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The Tournament - Prologue

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Last Hero, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Last Hero

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    Sweating, naked, and with half a dozen battered girls surrounding her. Yes, this was a good way to start the day.

    The girls on the floor of what could best be described as a dojo were the Sailor Scouts - or what's left of the Sailor Scouts, anyway. Sailor Moon, long unconscious, laid near the door...and one of her pigtails laid only a foot away, ripped clean from her head and soaking in the growing puddle of blood that was flowing from her mouth. Sailor Mars was awake, but she might as well not have been with her back broken like that - she simply rested there, face down, every movement giving her unbearable agony, short whimpers puttering out with each attempt. Sailor Mercury was still twitching from a massive electrical shock that ravaged her body only moments ago - her eyes were wide open, but there was no movement, no life; just the occasional spasm and her body danced for a few seconds. Sailor Jupiter was far too busy trying - in vain - to relocate her dislocated shoulder, and Sailor Venus? She might've be dead. It was hard to tell, really; one never could tell how many punches in the face a person could take before it all just caved in.

    The woman in the middle of the carnage sighed, her tanned breasts heaving out as long, wet strands of black hair cascaded all around them. It was a good workout. Nice to actually be part of the action instead of simply observing it, if only for a little while. But still, this pathetic lot wasn't enough. She felt the charge, that aching in her loin stirred, but she needed just a little more to push her over that edge. Real women.

    "Mistress Ryona."

    She snapped back to reality and turned around, the blood haze lifting long enough for her to recognize one of her crew members - a young girl, short, beach blonde and fresh eyed. One of the newer recruits. Still getting used to her situation. It wouldn't take too long. "You're not supposed to interrupt my training time."

    The girl grows wide-eyed for a moment, then lowers her head, averting her eyes from both Ryona's naked form and the bodies strewn across the room. Definitely a new recruit, yes. "Apologies, Mistress, I only came to serve."

    "Don't apologize. I'm done here, anyway. Robe."

    "I'm...I'm sorry?"

    Ryona snapped her fingers and pointed to her black robe, lying on a chair just beside the new recruit. "Pass. Me. My. Robe."

    "Oh!" She rushed over and grabbed it, handing it over to her Mistress' waiting hand.

    "There." She eased into the robe, tying it tight and taut against tight sinews of her stomach, still burning from the workout. "Now, what did you-"

    "We're not done yet, you bitch."

    Ryona didn't even bother turning around to face that threat - she already knew who it was coming from. Sailor Jupiter the one with the most spark in every sense of the word. Ryona had shattered her right shoulder, but apparently the feel of permanent bone damage wasn't enough to deter her. Impressive. Almost.

    Ryona let out a sigh - faked - and turned around just in time to see Jupiter's fist before it crashed into her face. Not a bad punch from a technical standpoint, but the strength had long since left her bones - Ryona only staggered back a step, and a small step at that.

    She swung again, and this punch met with the palm of Ryona's own hand, a hand that squeezed tighter and tighter. Jupiter gritted her teeth, tried to push forward, tried to fight the pain, and it worked for all of five seconds. Then the bones started breaking, the muscles started tearing. Ryona was crushing her fist.

    She cried out and fell to her knees, trying to pull away, free herself, but the grasp was inexorable and getting stronger by the second. "Let go!"

    "Since you asked so nicely." She released what was left of Jupiter's hand, making the Sailor Scout fall on her back from the pulling and let her cradle the twisted mess of broken fingers that was now her hand - and with her other arm still out of place, she couldn't pop them back into place.

    Arms useless. Beaten. Pain all over. Jupiter could only look up as the carnal woman approach her with a slow walk, looking over her body with all the hunger of a tiger circling its prey. "You will never-"

    Whatever brave, last speech Jupiter had in mind was cut short by Ryona's bare heel slamming into her face. Repeatedly.

    After the first stomp, Jupiter managed to raise her head, dazed.

    After the second stomp, she just laid there, dazed, her right eye quickly filled up with blood from her gashed forehead.

    After the third stomp, her eyes were closed and she was probably knocked unconscious.

    Probably. The next four stomps made sure of it.

    "Now." Ryona turned back to the new recruit, using the robe to wipe the blood off her heel. "What were you saying?"

    "I-uh, yes." She bit her lip. "I simply came by to tell you that we've managed to locate the candidates you requested. The portals are open and we're preparing for transport."

    "Good. Put them in the pods and open up my channel. I want to have a few words with this new batch."


    Each of the contestants woke up in a dark cell, no windows, no doors, the only light coming from a screen on the opposite wall. On that screen sat a woman with slick strands of raven hair, looking back at them with a sly smile and lazy eyes.

    "You're confused." She crossed her legs, letting the robe slide along her thighs. "You were doing something - something very important to you - and you suddenly found yourself in this cell, with no way out. If you wish to go back to what you were doing, ever, then you will listen closely to what I have to say."

    She took a moment to drink from a glass on her side, a viscous black liquid that seeped into her mouth like oil. "My name is Ryona. Mistress Ryona. You are on my station. If you've never heard of me, that's because no one in your universe has. No one has in any universe. I live between worlds. This station is between worlds. So know that escape is futile - you will not go back unless I allow it. And I have specific demands."

    Sixteen portraits appeared on the screen, surrounding Ryona like a frame. "These are women, just like you, that I took from other universes, also at pivotal points. Just like you, they want to go back and finish whatever they were doing. But only one you will. If you wish to be that one, you must not only fight them, but destroy them. You must beat them until they are unable to fight back any longer. This is a simple tournament, and that is the only rule of advancing."

    She waved her hand and the potraits vanished. "Why I'm having you do this is irrelevant. Not your concern. All you need to know is that this is the situation, and the objective is clear. You can fight, or you can stay here forever. Either outcome is agreeable to me. I can always use new crew."

    Ryona stood up, and the camera pulled back to reveal a horde of women behind her, dozens of girls of different ages and colors. They all looked defeated and obedient like whipped dogs in the presence of their master, and each had a color to prove it. Each wore a matching black dress with a criminally short skirt, just short enough to reveal everything below their underwear as they stood.

    "So fight well." She walked over to her nearest crewmember, a young girl with blue hair who shivered at Ryona's touch against her chin, but didn't dare move beyond that. Ryona bent down and nibbled at her ear lobe, tongue flick against the side of her cheek, hot breath pouring down her neck. "And have fun."
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  2. TheCrimsonRisk

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    First big paragraph set the scene beautifully. I like the "in medias res" approach and it tells us a lot about Mistress Ryona with only a few sentences. It also establishes the level of brutality we can expect.

    Are you planning to make a separate thread for all aspects of the tournament? Do you mind if I end up merging them when you're finished?
  3. Last Hero

    Last Hero Guest

    Would prefer it, actually; I'll probably write one, maybe two fights a week, and I didn't want it to get cluttered.

  4. Very nice indeed - there's always a debate when doing these 'universe uniting' stories, as to how to pull together the disparate characters smoothly. You managed to do it and bring in your antagonist at the same time. I like the tone/level of brutality as well...can't wait for the next in the series....
  5. Somepersoncorn

    Somepersoncorn Avid Affiliate

    Oct 30, 2012
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    The whole pulling in characters from different universes thing reminds me of a Teen Titans episode "Winner Take All".
    This should be really interesting.
  6. Baku|Haku

    Baku|Haku Casual Client

    Mar 25, 2012
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    Anybody who can draw MUST do a portrait of Mistress Ryona! It's just such an f' wicked character!
    She vanquished the Sailor Scouts naked! She is awesome! Can't wait to hear more.