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Soundless Whispers

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Furryona, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Furryona

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    Jan 15, 2015
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    Clouds so thick the sun's rays barely reached the ground...

    Nature stripped clean with only dirt remaining...

    A colossal metal city in one direction, a gradually declining forest in the other...

    Such was the war faced by the Freedom Fighters. Mobians living peacefully in the forest, forced to stand together to rebel against a tyrannical dictator bent on destroying all nature, replacing it with an endless city of smog and steel.

    As swatbots, grunts of the robotic army and primary invasion force of Robotnik's empire swarmed the field, four mobians faced them alone. A brown squirrel armed with explosives, a yellow fox wielding his own array of gadgets, a pink hedgehog carrying a large mallet, and lastly a blue blur darting about between the enemies without a scratch.

    Sally, Tails, Amy, and Sonic were the front line warriors of the Freedom Fighters, and they would not go down without a fight. To the amazement of many, the four held up quite well. Swatbots exploded left and right, the combined might of brains and brawn proving too much for the robotic forces to handle. Tiring hours passed, but the four came out victorious. Another win for the Freedom Fighters.

    "Good work team," Sally called out to her scattered allies as they observed the battlefield, "let's head back home."

    "Whew, that sounds wonderful." groaned Tails as he approached Sally.

    "I could keep going, but those bolt brains need a rest. Maybe next time they'll be able to do something worthwhile." joked Sonic as he followed Tails, running his hand through his blue spines with a casual smirk.

    "Wait, what?!"

    The three turned to their newest recruit, Amy Rose. She was a fresh soldier in the war against Robotnik, inexperienced but strong. Her simply red dress clung tightly to her upper body, flowing more loosely as it neared her knees. She was somewhat short, with big red boots and a large red and yellow hammer as a weapon. She blinked her green eyes as a look of frustration crossed her face.

    She harbored a crush on the team hero, Sonic, and was gunning for a chance to show off her skills to him, hopefully earning his love in the process. Several battles without a chance to do so left her more than a little annoyed.

    "We have the advantage! Why not just go in and stomp Robotnik right now?"

    "Amy, there are only four of us." Sally tried to reason with Amy, but her words didn't appear to get through.

    "We can take him! Let's march right on in there and finish this war once and for all!" declared Amy as she turned and marched towards Robotnik's city. Sonic prepared to stop Amy, but a machine activated from under the very ground he stood on. Soon, three glass tubes burst out from the ground, trapping all three mobians.

    Amy turned back to her team, seeing them encased within their new prison. With a gasp, Amy ran back to the team, pounding her fist against Sonic's tube. After struggling for a bit, she saw Sonic's lips move without any voice coming from him. These tubes were soundproof. Amy turned to Sally, seeing her point towards the forest.

    "I'm not leaving you guys here!" Amy took a step back and raised her hammer, making Sonic a little nervous as Amy prepared to take one huge swing at the tube to break it open, not considering what might happen to the encased hedgehog when the glass would inevitably shatter.

    Before the scenario could play out however, a blaster fired at Amy, knocking the hammer from her hands and off into the distance. Amy spun around to face her adversary, only to be faced with a much larger robot. Unlike the gray swatbots from before, this black robot was far more heavily armored. Large shoulder pads, massive boots, and a generally more intimidating appearance with the glowing red visor made for a daunting foe. Robotnik's voice roared with laughter over a loudspeaker installed on the robot.

    "Behold, pitiful animals! A whole new model of robot! The shadowbot! It is sleeker, stronger, faster, and smarter than anything you've fought before!" the shadowbot flexed and posed as Robotnik gloated, though Amy appeared less than impressed.

    "It's just a bigger swatbot. I'll break it just like all your other toys, Egghead."

    "Eh? Is that the pink one? Where's Sonic?!"

    "YOU put him in a bubble!"

    "Bubble? The isolation tubes caught HIM?! And YOU were left in the open?!"

    "Why do you sound so surprised? You built three of them, so how were you going to catch all four of us?"

    "Because I wanted you all to watch my new shadowbot destroy Sonic! Well, I guess I can just make him a robot. But before that, he's gonna get to watch YOU get beaten to a pulp! This is great! Don't kill her, shadowbot! I have some planning to do!"

    Robotnik's cackling voice finally cut out as the shadowbot raised its fists, ready to take on the smaller mobian. Unable to hear Sonic and company yelling for her to run, Amy suddenly rushed to the side. The shadowbot watched as she neared her hammer, but before Amy could reach her signature weapon, it was blasted out of her reach once more.

    Amy glared at the shadowbot, but was surprised to see it already closing in. Fast. Amy raised her arms to protect herself as a single strong swing of the shadowbot's fist put Amy against the ground. Amy coughed and started to recover, but a metallic boot to the belly sent her sliding back towards the glass tubes.

    "Gurgh... Little... Tougher than I thought..." Amy spit to clear her mouth as she stood up, using the tube for support. Inside was Sally, who was yelling something at Amy.

    "Relax, Sal... This is all under--" Amy suddenly fell to the ground mid-sentence, having seen the shadowbot's reflection in the tube, "--control!"

    The shadowbot's fist slammed into the tube, Sally dropping to her knees and covering her head. Amy smirked, silently congratulating herself. She had freed Sally, and the odds were now in their favor!


    ...Thunk? No crash? Amy paled as the shadowbot looked down at her, the fist having not even cracked the tube. The shadowbot grabbed Amy's head with ease as it lifted her into the air, the pink hedgehog kicking at the air as she tried to free herself. The young Freedom Fighter felt the back of her body touch the tube, only compounding her fear of what was coming.

    The shadowbot reeled back, and slammed Amy's entire stomach with a single powerful punch. Sally's eyes widened, her prison vibrating from the force of the blow. Saliva flew onto the robotic arm as it pressured Amy's body against the glass, her mouth hanging open as pain overloaded her brain. The fist retracted with the limp body no longer offering resistance.

    Throwing Amy to the ground, the shadowbot went to work. Punch after punch, the shadowbot pounded Amy's body despite her inability to defend herself.

    "Urgh! Ough! Aagh! Oof!" Amy's cries fell on deaf ears, as only metalwork could hear her. Sonic, having seen more than enough, pounded on the glass with all his might with no success. He had no room to build momentum, and had little hope of breaking glass even a shadowbot couldn't crack.

    Grabbing Amy's dress, the shadowbot lifted Amy into the air before slamming her face-down to the dirt. The heartless machine lifted her by her legs, holding her upside-down with her dress falling down, exposing her dirty white panties. Grabbing the hedgehog's arms, the shadowbot began to pull on Amy's limbs.


    Amy's screams subsided as the shadowbot ceased stretching her, instead opting to lift her up into the air... Only to throw the mobian girl down across an outstretched leg, folding her over the metal limb before causing her to lifelessly slide off and to the ground.

    The shadowbot grabbed Amy's head and hoisted her into the air, seeing her dress was now torn up. A bio scan showed that there was still life in the beaten body, causing the shadowbot to continue its mission. To waken Amy, the shadowbot released its grip on her to let her fall to the ground... However, it drove its fist into her face as she fell, sending her flying towards the glass tubes.

    To Sonic's horror, Amy's body slammed against the tube containing him, all of the pink hedgehog's injuries plain as day for Sonic to witness. Her dress was in tatters, her face bore several blood trails, her nose was likely broken, and bruises were dark enough to be visible all over her body despite her pink fur masking them.

    "S...Sonic..." Amy mustered as tears rolled down her cheeks, mixing with the blood as it moved down the tube she laid against, "I...I'm...sor...ry..."

    Sonic pressed his hands against the tube, whispering to Amy... Though she could only imagine what he was saying. Words of encouragement? It'll be okay? She'll make it out of this? The pink hedgehog held tight to Sonic's silent whisper, as it was all she had left with the sound of metallic stomping drawing near her. The shadowbot approached Amy, now carrying her favorite hammer.

    Sonic's eyes grew wide as saucers as Amy's spine was struck by her own hammer with enough force to shake the very cell he stood in. Blood flew from Amy's mouth, trailing the tube as she slid lifelessly to the ground. Another bio scan from the shadowbot confirmed Amy's survival, but her body could take no more.

    The mission being complete, Amy's body was dragged towards the city as swatbots approached the team, sleeping gas beginning to fill the tubes containing the Freedom Fighters. Tails passed out, followed by Sally. The swatbots stared with expressionless gazes as Sonic, his rage having peaked, slowly crumbled to the sleeping gas.

    Hold on Amy, he thought to himself. Just hold on...