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Second Life

Discussion in 'Games' started by White_Fox, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. White_Fox

    White_Fox Ryonani Teamster

    Mar 6, 2010
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    Hi to All Ryonani forumers!

    Recently i'm quite attached to this online roleplaying game called Second Life.
    To get things started, you need to:
    -Create a Second Life account
    -Then create & customize your own avatar
    -Then online purchase clothing for your avatar (optional and yes, a little payment involved if you want your avatar to look good but still consider very cheap as playing the game is entirely free).
    -Then search map for location such as bdsm, capture roleplay & etc).

    Highly recommended! :)


    For more info:
    Getting Started with Sex in Second Life - Page 1 - Columns - New York - Village Voice
    Sex In Second Life - - - Informationweek

    At first when i started playing it, it's kinda hard to get the hang of it. But after google search for some tips. Now i'm really enjoying it :)
  2. anotherguttersnipe

    anotherguttersnipe Ryonani Teamster

    Mar 15, 2011
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    I wouldn't mind paying for some of this stuff IF they didn't force VICE, Masterfraud, or American Excess as payment.
  3. VoreQ

    VoreQ Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 8, 2010
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    i already made a post about SL afew months back ^^ i'll copy and paste what i had incase it helps you out!

    i reuploaded my video which you can check out here, but theres bondage, contraptions, vore, you name it and its in there!

    How the Ryona in SL works
    The way all of this stuff works is by you manually activating the animations, (for example you need to right click the snake and choose the option to get eaten!)
    For people who dont want this there is an amazing viewer called the RLV viewer!
    the RLV view works with certain contraptions and allows the contraption to control the actions for you.
    for example you and a friend (or enemy!) might find an RLV compatible contraption, your friend will be able to lock you in and you wont be able to escape until your friend lets you free! most of these RLV contraptions also control your characters clothing, so you might end up trapped with no clothes on until someone comes and finds you! (and they might not want to set you free >:-3)

    Where can i find something sexy!? :D
    heres a list of places i've found that i liked!
    (copy the links into the SL address bar to go to the locations!)
    first you will want to visit here to get yourself some amazing free clothing!
    Siren's Nest a maze with many RLV traps, such as tentacles!
    Siren's Loch a small island with a hungry croc, plants and a statue you probably should'nt touch!
    The Hunt a really great area! loads of things that want to capture you from crazy trees to hungry snakes and horny ogres!
    Yggdrasill Castle so much fetish all in one place! :D
    Bali Hai the tropical island of traps!
    Twisted Purple Rose the hungriest and horniest plants around!
    Quicksand Cove will give you that sinking feeling!
    Mausefalle Public RLV Dungeon more contraptions than you can shake a stick at!
    Home of Qetesh lots of traps and predicaments! with a garden full of plants!
    Toy's Toys LOTS of fun to be had here! (neighbours to Home of Qetesh!)
    Amazon Jungle let out your primal side as you wrestle with snakes and spiderwebs!
    SLVC the Second Life Vore Club, you are invited for dinner! Mr Trex insists!

    also i'd recommend getting Firestorm Viewer which comes with RLV (Restrained Love Viewer) which lets you be effected by traps and things, and restricts controls! (you can control how much)
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  4. anotherguttersnipe

    anotherguttersnipe Ryonani Teamster

    Mar 15, 2011
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    Now, allow me to contribute for the Wrasslin end of things.

    Wildcat Woman's Wrestling Gym A large outdoor gym which caters to all forms of wrestling.
    Bad Girls A smaller, but more active area with a few pro rings, but mainly tailored for catfighting. YOU NEED A FEMALE AVATAR TO ENTER
    W.W.C 'War at the Crash Club Where public roleplaying events are held. They also have a decent store in the vicinity.
    Ceri G's store A store which has a moderate amount of pro-wres gear. Good place for two piece outfits, and he/she has elbow/kneepads in every colour under the sun. The one pieces aren't the best though.....
    Sierra's Main Store The best place to go for Wrestling attire-bar none! She also has a handful of arenas for pro-style, catfight, and a BDSM corner down the back.
    Club of Tigress Don't expect alotta action from here, but there's a freebie pack with over 1000 hair, cloth, and body parts for your avatar!