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Vigrid Witch Hunt (Bayonetta)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Cloister, Nov 14, 2012.

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    Author's Note: This a story request from Ghost999 about Bayonetta. Also, it's been awhile so I hope everything is up to quality. I'm not sure how accessible it will be for people who aren't familiar with the game. I found myself using a lot of terms detailed from tutorials and the combat system. I suppose Google and a good Wiki can cover that if you're really curious. The only thing you won't find from the game is the angel near the end of the story with the staff. That was an original addition in line with the story request. Also, I find it really hard to write Bayonetta without making her sound overly corny. I know the game is chock full of tongue-in-cheek... but I digress. Enjoy.


    Vigrid Witch Hunt (Bayonetta)

    It was a beautiful, productive day in the city of Vigrid... not that Bayonetta cared for the sights. A sleepy town in the countryside with the clueless mortals going about their boring lives would never be her kind of scene. But the whole idyllic village area was unsettling in some ways. Vigrid as a whole was closer to Paradiso than any place on earth should be. Everyone dressed like they were going to church every single day. She had done a lot of traveling, even to places beyond earth, but it was unlike anything she had seen before. Not that it worried her. That meant the feathered freaks from above weren’t too far off. She was certain to collect more than a few halos on this trip.

    Her high heels clicked as she walked down the street with a little clack form the pistols attached to her feet. The town square with the ugly looking statue in the middle of a roundabout was calm and nearly abandoned. She thought it was funny how she had never been to Vigrid before. If not for the less-than-reliable Enzo and her search for the “Right Eye” jewel... it was hard to say if she would have ever bothered on her own time. It would figure that a bunch of rumors and second hand information would put her in a place like this.

    She pulled out a lollipop and brought it close to her lips but paused at the sound of flapping in the distance. A smirk crossed her face as she turned her attention to the sky. Her treat would have to wait for a little. She was about to cross paths with some old foes. Part of her wondered what had taken so long considering Vigrid was right on their doorstep. But in no time at all, she was greeted by the flying feathered soldiers of Paradiso. Angels landed across the square from her brandishing bows, axes, and flails. Technically known as Affinities and Applauds, but they were just another Monday morning to Bayonetta.

    “Well, well, it’s about time boys. You’ve sure kept me waiting long enough,” Bayonetta said with a smile.

    She only had enough time to adjust her glasses with the barrel of her pistol before the fight was on. The Affinities weren’t one for tactics, she knew, as they descended on her as fast as they could swinging and flapping with a fury. A simple dodge into Witch Time slowed them all down and she was more than happy to punish them. Kicks and punches with a few gunshots added to the motions cleared some of them away. When normal time resumed, the bigger Applauds made their entrance.

    One got in a shot on Bayonetta, clipping her leg when she was in the middle of a roundhouse. It knocked her off balance for a bit, but it was long enough for an angel with a flail to land a solid hit right in her gut.

    “Ungh!” She grunted.

    Superficial damage, as far as she was concerned. With a little magic she switched shotguns to her legs and fired back with sweeping kicks. The force of the shots send the bigger Applauds back a step or two. Now she was back in the swing of things as feathers and bullets rang out all over the square. Things were going well enough to work it into a dance as she finished off a few of the smaller threats and sent them down to Inferno as they burst into light. She would have had them all cleaned up until a trumpet sounded.

    An angel with a horn she didn’t spot earlier sounded the alarm for reinforcements. She found it a minor annoyance. Cleaning up the streets of Vigrid would take a while longer, but there was no hurry. She kept up her dance of pistols in her hands and shotguns on her legs until it seemed the square was filled with weapon wielding Affinities and Applauds. Things got a little more interesting as a few brought out sousaphones. Of course when angels blew on them they didn’t make music, they made solid beams of light that would cut through any lesser being like a laser.

    Light beams crisscrossed the square as the angels fired their instruments. Bayonetta ducked and weaved the best she could. But with the other “dancers” keeping her busy, she felt the sting of hot light soon enough.

    “Aaaaaaahh!” She cried.

    A crackling sound filled the air along with the scent of burning hair. Luckily as an Umbran Witch she never had to worry about permanent hair loss. She was about to counterattack when an Applaud grabbed her from behind.

    “Naughty thing. Hands off!”

    It tried to wrench her arms back, but she kicked with her legs and fired her shotguns point blank. The angel was no more as she rolled forward and landed gracefully on her high heels. Her expression tightened up as she started to get annoyed by the persistence. She had killed enough of them by now that normally they would know to turn tail and run. Today they were extra persistent. And now they had completely surrounded her.

    She narrowed her eyes. “The dance floor is a little too packed, don’t you think?”

    She switched pistols back to her feet and did a handstand in the midst of the feathered attackers. A bullet climax soon followed as she moved her feet and quickly fired in every direction. The angels withered under the hail of bullets, and with her magic she would never have to worry about reloading. Many of the Affinities caught magical rounds to the face while the bigger Applauds ducked and covered. The marble armor hiding their true forms broke away under the relentless gunfire.

    One Applaud managed to get in close and grab Bayonetta by one of her ankles. Surprise washed over her face as she looked up just in time to see she had been caught by the leg. The angel didn’t give her any time for a one-liner or escape attempt before it swung her like a club. The Applaud smashed her into the street and then swung her again to the other side to repeat the process.

    “Aaaaaauuuuuggghhhh!” She cried.

    The now helpless Umbran Witch made craters in the ground until the angel was satisfied with the damage and tossed her away. She flopped through the air before landing on her back none too gracefully. The attack was a real wallop, leaving her dazed from all the impacts with the hard street. It took her awhile before she realized that more angels had ganged up on her and grabbed hold of her arms and legs. They pulled her spread eagle and refused to let go. If she had a little more time, a pull of a trigger would be enough to break loose.

    But she was still trying to shake off her dizziness. The four Affinities used her limbs to bring her up into the air and smash her into the ground. It was worse than the Applaud, as she left a deeper crater in the concrete than before. Now even she had to admit to herself, it hurt. And it was about to hurt a whole lot more as the angels brought her up again and tossed her head first into the nearest building. She crashed through the wall with a reckless tumble and rolled right through to the other side.

    The dust settled and she looked back to realize she had been tossed through a building. She left her playful side behind and climbed to her feet. The angels were going to pay, that much she was certain. Now she was near some kind of park, but the state of the dance floor didn’t bother her now. The mob of Affinities and Applauds caught up, and she shot them all a glare.

    “If you think you're going to get away with that, you have no idea who you're dealing with.”

    Bayonetta made quick work of the Affinities with the sousaphones and started on the rest of the lot. It was a strong start to wiping them all out as she moved quickly and made the most of her Witch Time. But at some point she started taking hits even with her Umbran magic in full effect. An angel caught her in the face with a punch making her spin in place. Another one of the winged creatures looking to end her life clocked her in the back with a full swing of its spear.

    “Urggh! Aaah!”

    She tried to dive and roll as best she could... but then it dawned on her that something was wrong. Even when she managed to dodge an attack, Witch Time seemed ineffective. It was like the angels were moving faster than before. The longer the fight went on, the faster they got. Somehow her Witch Time was being reversed. She was getting slower, and the Affinities and Applauds were more than eager to take advantage of it. One of the larger angels armed with a bow readied a light arrow and picked her out of the sky with no trouble.

    The clean hit sent her spiraling through the air until she slammed into a tree. The village swam in her view as she tried to shake off the hard hit. Now she was sure, something was definitely wrong. It was like her powers were being absorbed and turned against her. Her body, as well as her attacks, lacked the power she was familiar with. It took all of her concentration to avoid more damage as she tried to find out what was going on.

    Bayonetta found her answer on the other side of the park.

    She found an angel she had never seen before dressed in white and gold robes. It held a long decorative staff in a stiff pose while energy radiated from the halo floating above its head. When it tapped the ground with its staff, Bayonetta quickly recognized a pulse overtaking her body. Somehow it was interfering with the connection between her and the demon that gave her the powers of an Umbran Witch. Somehow this angel was redirecting her power to the other Affinities and Applauds. She had no idea how long it had been going on- possibly from the very beginning of the fight.

    Needless to say, she was through messing around and headed directly for the angel with the staff. The Affinities tried to block her path, but with her remaining magic she avoided their attacks and readied her guns. When she was in spitting distance of the mysterious angel it met her with a shocking surprise. It swung its staff to create a portal where a giant fist of light and feathers exploded from to smash Bayonetta head on.

    “Urrrrrrgggghhhhhh!” She cried in agony.

    The angel was copying her Wicked Weaves that brought down heavy attacks in the form of her hair... only these were made of feathers more suited for the soldiers of Paradiso. The punch rattled Bayonetta as she crumpled on impact. It was like a bus hitting a solid brick wall at full speed. She was sent sliding backwards leaving a dirt trench in her wake. When she came to a stop, she found it a struggle to climb back on her feet. For once she was actually winded.

    “Well... now...” She groaned trying to keep a brave face. “You shouldn’t try to copy someone clearly out of your league...”

    Bayonetta limped forward feigning weakness and tried to surprise the angel draining her magic powers with a quick sliding kick. She didn’t get too far when a giant foot made of feathers crashed down on top of her with enough force to drive her into the ground. It planted her face first in the dirt, turning her groans of pain into muffled cries. Tough as she was, the angels and their new trick was starting to add up. The only expression on her face now was sheer determination.

    The Affinities and Applauds joined the fray. She tried to use her Wicked Weaves on the encroaching feathered freaks only to find it extremely draining. Every effort was becoming a battle in itself. Soon enough she could no longer use any magic. Reduced to her pistols and her agility only got her so far before the angel draining her power advanced. It popped her up into the air with a huge punch erupting from the ground and then followed up with a more vicious kick. The magical fists and feet had more than enough power to knock Bayonetta around like a beach ball.

    She could no longer hide her pain and began to cry out as she rocketed around the park. A magical fist slapped her into the face of a building. She hung for a second before falling toward the ground. A pair of magic arms were there to smash her between two fists before she hit the street. It tried to crush every ounce of her being from her feet to her breasts to her face contorted in pain.


    The angels were quick to move in. Bayonetta found herself trapped in a barrage of weapons and claws. Applauds slammed her into the ground while the Affinities smacked her around with their flails and spears. Then the angel stealing her energy added in devastating attacks of Wicked Weaves turned against her. Crushing fists and boots sent her flying up and down the streets. Buildings made for hard landings as each impact rattled her once unshakable confidence. She found it impossible to block such power.

    “Ungh! Aaahhhh! Aaaaahhhhh! Uuuuaahhhhh! Urrrraaaahhh!” She screamed in agony with each strike.

    The feathered freaks had gotten the best of her. The dark shadowed hands of Inferno began to creep in around her as she neared defeat. She knew it had to end sometime. Upon her death, the demons she made a pact with for her Umbran power would come to collect her soul. She just imagined it would have been a more spectacular end. Not once did she imagine the lesser creatures of Paradiso pulling a trick like this.

    “Oooooffff!” She gasped as a giant fist caught her right in the stomach.

    Her four custom pistols from Rodin were knocked loose during the savage beating, and her high heels soon followed. Just about the only things holding together for Bayonetta were her glasses and the hair that made up her outfit. But those wouldn’t last forever. The dark claws reaching for her soul moved closer with each strike.


    Bayonetta found herself hopelessly cornered near a trolley car. She was out of breath and struggled to stand. Usually her enemies were in this position. The angel responsible for stealing her power moved forward and raised its staff. Portals opened up and six giant fists rocketed forward all in unison for a massive combined punch. Bayonetta went up with the trolley car as an explosion launched her skyward. In the chaos of the finishing blow, her glasses were knocked clear off and shattered under the punishment.

    She found herself screaming at the top of her lungs in agony until she fell back toward the ground along with the fragments of her glasses.


    When the dust cleared Bayonetta was nowhere to be found. She had already been sent to the swirling vortex above Inferno in another realm. Her time was up as she would surely join the rest of her Umbran sisters in oblivion. It would take more than a miracle to spare her from the demons out to collect her soul.

    For now...

    The witch hunts were over.
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  2. Ryona_Scribe

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    You appear to have an affinity with writing, my friend. I applaud your skills and look forward to seeing more of your material. :)
  3. Cloister

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    Heh, thanks. Nice word play there. The names of the enemies in Bayonetta always amused me for some reason. Probably because they're not the traditional "Angel Guy with Ax" or whatever.

    I've actually written a bunch of stuff already. I'm not sure how much of it will interest you, but there's a guide found here in the Writer's Reference if you're curious. I don't know, if you liked this, it may interest you.
  4. Ghost999

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    AWSOME!!! Cloister!!! You have done it again. I just invision every move. Thanks so much :D
  5. Cloister

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    No problem. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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    Awesome story as usual :) Me and Bayonetta thank you
  7. Cloister

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    Thank you. Yeah, you don't see a lot of Bayonetta, but I admit she's got a particular design.
  8. Guilty_Heart

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    That was a highly enjoyable piece of fic. Thanks for writing it! I liked it enough to join the site just to post this, haha. Maybe I'll write a fic or three and post them, myself.