

“You’re bluffing!” Wendy yelled. “There’s no way you were holding back, you had to have been fighting at full strength to even hang with me!”

“Honey… the last time you claimed I was bluffing didn’t work out so well for you, now did it?” she asked, with a little wink.

“Curse you...” was all Wendy could say in response.

“Anyway, like I said… no more regeneration from this gal. It’s not gonna be necessary in the slightest.” sherria claimed, as she playfully started flicking her foot in Wendy’s general direction. “Now that my power inhibitors are off, I can quite confidently predict that you won’t be laying a finger on me unless I let you. You’re gonna be broken by these feet~”

“I… I will prove you wrong!” Wendy declared, willing up her determination. “You’ll regret healing me, and you will certainly regret mocking me! Now I’ll show you just how powerful the Dragon Force truly is!”

“Well by all means, let’s go!” Sherria chirped with a clap. “Heheh, let’s see your grand comeback continue in Round 3!”

To be continued...
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