Superheroine mauled - need help with source and deciphering


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Sep 4, 2012
So I tend to not throw away things ever, which is a good thing when it comes to really, really old images I used to find and save over 15 years ago, which seem to have disappeared from the web.

Amongst them is this image set, featuring a lovely heroine getting mauled by a vicious foe. I believe I found them in some obscure yahoo group at the time before they went down.

The problem is they are low quality images to the point it's very hard to even read the story - and it's not helped by the fact the author seems to have had some bad grammar.

So I'm kinda wondering if there's two things the community can help me with.

1) I'd love to know if anyone by any minor chance happens to know anything of these images: who the artist is and such, if they made more stuff, etc.

2) I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help me 'translate' the stories in the pages. I've done most of it - a lot of it guess work based on what seems to fit with the situation and story - but there are still many gaps.

Third, anyone know of similar stuff? :P Thanks in advance!

Purple text (hardest):

"After subduing? firing? Ms Marvel senseless? in her navel &
stomach, Pythorn grabbed the weak blonde's breasts with
both her ? hand and in one motion pulled her ?
body foward and kneed her ? ? ? in the solar
plexus and crawling? her ? ? as the Python's sharp
nails slipped? apart her breasts and nipples. Ms Marvel had? a
? of devastating? pain pierce through her upper abdomen
? ? ? ?. Her stomach ? ? and
her ? ? against ? ? ? ? ? ?
"..stop--- pleassssse gwwwwlll.." She moans pleadingly? ?
? ravaging ? ?. Falling slowly ? ?, Ms
Marvel ? ? ? ? of the ? Pythorn,
"NOO!, you shall feel the might of the PYTHORN ??
? ? " Screams the Pythorn as she wrapped ? ?
? ? Ms Marvel's delicate ? and ? ?
? ? blonde around. In a wicked combination of cruel?
? and ? ? ?, the Pythorn slammed ?
? Ms Marvel, arching the ? blonde backwards and
snapping her spine. While she sat on the blonde's back
and exposed Ms Marvel's battered abdomen. "Nooooo...."
? Ms Marvel again, ? ? ? ? ?again.
"Oh YES, Ms Marvel, let's see what we shall do to that ?
belly of yours!" ? the Pythorn as her sharp fingers
slowly caressed? Ms Marvel stomach and pulled the blonde
slowly backwards, exposing ? Ms Marvel's ? ?
With a ? ? , the Pythorn's sharp fingers ripped
across Ms Marvel's abdomen, ? ? ? ? ?
"Now! DIEEE!!" ? the Pythorn as she dug her sharp
nails ? Ms Marvel's ? ? "Ggghhhrrrgglll!" Ms
Marvel ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
abdomen as the Pythorn ? fist? dug deep into her ? belly, pushing,
digging and ? again and again. The blonde's eyes ? ? ?
eyelids as she felt? her? consciousness slipping away. "Die..." the Pythorn
whispered into Ms Marvel's ears as she dug her ? deep through Ms
Marvel's bellybutton. ? her abdomen and piercing her
? ? ? ? ? of the blonde's navel. "...nnrrrrrghhh...." a last
gasp of air slipped through Ms Marvel ? and blood spilled out of her
abdomen through her punctured bellybutton.

Yellow text:

"After brutally punching her fists into Ms. Marvel's soft
abdomen, Erystika? grabbed the blonde's breasts with
both her hands and pulled Ms Marvel towards her
(rising knee). With a devestating thud, her knee cap
caught Ms Marvel's bellybutton and sunk deeply into
the blonde's unprotected belly. Ms Marvel felt her
guts explode in her abdomen as blood splashed out
of her mouth and nostrils. Her lithe body hung on
Erystika's knee in mid-air and her (impaled?) (stomach)
pressed against Erystika's hard knee cap. Driven by
madness, Erystika pushes Ms Marvel backwards. In a
devestating move, Erystika drops Ms Marvel on her
back and followed down with a knee into Ms Marvel's
exposed navel. A sharp pain pierced through her
bellybutton and spreads (through) her devestated body
as the poor blonde stared blankly at Erystika, her
mouth wide opened but (gave?) no sound. Her intestines
had been crushed. Laying motionless, Ms Marvel
(caught early notice?) as Erystika picked her soft body up
and moved behind her, wriggling a strong arm
around her neck. Sitting on Ms Marvel's legs, Erystika
pulled the blonde backwards, arching her back and
exposing her smashed abdomen. With her arms
trapped by Erystika's strangle-hold, Ms Marvel could
only watch helpless as Erystika's sharp nails ravaged
her exposed body, her breasts and stomach (left on display?).
Erystika landed more punches into the trapped Ms Marvel's belly
and the poor blonde's stomach muscles finally colapsed. In a
(? ?) Erystika begins to twist her index finger's sharp nail
into Ms Marvel's navel. Twisting and probing her sharp finger into
the poor blonde's bellybutton. Ms Marvel's eyes begin to roll up
into her eyelids and the excruciating pain in her navel pushed her
into (oblivion?). Finally, Erystika's finger (punctures) Ms Marvel's
bellybutton like a (?), piercing through her navel and
(eating?!) her (innards). Her (?) blocking off Ms Marvel's last
cry for mercy. Blood splashed out of Ms Marvel's navel as she
fainted, her abdomen (ruined) through her navel by Erystika."

White text:

"After hours of belly pounding Victory the current WCF Champion, Leeka the Algerian blob pounces on the back of the fragile blonde and catches her with a wicked combination of camel clutch and back breaker.... Wrapping her left arm across the dazed Victory, Leeka chokes her victim and in one motion pulls her victim's weak body backwards... exposing Victory's pounded abdomen. The mighty Algerian whispered into Victory's ear "This time, you are DEAD, Victory!"

Leeka looks to the crowd in her hometown... "(Kill?)", "(Kill?)" they chanted and urging her on. She smiles wickedly and shouted "NOW, I shall take over the Champion's belt that decorates your belly ever so often and replace it with THIS!"

With one mighty pull, Leeka snaps poor Victory's backbone... that being not enough, she squeezes her arms so tightly breaking Victory's neck and finally as the blonde's lithe body (hunches?) weakly, she sunk one of her fat finger's sharp nail into Victory's exposed navel... Blood splashes out of Victory's bellybutton onto her pale abdomen as the blonde slowly slips into oblivion. The mighty Algerian holds onto the soft body and drives her fingers into the gaping wound of the ex-Champion's navel.... deeper..... deeper.... at last her whole hand sunk into the soft jelly-like mass of Victory's abdomen through the navel."


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Sep 4, 2012
I figured I'd give this thread a little bump to see if I'll have more luck these days in finding someone able to help out :P
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