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Sparring Session

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Tina arrived to the gym early, always eager to begin a good workout. The girl she'd met working at Johnny's Diner the other night... Tina had recognized her as a fighter instantly, as she sported a small bandaid over her left eye, and had offered to spar with her to see if she was cut out for the Dead or Alive tournament. The girl had gone head over heels with glee.

    To Tina's surprise, the waitress was already there. Mila was her name. A Spanish girl, Mila's name was a derivative of Milagrosa, which came out to "The Miraculous One". Mila was warming up already, so she hadn't got there too far ahead of Tina. Still, Tina was impressed with her dedication and commitment.

    Mila was dressed, ready to go. She wore a red sports bra that she filled out nicely, with black loose-fitting boxing style shorts, and black leggings that left her feet exposed, so she wouldn't slip all over the ring mat. Mila was working over the heavy bag, oblivious to Tina. Her red-and-black-layered hair never seemed to stray from where it had settled itself. Mila had already scored a few fairly impressive victories, including one over the heavy favourite to win the fight. She'd come out of the corner with her hands down, mocking Mila, not taking her seriously. Her cornermen screamed at her, to no avail. The fighter had then taken a swing at Mila, who ducked it and came back with a huge, looping right hand. The punch had drilled the other woman in the jaw so hard, she spun around once and was unconscious before she could even begin falling to the canvas. The fight ended in a 12 second knockout, and everybody who had bet on Mila had made a lot of money that night.

    "Impressed you're here so early!" Tina called out. She never had managed to suppress her thick Texan accent, so she'd finally just accepted it.

    To her surprise, Mila ignored her. Odd, she thought. She seemed so nice the other night... Just as she was going to get angry for being spurned, she noticed Mila's earbud cord dangling, and her fury quelled itself. She smiled.

    She made her way over to Mila, who noticed her. Mila broke into a huge grin and scrambled to turn her music off.

    "Hi, Miss Armstrong!" she greeted her. "I'm so happy you made it today!" She tried not to fangirl-out too much, but it was so hard. She was a huge fan of Bass Armstrong, and she was going to spar with his daughter! This was almost as good as getting to fight Bass himself, which she still hoped she would be able to do one day.

    "I'm impressed you're here so early!" Tina repeated her initial comment.

    "I take my fighting seriously. You told me to be here at 6 in the morning, that's late for me! I'm usually here at 5."

    Tina knew she wasn't being spiteful by saying that, she was clearly starstruck. Still, Tina was slightly put out that Mila took her fighting so seriously. Tina had shown little interest in her own wrestling career, using it instead as a platform to Hollywood, but the off-hand remark unintentionally stung a little, as a reminder of how Tina had disregarded her own fighting training.

    "All right, lemme just go get warmed up." Tina ducked into the locker room and changed into one of her many wrestling outfits, a predominately red little number. ( Image - DOA2UG295.jpg - The Dead or Alive Wiki - Dead or Alive, Dead or Alive 2, Dead or Alive 4, and more )

    After she had finished warming up, Tina and Mila met in the ring. Tina looked around thoughtfully. It'd been a long time since she'd been inside one of these, and she stopped to savour it a little. She was losing herself in memories of cheering crowds when a meek voice cut through it like a razor through tissue paper:

    "Um, Miss Armstrong?"

    Tina snapped back into reality. "Oh... yeah, um, sorry. I sort of zoned for a sec there. I was just.... " she trailed off. "Well, at any rate, how about we do this?"

    "Yes, do it! I wanna see this."

    Mila and Tina turned toward the new voice. Tina rolled her eyes in an exaggerated way.

    "You!" Tina cried out. "Man, haven't you got anything better to do like scrub my boots?" she asked with a grin.

    It was Lisa Hamilton. The two had been friends since childhood, and they often playfully needled each other. Lisa of course, wasn't about to let the remark go unanswered. "You must be kidding. I wouldn't go near those clownboats for the world. Peee-yuu!" She held her nose in a mock fashion.

    "What are you doing here?" asked Tina.

    "The same thing everyone else does at a gym, bonehead, I was about to have a little workout. Instead I see I'll be watching a comedy..." she winked at Tina.

    "Childhood friend..." Tina remarked to Mila. Mila giggled at the exchange.

    As the two squared off, Lisa took a seat on one of the nearby chairs.

    "Now Mila, I know you're a fighter so I'm not going to insult you and go easy on you. And I don't expect you to hold back either. You wanna be in the DOA tournament? I'll be judging that by how you do right now, so you best not hold anything back."

    Mila nodded once, her demeanour becoming much more serious. She tried to block out the personality, the star, the near legend she was facing down. Right here, right now, it was not Tina Armstrong standing before her, it was an obstacle. A barrier. A roadblock.

    Mila was too focused on shutting out the fangirl in her that she was caught unprepared for the punch in the lip. She grunted once as her head jolted. Tina saw in Mila's eyes her focus return, and commented on it. "Don't get distracted. One distraction can cost you the whole thing."

    I knew that, thought Mila. Stupid superstar thing... must block it out...

    Tina ducked a right hand from Mila and spun around, grabbing her in a full nelson. Mila's MMA training never exactly covered this hold...

    "What the...?" she exclaimed. The she started to groan as Tina applied pressure to her shoulders and neck.

    "Lesson two: That wrestling stuff we do isn't all for show. A lot of the moves are deadly effective when you don't go through any preamble."

    Mila struggled to get out of this hold. She tried to out-power Tina, which was never going to work. With one more trick, she pivoted, using her hips as leverage. She knew it was successful when Tina yelled out in surprise as she flew over Mila and landed on her back on the ring mat. Tina leapt to her feet quickly.

    Tina faked a kick low and then launched a dropkick. Mila's reflexes let her catch the dropkick, dropping Tina onto her back. Mila quickly hooked one of Tina's legs and dropped to her back, trying to hyperextend her knee with a leglock. Tina yelled out in pain and did what she could to defend it, but it had been a while. Damn it, I knew how to do this... she thought. Tina pulled back on her leg, using her impressive physical strength to yank Mila to a sitting position. Tina clamped down on her neck and suddenly it was Mila in trouble, as Tina tried to lock in a guillotine choke. Mila didn't panic, having had this happen to her in fights before. She knew just how to get out of it... but she'd never fought anyone as big and strong as Tina. There was a reason fighters didn't fight people outside their weight classes, and Tina was clearly a weight class or maybe two above Mila, not to mention so damn strong. The choke hold sunk deeper and deeper, slowly, as Mila's options began to run out. She had only two more things to try.

    She began throwing haymakers at Tina's ribs. Her punches thunked off Tina's thick body. Tina braced herself for them after the first one. If they were hurting Tina, she wasn't showing it. Unknown to Mila though, they were having great effect, and Tina clenched her teeth harder and harder, hoping Mila wouldn't break them before she started to fade. Luckily for Tina, Mila gave that avenue up, and had managed to work her hands under Tina's arm. This didn't break the hold, but she wasn't being choked anymore either, and could get oxygen back. Not being an MMA fighter, Tina's only sustainment of the hold was physical strength, as Mila began to work a counter. Tina could feel her hold slipping, and she tried to release it, but she couldn't... she wasn't sure why until her arm had been pulled behind her in a Kimura.

    Mila wrenched Tina's arm behind her, drawing a sharp "OW!" from Tina. Mila held on, twisting her arm up millimeter by millimeter. Now it was Tina's turn to try blind punches. Tina's were more effective though, being the bigger girl, and most connected with Mila's chest and shoulders, but a couple of them got her in the face, and one landed on her nose. Mila groaned as her head whipped back, her nose broken. Her hold slackened enough for Tina to scramble out, and the two got to their feet again.

    "Hey, are you okay?" asked Tina. "I didn't mean to break your nose, I'm sorry."

    "It's fine" replied Mila. "It's the chance I take. This isn't a dance." The fangirl had been shut out by now.

    The two continued to exchange punches, Tina getting into a striking match with Mila. Tina began to feel the excitement of the fight again, that which drew her into it in the first place. She imagined the roar of the crowd as the two exchanged blows, the scene becoming more and more grand in her mind. The crowd began chanting Tina's name, spurring her on. The adrenaline rush, the crowd...

    And then it hit her. Mila scored a massive right hand that yanked her back to reality and stunned her for a moment, splitting her lip.

    Tina yelled out, grabbing her mouth and nose with her hand.

    "Ah, son of a bitch!" she yelled through her hand.

    Mila stopped short. "Tina! I.. are you okay?"

    Tina had a temper though, and a quality of hers she was never able to contain. She pushed Mila.

    Mila tried not to get angry, only part succeeding. "Hey! You broke my nose, but I didn't shove you! Try showing some respect here!"

    This only made Tina madder, and she shoved Mila again. Mila responded by angrily blasting a hook into Tina's jaw, dropping her like a sack of rocks. Then she looked horrified.

    "I'm sorry, Tina, that just... it... are... are you okay?"

    Tina looked stunned for a moment, laying on her back. She shook her head and sat up.

    "Tina?" Mila repeated.

    Angry, Tina whipped around and swept Mila off her feet, onto her back. Tina pounced, but Mila pulled guard, restricting her movement. She tried wildly punching Mila, and a couple connected, but for the most part, Mila was able to dodge the majority of Tina's punches. Fighting from her back, Mila tried to punch Tina again, only managing to clip her. She patiently waited out Tina, and sure enough, Tina swung another angry punch. Mila caught her by the arm and wrist, and then immediately drew her legs up, wrapping them around Tina's head, and pulling her into a triangle choke. Before Tina could register what was happening, Mila was choking the life out of her. She pulled hard on Tina's arm, tightening her legs like a boa constrictor would around its prey. She heard Tina choke and gag, and Tina tried to fight out of it with her bull-like strength, but Mila held on tight and pumped the choke for all she could. Tina's punches came fast and furious, but Mila held on, gritting her teeth through the constant thump, thump, thump of Tina's fist meeting her body. If she could just hold the choke a little longer, Tina would start to fade, and then that would be it...

    ... and sure enough, Mila's persistence paid dividends, as the expected weakening of her punches started... Mila expected a submission now, as most people do when they realize they are going out, but Tina was stubborn as a mule. Tina began to black out, and her free arm went limp in Mila's choke. Finally, Tina stopped moving entirely. Mila was a little slow to let the choke go, being conditioned as MMA fighters are to only do so at the behest of a referee, but Mila did let her go. Tina flopped forward, face down to the ring mat, unconscious.

    "You... you choked her out!" Lisa exclaimed. "I can't believe it.

    Mila stood as Tina lay on the mat, her butt poking a little bit into the air as she'd fallen. Mila breathed hard, the exertion from the choke.

    Lisa rolled into the ring to check on Tina. They rolled her onto her back, gently. Tina's eyes were open just a little. Her lips were parted slightly, and she was breathing through her mouth. The triangle choke had put her out fairly suddenly, it looked like.

    "Tina?" Mila asked, gently shaking her shoulder. She didn't respond. Mila gently patted her face a couple times, calling her name. Nothing again.

    "Tina??" Mila asked, worry building. She hoped she hadn't badly injured Bass' daughter. She shook her a little harder.

    "huuuhhhh...." Tina breathed out, barely stirring.

    "Tina!" Lisa called out, shaking her. "Wake up!"

    "ohhh... huh?" Tina slowly came to.

    They helped her to a sitting position. "Are you okay?" Lisa asked.

    "Wh... what happened?" Tina asked, groggy.

    "Do you know where you are?" Mila asked her, a question that had been asked of herself a few times before.

    "I'm..." she blinked a couple times. "I'm in... the Sweat Box Gym... did we fight?"

    "Yeah, we did" replied Mila.

    With a knowing smile, she asked "Did I win?"

    Lisa and Mila cracked up laughing. "Oh yeah, she's fine" replied Lisa.

    They helped Tina to her feet. Tina groaned in pain as they did. She generally didn't enjoy being beaten up, but this fight... it was different. She had remembered why she got into it in the first place.... and she wanted that back.

    "Thanks for the sparring match, Mila" Tina said. "I'm sorry my temper got the better of me."

    "No, thank you, Tina" Mila replied. "Its not every day you get to spar with the daughter of one of the best wrestlers!"

    "You got beat down, Tina," Lisa taunted. "That wouldn't have happened to me!"

    The offhand remark meant to needle Tina instead became an affront to Mila. "Wait a second... what is that supposed to mean?" Mila said. "You don't think I can take you?"

    "I'd take you on, but you just had what looked like a pretty physical fight. That's hardly fair..."

    "I don't care about that, I'll wipe the mat with you now!" Mila was getting a little angry.

    Lisa looked Mila up and down. She stood there, angry, sweaty, having been through a fight already, and here she was challenging her.

    "You wanna do this right now?" Lisa said. "Don't cry when I mop the ring with you, and certainly don't try to play the "I already had a fight" card. You had your chance. I'll go get changed, I don't even need to warm up." With that, Lisa grabbed her bag and a couple minutes later, re-emerged from the locker room wearing her white and silver wrestling outfit. The white outfit was in direct contrast to her dark skin, the opposing hues playing off each other, making the white appear brighter and her skin appear darker. Lisa decided to forgo the mask. If Mila was meant to be impressed by the flashiness of it, it wasn't working.

    Tina took Mariposa's position on the chair. "Okay, Lisa, show me how it's done then!" Pantomiming a phone with her hand, she held it to her head as if speaking into it. "Hello, 911? Can I reserve an ambulance to get dispatched in about six minutes?" Tina grinned at her.

    Mariposa flipped her off. "Bite me" she said.

    "Oh good, you're you again! For a minute I thought you were concerned about me." Tina stuck her tongue out.

    Lisa rolled her eyes and got into the ring. She faced down Mila.

    "You sure you wanna do this then?" She asked.

    "Let's go!" Mila replied, punching her gloves together and taking her fighting stance.

    Mariposa began to nimbly shuffle and dance around, her fighting stance meant to confuse and throw her opponent off-guard. Mila had come across many different stances, and Mariposa's little trick did not work on her.

    The tone of the fight was set quickly, when Mariposa tried a wild right punch. Mila ducked it, then grabbed Mariposa by the shoulder and pushed her a bit so that her momentum carried her right around in a half circle. Tina giggled at the comical appearance of it. Mila quickly hooked a rear naked choke on to Mariposa, and then pulled her over backwards. Wrapping her legs around Mariposa's body finished the hold, and Mariposa rapidly found herself in trouble. She had clearly underestimated Mila, despite having just watched her take out Tina. Perhaps she'd thought Mila was spent. She was clearly wrong, as Mariposa's inability to breathe testified to. Mariposa kicked her legs a bit, and then she twisted around, looking to extricate herself from this hold. It worked, as Mila couldn't hold on to her with her arms being sweaty, and Mariposa slithered out of the choke. The escape was unorthodox as well, and Mila didn't know what was happening until Mariposa already broken free.

    As Mila stood, Mariposa kicked her legs out from under her, knocking her back down, and then followed up with an elbow drop to the chest. After that, she transitioned into a Dragon Sleeper.

    "I know a fair few holds of my own, and they're not all flash." She said to Mila, and then cranked the hold on her.

    Mila's eyes bugged out as she was now the recipient of a choke hold. She thought back to her training, and she took notice of Mariposa's kneeled position. She flailed a bit in the choke, and then she saw her opportunity once Mariposa leaned forward a bit. With one huge upward swipe, she almost blew Mariposa away with an uppercut, catching her directly in the face. Mariposa's head snapped back and the hold loosened, but didn't break, so Mila clobbered her again. This time the hold broke, and Mila got to her feet, breathing heavily. Mariposa stood, not wanting to let on how much damage those uppercuts had done, but she certainly wasn't bobbing and hopping around the ring anymore.

    Mila decided she wasn't going to screw around with this anymore. She faked a punch and as Mariposa tried to block the phantom, it left her open for the real thing, and Mila banged a hard left hook off her face. This stunned Mariposa, and left her open. Mila began teeing off on her. She battered and pummeled Mariposa around the ring, hooks, uppercuts, all finding their mark. Mila's striking ability was much greater than Mariposa's and it was on full display as Mariposa was picked apart by Mila's punches. Welts had started to form on Mariposa's beautiful face. Mila then targeted her body, drilling a hard left into her stomach. She followed it up with a face punch, and then she took Mariposa by the shoulders and kneed her in the stomach. Mariposa gagged and doubled over, and Mila stood her back up and clubbed her with a knee again. With Mariposa doubled over again, she launched a knee into her chest. Mariposa whipped backward, clutching her sternum, only to be struck by a hammer-like blow to the stomach again. Mariposa coughed and then a spray of blood came out of her mouth.

    Mila reared back and drove an elbow smash into Mariposa's face. It knocked her to the side and she stumbled a couple steps, but did not go down. She was tougher than she looked. To Mila, this just meant she had to beat her some more, so she obliged, drilling another punch deep into Mariposa's stomach. Mariposa choked on the blow, and her legs wavered. Mila went into overdrive, sensing victory, and looked for the finish. An uppercut to a staggered Mariposa again snapped her head back in whiplash-like fashion, but she still did not go down. Mila launched a cross into Mariposa's jaw, the smack of glove on skin and bone making a terrible sound. Mila elbowed Mariposa again, and this time Mariposa went down, falling over backwards, the ring making a loud bang sound as Mariposa's weight impacted it. Mila followed up with a little ground and pound, mounting Mariposa and dropping hammer fists on her, trying to pound her out. After a few of them smashed off her face, Mariposa tapped out a submission. "I submit, you win, you win!" Mariposa called out.

    Mila stopped beating her and stood up, panting, exerted. She held on to the ropes to stand.

    They checked Mariposa to see if she was okay.

    "Lisa, can you hear me? What day is today?"

    Lisa looked up at here with cloudy eyes. ""Wednesturday?"

    "Saturday morning. 7 AM, Sweat Box Gym."

    Understanding reached Lisa's eyes. "Oh... oh, yeah... you... sparred with Mila, and then I stuck my foot in my mouth..."

    "Forget your foot, Lisa, you're tasting your kneecap." Tina retorted.

    "I"m really sorry," said Mila, "but I've got to get ready for my opening shift." Mila disappeared into the change room, and came back out a few minutes later after having had a quick shower, dressed in her waitress uniform.

    "Thanks for the sparring session, Tina! You don't know how much it meant to me to be able to spar with you!" A little of that starstruck fangirl resurfaced.

    "Hey, no problem. And you know, you've inspired me... I'm gonna get back into wrestling. So, thank YOU."

    As Mila made her way to the door, Tina called out.

    "And Mila!"

    She turned around.

    "You'll do just fine in the DOA tournament."

    Mila beamed proudly and ran off to work.
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    Sweet jesus. Mila floored them both-naturally of course. I forget who she lost to in the tournament though. Hitomi, or Jann Lee? Maybe Eliot?
  3. TheCrimsonRisk

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    I like that Mila was able to beat both of them, but it was justified by Tina being rusty and Lisa just being an overconfident B :p There was a lot of good character stuff here in addition to the ryona. I don't know much about Mila, but somehow it made sense that she was humble as opposed to some brash, kickboxing bad girl. I usually write stories where the aggressor is a one-dimensional monster, so good job on that front.
  4. anotherguttersnipe

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    I also like how the characters fit your writing style this time around. I've said it before, but I feel that characters like unknown and Lili don't fit the pro-wrestling moves you have them do in your fics, however characters like Lisa, Tina and Mila fit it perfectly. Particularly like how you wrote the fight against Lisa, with Mila drilling her with punches until she submitted(the fics of yours I've read normally read as a tappout from a submission move)

    So I double checked. It was Hitomi that beat her after all.