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The Fall of a Champion

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by galvatron88, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    Two young girls from two different countries are about to face off in The International World Karate Championships to see who is the fittest, the strongest and the smartest to be crowned champion.

    In a large crowded arena, Bailey Storm, The 23 year old four time champion from washington D.C. stands toe to toe with her opponent Huan Shu, an 18 year old former gymnast and youngest martial arts instructor. The tall bulky afro-american stares and smiles in a polite manner " Lets have a good match." Bailey says The asian girl just looks on smiling and nodding.

    Seeing how its free form, the girls can ware anything they want. Huans small slender body dons a red leotard and karate pants held up by her black belt. Her six pack abs shows off what she had been doing all winter. her 'A' cup breasts is almost nonexistence but it makes more ease of use for her arms. Her loose pants hides her strong well defined legs and small tight butt. She gets in her tai kwon do like stance bouncing up and down.

    Bailey gets in her stance, more of a standing boxing sort of way The 23 year old black girl is very cute looking a lot like Rhanna in the face. Her 'C' cup breasts are held in palce by a blue sports bra that clings to them. She is muscular showing that she has a lot of power and strength. But her curvy chunky becomes apparent due to her tight form fitting spandex shorts she is warring. the top portion of her stomach showed a little of her abs though the bottom half is rather roundish and protruding. It is soft too due to late night snacking. her butt is more round and much more fuller looking then Huans and her thighs are bigger but softer and jigglier.

    The rules:
    Only one head shot per round.
    Contact in the chest, stomach or thrown on your back results in a point for the opponent.
    Whom ever reaches six points wins.

    "READY...FIGHT!!!" Both girls bounce around each other for a bit. Huan throws a roundhouse kick to Bailey's head but Bailey quickly blocks and counters with a strong straight punch to Huans small open chest. "ugh!" Huans cries out feeling the pain of Baileys big punch. "POINT, BAILEY!" the stadium roars with clapping and the 5 foot 9 black girl jumps up and down celebrating as if she won already. Huan rubs her chest trying to sooth the pain.

    "READY...FIGHT!!" bailey rushes the small 5 foot 3 asian with a flurry of punches. She tries to punch Huan in the head but Huan successfully blocks it but the bulky thick Bailey is too fast and strong for Huan and she lands two punches to the exposed chest and a low kick to Huans leg. "POINT, BAILEY!!" the ref says. " YES!!" bailey says as she jumps up and down again.

    Later in the match, Bailey is up by three points while Huan has none. the young chinese fighter has many bruises and is getting worried that she might lose and let her country and family down but she notices the last contact bailey looked a little sluggish. She then looks over to her opponent and sees her looking kinda winded. Huans coach tells her to use that to her advantage some how.

    "READY FIGHT!!!" The tall brown skinned girl is breathing rather heavy and is a bit sluggish but still a threat. She rushes her small opponent but this time Huan had a plan, she notices Bailey unintelligently uses the same pattern of punches like before. Bailey dose a flurry of straight punches aiming for Huans open chest, but the small thin asian girl wisely ducks back and spin kicks the tall bulky black girl in her soft brown bread basket. " HA HA OOOUUFF?!?!" bailey made a rather blood kirtling sound as she crumbles to the mat holding her belly. A look of anguish and pain came across the cute Rhanna looking girls face.

    Huan just walks away smiling and the stadium went over bored with cheers. Bailey gets up slowly, In the back of her mind she knew this would happen, her belly has always been her weak spot. She slowly walks back holding her burning belly, regretting all those late night feedings. "POINT,HUAN!!" the ref yells making the crowed go crazy.

    "READY FIGHT!!" Bailey still confident and strong comes at Huan with a big roundhouse kick aimed at Huans head. Her big thick right thigh rises up, meat jiggling and rippling but is met with a sharp left elbow almost cutting through the flabby meat at the top of Baileys thigh. The pain is sharp and severe as if Huan hit a nerve. " AHHHH!!" screams Bailey as the Half-witted black girl quickly drops to one knee holding her thigh thriving in pain only to look up and to see a tiny foot come crashing into her cute face. the impact is so fast the poor dim witted black girl face looks like it was hit by a car. Her face crushes inward making the rest of her head crumble and shake. Bailey's body goes limp and crashes to her hands and knees. Her eyes are closed and her tongue protrudes through her big juicy lips. The crowed loses it, the stadium erupts with cheers and Huan throws her hands up for joy. Bailey manages to get up and walk back to her corner, the ref ask if she can still fight, Bailey says yes and is told to walk forward, she dose so the match is back on.

    Over time, The young chinese fighter through skill and brains manages to come back tipping the score in her favor to 4-3. Bailey is completely exhausted, rattled, bewildered and in lots of pain from the beating she endured. She now regrets all the parting, late night pig outs, and face stuffing she did with her friends. Her coach urged her to train more but being arrogant and foolish she didnt listen.

    "READYYYY, FIGHT!!" the rather voluptuous black fighters stance looked weak, Her mouth is open taking in a lot of air. Shes covered in sweat and bruises. Still a bit woozy, she staggers around her still opponent like a drunk. stomping the ground in a unrefined manner causing some of her more beefy softer parts to jiggle and sway. Her head swimming with pain, she makes a feeble-minded move to attack using the exact same pattern as before. bailey throws a lazy punch and in one fluent motion Huan catches the the small minded black girls fist at the same time elbowing her in her thick quivering solar plexus making her rather large plentiful breasts jiggle and bounce. Baileys eyes lit up, tears stream down her face, her jaw hangs down drooling on Huans arm. The trim and fit asian girl then takes her elbow out of the slow witted pudgy black girls making her belly meat jiggle slightly. Bailey looks on in stupidity, she has no idea whats going on.

    Her head snaps back from a palm fist from Huan hitting the poor brown skinned girl in the face. " 'snort' Ugh." Huan then spins behind the larger beefy girl and flips her over on her back 'SLAM' Her entire body meat convulsed from the impact making her body look fat and out of shape. Bailey is completely out of it now. She just laid there with her thick thighs spread apart. Baileys head is swimming in stars. Her eyes fade in and out, her long tongue sticks out again. The referee ask Bailey "Can you still fight." The poor stupid afro american girl replies. " I... Hongry' daddy." The ref stands up waving his arms it was over the crowed erupts with cheers. Huan Shu is hoisted up by fans and is crowned new Karate Champion of the World. Bailey is still out, the poor girl due to too much eating, not enough training and being lazy lost her beloved title.

    When she finally came to in the hospital she just hung her head low and sobbed.
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    Nicely done Galvatron88 a well thought out and executed fight.