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Discussion in 'Fiction' started by wickerman19518, Mar 28, 2015.

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    part 1

    Veronica was just gotten promoted to an engineering assistant position at her work place. she was 20 years old and about 5 6' 115 lbs and just out of collage working between semesters. she was working in a factory and was running the presses. she didn't care to much for the presses, she had to wear hand restraints that kept her from putting her hands into the press and they restrained her movement and she had to constantly undo them when she had to leave her work area. she was happy to be moving into an office where most of the time she just had to type. tomorrow would be her first day and she was really excited that she wouldn't have to run the presses anymore. she was just finishing up their day and cleaning around her are when she heard a voice behind her. "hey veronica, i heard your starting that engineering assistant job tomorrow". it was Bernadette. she worked in the office and would be seeing alot of her. "hi Bern, looks like well be working in the same area starting tomorrow". "yeah it looks that way doesn't it" said Bernadette. veronica wasn't attracted to other women but did kinda think that Bern was sexy, Bern was about 5 8' 120 lbs with jet black hair almost touching the middle of her back. Veronica was wearing a tank top and tight jeans , she had a great ass and the jeans showed, Bern was wearing a tight black shirt and a black mini skirt. "after you clock out can you see me up in the office?, me and Trista would like to get to know you alittle since well be working together". "sure, know problem". said veronica, she also felt the same way about Trista, a 27 year old petite blonde about 5'0 and 105 lbs, she was wearing a plain t-shirt and a tight mini-skirt. trista worked there for a long time, before Bern and Veronica were there. both Trista and Bern kinda had a dominant side it seamed although Trista earned her place by being molested and anally tortured by a strap-on for a whole shift by the data processing manager, a 33 year old woman who likes her assistants to submit to there boss but that's another story. Bern didn't earn her job any easier but everyone had to be initiated in some way and thats a story that ill tell later.
    So Veronica agreed and Bern went back upstairs and awaited Veronica

    Veronica finally finished and went upstairs to clock out and went over to the office. Trista was the only one left in the office. Veronica wondered where Bern was but she figured maybe she was xeroxing or something. "I'll be right with you" said Trista as she was shutting down her computer. "So, i cant wait to start tomorrow". Veronica said to Trista. Trista turned and said with a strange smile on her face" Just so you know we do have rules here and we want you to be one of us but we don't just let you into the office without you earning this promotion". "but i thought my training in engineering at school already earned me the job" Veronica said with a puzzled _expression on her face. "oh yes, you earned the job but we cant just let you come up here tomorrow without first passing the initiation". "what initiation" Veronica said with a nervous chuckle. with that she felt somebody grab her arms and holding them tight to the point where her back arched painfully. "oww, whats going on" cried veronica. "its time for your initiation", she heard Bern say behind her. "I'm not taking no initiation, FUCK YOU BOTH!!!" with that she felt her back bend even more and her feet leave the ground, she was held helplessly in the air bent to the point where her back painfully contorted backward. "uughh" she groaned, gritting her teeth against the pain. "You will take an endurance test, we wanna see how much pain you can take. everyone must endure these tests" Bern said and then let Veronica down but quickly switching around so her back was against Veronica's and then locked her arms with hers and then bent down suspending Veronica in the air in some kind of spine stretching hold. "uuugh, let..me..ugh..down" groaned Veronica, just as she said that she felt her feet ouch the ground but her arms remained locked by Berns. "We both had to take an endurance test and you will too!" Trista yelled. "Let me go or ill turn both of you in!!!" Veronica yelled defiantly."uuuughhhh" she groaned as she felt herself again being lifted in the air. "You have no choice, Bern is gonna keep bending you for for five more minutes and then were gonna witch holds, by then you'll be too weak to fight and then were going back downstairs and start the fun". Veronica remained suspended for another ten seconds, groaning and gritting her teeth before she finally felt her feet touch the floor again but only for a few seconds and was once again lifted. "uughhh, so...you..mean to...ugh...torture me until i submit" she groaned through the pain. her back feeling like it could snap. she heard Bern behind her say," you need to endure our tortures for eight hours, if you submit before then we will make something up and get you fired, and we know you need the raise to pay for your next semester." she held her for another three minutes and finally her time in the first phase was up. Bern than quickly turned around and quickly grabbed Veronica's arms again. Trista walked up to her and fondled both of veronica's breasts."if you're lucky well both give you some pleasure." and then started fondling Veronica's vagina. "id rather be tortured" whispered Veronica trying to fight the pleasure she was feeling. "very well than." Bern said from behind, " lets torture her some more". with that Veronica was flung around so she would face Bern, Bern quickly wrapped her arms around Veronica s upper body. trapping her arms too and then lifting her into a bearhug,, she wrapped around Veronica s upper back so she could breathe easily but she still felt pain around her arms and her breasts pressed against Bern's body. "uuuughhhh" groaned Veronica as she felt herself lifted in the air and held there helplessly for about ten seconds and then let down, Bern still held her tight enough that she couldn't slip out. the relief was short lived as she felt herself lifted again and held for ten seconds and then let down again for a short time. "ill never break." Veronica gasped feeling a little weak. "uuughhh" again she was lifted in the air. the pressure on her arms, breasts and upper back felt like a giant python squeezing its prey. still all she could;d do was grit her teeth and groan and when she was let down she would get in whatever obscenity she could get in before being raised again, this lasted for about thirty minutes before she finally was released. she was let on the floor to recover. "Now what should we do to her?" Veronica had some Latin in her, so she credited her endurance on her Latin stamina. she was aloud about ten minutes to recover while Trista and Bern discussed what to do next. "i know what we can do!" Bern said,"lets see how well she can stretch!". "Good idea, i heard her talk about how short i am so how about we make her longer!" "I can take whatever you can give" Veronica said defiantly."you can stretch me until i rip apart and ill never give up!" "So be it" Trista said sadistically. " You have nice arms, i cant wait to see them taught!" said Bern. "rest now, you'll need your strength back"! Bern said grinning.


    part 2

    The good news was after ten minutes Veronica was feeling better, the bad news was the brunette was about to endure part 2 of the initiation. she finally had the strength to get to her knees but just then she felt her hands grabbed and her arms held over her head. Bern put her knee against the top of Veronica's back and pulled her arms back stretching Veronica's arm and chest muscles, at first it wasn't too bad Veronica thought just enough to feel enough tension that made her face show some pain. but after a few minutes Bern would pull Veronica's arms back more and increasing the tension. "ah", cried Veronica and then felt her arms pulled back further to the point where Veronica had to grit her teeth and moan. she this lasted a while and was inescapable. if Veronica resisted a little it just increased the pain, all she could do was stay on her knees and endure, Trista watched the whole time with a sadistic grin on her face and Veronica noticed this. "Looks..like...ugh...seam..to..be..enjoying ugh..this" Veronica said in between groans to Trista. "I'm enjoying every second of your torture" Trista said with a laugh, this was secretly her fantasy and she always wanted to be taller and always fantasized about this happening to her, she could see by Veronica's face that she however hated this. "you're gonna just...ughh..stand there and watch me..ugh...get my arms..ah..ripped...off". "Id love to do this too ya but Bern is the stronger one", "but don't worry, you may be sore tomorrow but we wont keep you from being able to start tomorrow, assuming you don't submit". "Ill never..ugh..submit!" Veronica groaned still gritting her teeth against the strain of her arms and chest muscles. She endured this for another fifteen minutes before she was finally released. she laid on the ground massaging both her sore armpits and outer chest muscles.

    "What are you gonna do to me now?" Veronica asked laying on the ground and still massaging her sore muscles. She new this was far from over, there was still another seven hours to go. she also knew that everybody else was home so there was no saving her. after all she really needed this job and had to go through with this no matter what the too sadists did to her. "Its time for some team work" Bern said. "Trista grab her feet and ill grab her hands". With that Veronica felt her legs go one direction and her arms go the other direction, "uuuughhh...oooohhh god...uughhh" groaned Veronica as she felt both her arms and legs stretch further and further away from each other. her arms were already very sore and now she even started to feel tension on her stomach. this must of been what it felt like to be on a rack back in medieval times. both girls were standing up so Veronica's body was straight and taught and this also gave them the best leverage. "uuughhh it hurts...it uughh hurts." Veronica groaned as she was pulled and stretched to what could've easily been the breaking point for allot of people. Both girls were starting to grunt them selves as they were using allot of there own strength. "Well maybe you should submit" Bern said with an evil grin. "UUUGHHHH....NEVER!!!!!" cried Veronica taking the pain."Well than maybe you should take the offer we gave you and let us have our way with you sexually" Trista said sounding seductive. "Id....rather...be...ugh...stretched...then...give...you..the...time...of...ugh...day". Veronica groaned still looking defiant through the pain. She was really sweating even though the office was air conditioned. she was no longer being pulled but they were holding the stretch, keeping her taught, they knew she couldn't take anymore without tearing a muscle. they kept her in that position for another fifteen minutes when they finally released her. they let her lay on the floor til she could recover enough for phase three.

    Veronica laid on the floor for a few more minuted massaging her sore armpits. "you know Trista, her arms are so lovely lets keep working on them". "unless you've had enough" Trista got on her knees and whispered into Veronica s ear. "My arms can take as much as your weak ass can give" Veronica said and spit at Trista's face. that was the only satisfaction she gotten all day. Veronica was laying in pool of her own sweat but she knew she had to keep going, and she realized that spitting was probably a mistake as she saw the anger in Trista bright red face. "all right, lets stretch those arms some more, if we injure her so what." with that Trista sat on the floor, grabbed Veronica's right arm and placed one foot on Veronica's side and the other on her neck and pulled back putting Veronica in a side arm-stretch "uuughhh"grunted the brunette as she felt once again her arm being pulled this time also working the shoulder. "its my turn to watch" laughed Bern. "ill do the other arm when you're done. i need a break so take your time Trista". "I'm..uugh...sure..she..will" grunted Veronica. "I'm gonna take my time but I'm also gonna make sure you do submit you bitch!" "i..will...not...ugh...submit..." Veronica angrily grunted, Trista wasn't pulling too hard just yet. she wanted this to last she would pull and lean back a little but not use all her strength, that would come later. "ooh...ugghh...ah" Veronica continued to grunt as her arm was being stretched. her free arm could only pound on the floor with each pull. she tried to escape by attempting to stand up but Trista would use her strength to push her back down. after several attempts Veronica gave up trying to escape, she just laid there and grunted and grit her teeth and allow her arm to be stretched. "ready to submit?" Trista asked Veronica hoping the answer was no, she loved doing this to the girl, especially after she spit at her, she decided she didn't wanna work with this girl. "ugh...Never..ugh. "good for you, because we don't wanna stop" laughed Bern who continued to stand there and enjoy the show. After several minutes Trista decided to let the real pain begin. instead of just pulling she leaned all the way back to the point where she was laying on her back still pulling on Veronica's poor arm. this got a real loud groan from Veronica. "UUUGGHHH...GOD...DAMN..IT" groaned Veronica now really feeling pain in her arm and shoulder. "Now you will submit" Trista said grunting herself from the stregnth she was using."OOOHHH....GOD...YOU'RE...GONNA..TEAR..MY..UUGHH...ARM...OFFF...UGHHH. Veronicas face was even starting to get sore from the expression of pain its been making through the day."well then submit" Bern laughed now really enjoying this. not really wanting the brunette to submit because soon it was her turn to do the other arm. they still had six hours before it would be over and she wanted to inflict pain for the whole eight hours."I..WILL..NEVER..UGH...SUBMIT" Veronica really wanted to but she had to hold on, no matter how much her arm was hurting. After along pull Trista would sit up and give Veronica s poor arm a second of relief (but no more than one second) and then would lean back again and pull. After about thirty more minutes of the arm-stretching Trista got tired and finally let go. Veronica sat up and grabbed her arm and moved it around trying to shake off the pain.Trista stood up and grabbed Veronica by the hair and pulled her head back put her face right in front of the brunettes and said "now its Bern's turn but i want you to submit to me. I'm getting turned on so I'm gonna pleasure myself while Bern works on your other arm." and then kissed Veronica softly on the lips, Veronica was too weak to fight this. Once Bern started on the other arm Trista did just as she said she would and sat on her computer chair and played with herself while watching Bern work the other arm over. Bern inflicted just as much pain to Veronica s arm as Trista did. stretching her left arm for a half hour. when she was done Veronica could hardly move either arm. and that would set her up for down at the shop where they had plenty of equipment to work with. they picked the poor girl up and grabbed each arm and led her down stairs to what would be the final five and a half hours of her initiation.

    ....To be continued