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Some requests

Discussion in 'SDT Requests' started by HornyFox7, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. HornyFox7

    HornyFox7 Guest

    I've been looking around and have seen that there are a few things that are either not around, or I cannot seem to find.

    The first of these is a dialog in which a molesting female, finds out she may have taken more than she could handle with our particular character.

    There's a subreddit called futadomworld that I think has a lot of great situations for SDT.
    If you want some specifics that I think would end up great as starting points, here are a few
    1. Knight sacrificed to Futa Dragon
    2. All Day Valentine's day Blowjob
    3. Getting Bound During Gym Class
    4. Bound At a Sleepover
    5. A Two part set comprising of Futa raping a Male, then that male reverse rapes the futa
    6. Community Service Cum Dump
    7. Making a Research Assistant
    and lastly
    8. Paying off the rent