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Pit Frosh

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Pitwar, Jan 26, 2015.

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    "Don't you have more important things to worry about? Like starting college soon?" asked Deanna, watching her friend wrestle with a weighted dummy in her apartment.

    Kimberly crashed into the floor, breathing heavily and wiping sweat off her brow. "This is how I deal with worrying about important things," she said, picking herself up and righting the weighted dummy. "And how I'm paying for most of them. Where's Gemma? Did she back out?"

    "I'm coming," said Gemma, stepping into the room. "I can't believe you got an apartment right out of high school, and changed this much of it into...well, this." She gestured at the converted bedroom, which devoted much of its floorspace to a training space for Kimberly's pitfighting activity.

    "It's worth it," she said, "and worth it for you, too. I'm really happy you guys want to do this." Kimberly smiled as Deanna and Gemma looked at each other uncomfortably.

    "Ever since I saw you get your ass kicked by Angus McReedy, I guess the bug got in me," said Deanna.

    "What a dumb reason," muttered Gemma. "We're both dummies. But I can't deny the feeling I get when I watch Kumite broadcasts."

    "You aren't dummies, you told ME," said Kimberly. "The more of us that stick together in the scene, the safer we'll be. We can watch each other's backs, keep each other away from dangerous venues..."

    "Ever since they got MediKade tech, the Kumite's felt pretty dangerous to watch," said Deanna. "And we'll be on TV when we fight, I'm still not sure about that."

    "Me neither," said Gemma, "but there are a lot more fighters our age showing up there. Weird as it is to say, I think we'll...fit in."

    Kimberly slapped the weighted dummy. "C'mon. I've had six Kumite matches. They hurt, but they're worth it. Let's stay on track." She took a drink of water, throwing a towel over her shoulders. The three girls were all in shorts and tank tops. "Deanna, you've been taking judo and jiu-jitsu since..."

    "A few years ago," said Deanna. "I was droppin' off, but watching you got me back into it."

    "And Gemma, you've had some training all over the place, right?" asked Kimberly.

    "Yeah, what do you think got me into watching The Kumite?" Gemma looked away as she continued. "I just never told anybody, it was kind of embarassing."

    "Well, we're set!" Kimberly beamed. "Three fighting muskateers." She threw the towel aside and crouched slightly. "So? Who wants to spar first?"


    In the locker room of The Kumite arena, Kimberly kept her friends company as they waited for their debut fights in the program's rookie division. Gemma tapped her foot, rubbing her knees and breathing deeply as she muttered, "The rookies are always fresh meat, who the hell are they going to put me up against?"

    "C'mon Gemma, attitude's important," said Deanna, just as nervous. "You're not just some spectator watching tv anymore, you've gotta stop thinking about it like a viewer and more like a fighter."

    "Deanna's right," added Kimberly. "And whatever happens, we're here for you."

    "Thanks, I..." Gemma was cut off by the sound of her name being called. "Thanks." She got up and headed for the ring.


    Even though she came out to the ring to no announcement or fanfare, Gemma was still filled with adrenaline as soon as she saw the ring waiting for her. The italian teenager wore a yellow sleeveless top, along with a pair of blue front-tied gym shorts. Her hair was braided back, and her long legs gave her a very graceful stride as she set foot on the mat for the first time. She was left standing in the ring for nearly a full minute, quietly warming up as she went through several of her kickboxing combinations. Suddenly, the crowd began cheering as the cameras began rolling.

    "It's time for another match, ladies and gentlemen! Already in the ring, a new challenger and recent Edison High alumni...Gemma Gianni!"

    A three-quarters profile shot of her quickly gained an on-screen caption that read "A dedicated fan decides to step into the ring!" A few moments later, Gemma saw her opponent approaching, and recognized the masked girl immediately.

    "And taking her on...MEGAN MCGUIRE, THE MONTREAL MANGLER!"

    "Shit," thought Gemma, unconsciously stepping back and away from the lean, muscular girl that walked onto the mat. "Could've been worse, but...but shit! Megan McGuire!"

    Garbed in a crimson leotard and matching mask, Megan McGuire's piercing eyes and shock-white hair held Gemma's intimidated gaze all the way until the bell rang. Megan kept her arms down as she circled Gemma, while the teenager quickly got into a kickboxing stance and moved carefully at a distance from her wrestler opponent. "I'm the one on the mat now," she thought, "that's all that matters until the bell rings again."

    As Megan took a step forward, Gemma responded with a hard kick to the side of her leg. Darting in with a knee to her opponent's midsection, Gemma finished with a high kick that connected to the side of Megan's head. Watching the wrestler stumble to one side, Gemma hopped back and began bouncing on her feet, switching stances slightly to the one she learned in her Tae Kwon Do training.

    "This spunky young challenger has Megan McGuire on her guard!"

    With a shrill battle cry, Gemma span forward with a spinning double kick aimed at Megan's head. The masked girl took one foot to the face, turning as she stepped back and avoided the second. Carrying through with her momentum, Gemma shot one leg up to drop an axe kick. However, her foot never made up above her shoulders, as Megan caught her leg under one arm after leaping in to counterattack. Before Gemma could react, a hard heel to her gut took the wind out of her efforts before her other leg was swept out from under her. Megan held onto an ankle as she forced her opponent onto the mat, stomping Gemma's belly twice to leave the teenager gasping for air. As Gemma lay prone on her back, Megan grabbed both of her legs and trapped the girl's feet under her arms after she flipped her over onto her stomach. Taking a few steps forward, Megan reached down and took hold of both of Gemma's arms, pulling the rest of her body up and off the mat. Gemma was bent into an upside-down arch beneath her opponent, swinging forward and backwards lightly in a pendulum hold. The teenager gasped in pain as her back began to ache, and she looked desperately in every direction for an escape.

    "McGuire's had enough! Look at her make that kid know who's in control!"

    Her face red with frustration and embarassment, Gemma's eyes widened as she saw one of Megan's feet lift off the mat. The masked girl stomped it down into the small of Gemma's back as she released her, driving the teenager facedown into the floor. Immediately, Megan picked up one of Gemma's legs and folded it at the knee, hyper-extending the joint in seconds and causing the dazed young fighter to shriek in pain as she scrambled to escape. Megan threw the captive leg to one side, letting Gemma tumble across the ring and clutch at her newly-injured limb.

    Cradling her knee as she sat up, Gemma stared at her opponent with wide-eyes, showing a little fear before she realized that Megan was waiting for her to get up. "Hurting my leg's all she needed to do," thought Gemma, "the rest of that...she just wanted me to know she could do that to me." Hissing and wincing as she shakily got to her feet, Gemma hobbled a little as she tried to adjust her stance to put weight on her other leg. Megan tilted her head slightly, watching the teenager struggle to stay in the fight. With her arms down at her sides, Megan circled and approached her opponent. Gemma instinctively took a step back, but after realizing that her mobility had been taken away from her, she grit her teeth and stood her ground.

    Megan darted towards her opponent, and Gemma dove forward to drive her good knee into the masked wrestler's gut. Megan took the hit, pausing with a grunt. Gemma cried out in pain as she put all her weight onto her injured leg to follow up with a finishing axe kick. Her heel cracked down against the back of Megan's neck, taking the masked girl down to her knees. Gemma similarly fell to one knee, no longer able to stay standing. Before she could come up with a new strategy, Megan's hands grabbed hold of her shoulders firmly. The masked girl slowly turned, sliding her arms around Gemma's neck and shoulders to lock up with her as she forced the teenager to stand with her.

    "This faithful Kumite viewer should've done more homework! She looked like she almost had Megan!"

    Throwing desperate-but-weakened knee strikes as she was trapped in a clinch with Megan McGuire, Gemma's tired gasping exploded into a drawn-out moan after the masked wrestler delivered a heavy knee lift of her own, straight into the teenage fighter's ribs. Repositioning her stunned opponent, Megan then lifted Gemma into a hanging vertical suplex position. As she felt herself raised off the mat and turned upside-down, Gemma inadvertantly yelped a shrill "NO!!"

    "But she HAS seen enough Kumite TV to know that 'almost' is how you land yourself in a world of pain! Look at how long The Mangler is holding her up there!"

    Gemma had a moment of regret, wishing she hadn't made such a helpless noise in her televised pitfighting debut. She knew that she would only feel more disoriented whenever she was finally slammed to the mat, and simply teetered back and forth, bare feet pointed at the lights while cameras caught the best angles to highlight her opponent's strength. She could no longer hold her resolve, and grew even more red as she thought about the image of her helpless body hanging in the air. She thought of the people she knew who may have been watching, and felt even worse as she wondered how many of them were cheering for her humiliation like a majority of the live audience was doing.

    Finally, Megan slammed her down chest-first into the mat. Gemma made a pained wheezing noise, clutching her body as she bounced up to her knees and then fell backwards onto her back. She could not move, feeling a stabbing pain in her chest whenever she did more than writhe on the floor. She saw Megan step over her, and began to raise an arm to defend herself. Megan lifted one of her muscular legs, and dropped it straight down onto Gemma's throat and chest. Gemma's feet kicked up involuntarily, her body going more slack as they fell and bounced on the canvas. With purpose, Megan got up and repeated the maneuver, this time forcing a full-body flop out of the teenage fighter.

    "The Mangler's PUNISHING this rookie! The kid can't get up, so Megan's bringing the beating right down onto her!"

    After the third leg drop, Gemma had blacked out. Her body lay spreadeagled, flopping in place with each successive leg drop as the crowd began to count them loudly. After the fifth leg drop, a spray of spittle shot out of Gemma's mouth. After the eighth one, the teenager gagged loudly and began to spasm, waking up in a sea of confusion and pain. "Wh...why..." thought Gemma, blinking rapidly as she was forced to sit up, and then felt two legs snake around her chest. "No...my ribs...gonna...break my r-ribs..." Gemma could not speak, but pawed at Megan's legs before the masked girl rapidly tightened her leg-scissor hold. The teenager shook her head and screamed, her voice rising in tone before squawking sharply. Specks of blood spat out of Gemma's mouth as something in her chest cracked. Her head fell back, eyes shut and mouth wide open in a silent scream as Megan ground her body rhythmically between her thighs. Gemma went limp, spasming once with another spray of bloody spittle. Megan released her, rolling to one side as Gemma slumped back.

    "She crushed her like a grape, and cracked her like a walnut! Megan McGuire is your winner!!"


    Watching and waiting, Deanna turned to and gave Kimberly a pale look. "When do they take her out of the ring??"

    "Once they take a commercial break," said Kimberly, watching a nearby screen. Gemma's prone form lay splayed out on the mat, only showing up in the background or the corner of the screen as the cameras focused on her victorious opponent. "She'll be alright."

    "Everybody walks away from The Kumite," said Deanna, "it's the rules. It's the guarantee. I just...it was so weird to watch Gemma in there. It was weird to watch YOU in there."

    "I feel the same way," said Kimberly. "It used to just be me. Now I know how you guys all felt."

    "They're finally getting her outta there," muttered Deanna, watching on the screen as ring attendents finally came to carry Gemma off the mat. Then, she heard her name called and froze for a moment. After a deep breath, she turned and smiled at Kimberly. "No turning back now," she said, giving her friend a quick hug before leaving for the ring.


    Heading to the ring with just as little fanfare and just as many nerves as Gemma, Deanna's long brown hair was held back by a pink spandex hairband. The rest of her attire was also pink, a twisted top and tied side-stringed shorts. Even though she had planned to use some of her cheerleading experience to play to the crowd and make herself feel at ease, all she could think of was the mat and the crowd. Gemma had just fought and lost on the same mat that she now felt underfoot. And the crowd was probably more interested in seeing an example made of the next rookie, rather than a teen underdog taking a victory in her debut match. As she heard the crowd begin to make more noise, Deanna noticed one of the roving cameras pull by the get a quick shot of her, and managed to put on a winning smile.

    "Another young challenger from Edison High's recent alumni is ready for her own debut match on The Kumite tonight, and she looks like she's ready for a good time! This is...Deanna Campbell!"

    The camera lingered on Deanna long enough to finally draw out more of her public persona. She put a hand on one hip, waving to the viewers at home and grinning. Producers quickly added the tagline of "a spunky youth going from yoga mats to combat mats" beneath her, to see if her combination of cute looks and eagerness could be capitalized on for future marketing.

    "They don't know it, but we set up a surprise for tonight's Edison High alumni, to give them something truly memorable before their first weeks of college. Visiting the Kumite once again from darker arenas in darker places...the monster from Mongolia, Sukh!"

    Deanna's happy expression fell so quickly, a small cut-away shot of her wide-eyed face was super-imposed in the corner as the broadcast showed Sukh's walk to the ring. Any fan of the circuit knew what the muscular mongolian in red trousers did to his opponents in other venues, and that he only received Kumite invites once they had the medical technology to keep the losers of his matches alive and walking. "I can't be," thought Deanna, turning instinctively to look for a way out and finding herself stranded on the fighting platform. "I can't be fighting HIM, not live on TV!" She took rapid, deep breaths to try to calm down. "No...no, it's like Kimberly said, I'm a fighter now. It's not about the spectators, it's...it's about the two of us on the mat."

    The sounding of the bell made Deanna wince, and despite her crouched posture, the intimidation that ran through body was clear to anyone's eyes. "I only know grappling," she thought, "and that's right where he wants me." She inched forward, slowly closing in on her opponent as he did the same. Sukh opened and closed his fists, flexing his knuckles. Suddenly, he took a hard swing at Deanna's head. The teenager ducked and rolled forward, popping up and grabbing her opponent from behind. As Sukh whipped around, Deanna hopped up onto his back and wrapped her legs around his body. She locked in a rear scissor sleeper hold, but as she tightened her grip she knew the match was only beginning as she thought, "oh my god, his chest...his neck! They're like steel beams!" Sukh got his bearings, and then slammed his fists together behind him, smashing them together around Deanna's head. He repeated the maneuver once more, and the teen fighter's grip slipped loose as she fell backwards to the mat.

    "You don't just put a powerhouse like Sukh into a choke hold! What a rookie mistake!"

    Getting to her feet, Deanna saw Sukh reaching for her. "Can't let up," she thought, pushing forward shoulder-first into the mongolian's gut, "I'm a fighter now!" Deanna clenched her toes down onto the mat as Sukh began to push back, and got her arms around his waist and right thigh. She began to pull, trying to lift her opponent. Sukh raised his arms, clenching his fists together and hammering them down into Deanna's back. She winced at first, and cried out in pain as two more hammer blows smashed into her spine. Timing herself with Sukh's arms as he swung them up to strike her again, Deanna stamped both of her feet into the floor and lifted with all her strength, shouting loudly as she got her opponent off his feet. Twisting and bending back, Deanna suplexed the Mongolian straight onto his head.

    "Oh my god!! This kid's just gotten into a very small club of people who have taken Sukh down to the ground!"

    As she hit the mat herself, Deanna released her grip and rolled a few feet away. She lay on her stomach, slick with sweat and breathing heavily. Straining to raise her head, she saw Sukh laid out as well. With a brief smile on her pained and tired face, she began to get to her feet. "I threw him...I threw Sukh," she thought, "now I just gotta choke him out." As she turned to pounce on Sukh, she nearly gasped as she saw that he was already up onto one knee. Panicking and still woozy from the effort it took to put the Mongolian down on the mat in the first place, Deanna ran forward at full speed and prepared to throw a knee into the side of his head. Sukh countered her rush, letting her throw all her momentum into his thrusting elbow, which sank into her chest just beneath her throat. Her feet kicking straight up for a moment, Deanna then stumbled a few steps back, cupping the base of her neck and coughing hoarsely. Sukh stood up, raising both arms before chopping his hands down hard into his opponent's sternum with a deafening clap. The teenager let out a long, loud, agonized moan as she clutched at her chest and began to double over.

    "I don't think Sukh's going to let her get away with that early lucky break!"

    Gripping the sides of Deanna's head as he forced her upright, Sukh reared back before delivering a headbutt. Deanna's arms waved wildly as she took knock-kneed steps backwards and sideways, barely able to stay standing before Sukh got ahold of her and slammed his skull into hers once again. The teen fighter's body snapped back, her eyes staring at the ceiling before she slumped to her knees. Looming over the girl as he held her head one more time, Sukh drove one more headbutt down into Deanna's forehead, snapping her spandex headband and sending it flapping to the floor. Deanna's long brown hair flew in a spiral, falling over her face and shoulders as she collapsed forward onto her stomach. After a few moments of stillness, Deanna began to try and stand up, her hands and feet slipping on the mat as she was unable to lift her head off the canvas.

    "Three headbutts and a broken headband later, and this kid is a writhing mess! Will she make a comeback?"

    Every muscle in Deanna's body quivered as she fought to get up. "So...hard..." she thought, "hurts so much...b-but I'm a...a fighter now..." Slowly, she began to crawl to all fours. As she looked down at the mat, seeing her hair hang down past her face, Deanna began to feel her strength wane. Standing over his opponent, Sukh looked down at the teenager and slowly raised his fists. Deanna was able to stay on her hands and knees after one axehandle blow smashed into her back, but the second one sent her back down to the mat. She pushed her chest a few inches off the floor before another blow to her back flopped her body into a prone, facedown, spreadeagle position.

    Sukh reached down, gripping his opponent's jawline and pulling her to her feet. After she was released, Deanna took a few unbalanced steps forward, her arms waving to try and keep herself upright. Sweat plastered some of her hair onto her face, mostly covering her eyes as her mouth hung slack and sucked in oxygen. Sukh delivered a hard kick to Deanna's gut, forcing a retching noise out of the teenager as she immediately bent over and coughed up some watery spittle. The Mongolian quickly wrapped his arms around her waist, and then lifted her up into the air for a powerbomb. Deanna was panting, her legs hanging limply over Sukh's shoulders as she began to look left and right with a growing expression of fear. "No," she gasped, shaking her head weakly, "no more..."

    "Nothing's worse than a rookie begging for a break. And...THAT'S what she gets for asking!"

    Even though she was driven back-first into the canvas, Deanna's body folded up from the torque and flipped over onto her stomach. She slowly reached for her back, raising her face off the mat and howling an agonized cry of pain. "Hurts...hurts so much," she thought, shakily lowering her head back to the floor. Sukh prevented her moment of respite, forcing the teen fighter up to her knees before grabbing her by the throat with both hands and raising her up to her feet. Deanna grimaced, gritting her teeth as she clawed at Sukh's arms. The Mongolian responded by lifting her into the air, suspending her by her throat and choking her. Kicking and writhing wildly, Deanna made awful noises as her windpipe struggled to function. Her tongue hung out over her lower lip as drool ran from one corner of her mouth, and her eyes stared into the crowd as they grew wider and fluttered. Reflexively, her hands slapped at Sukh's arms, trying in vain to tap out and concede the match.

    Slowly, the pressure began to fade and Deanna felt the mat under her feet again. Still held upright by her opponent, her vision was blurry as the world around her stopped dimming and began to stop spinning. "Th-thank god...I tapped," she thought, "must've saw that I tapped..."

    Almost as an answer to her thoughts, Sukh looked to the crowd and roared, "NOW, I BREAK!"

    Her bleary eyes widening immediately, Deanna tried and failed to move as Sukh got her into position. Then, he raised her overhead with a gorilla press, turning to display her to every side of the ring as the girl's legs kicked in a futile effort to get free. She shook her head, looking out at the crowd as they cheered, and tapping out against the arm of an opponent who did not care. "He's gonna do it," she thought, "oh god please just let him finish me, if he's gonna do it, let it be the end, please..."

    "We all know what time it is!"

    Yanking Deanna down, Sukh slammed her back onto his waiting knee. The teenager's eyes and mouth were wide open, her head snapping back as she let out a long, breathless wheeze. Deanna lay bent over Sukh's knee, her upper body jerking every few seconds as her arms hung out wide and limp. The Mongolian slammed both of his fists into her exposed stomach, forcing Deanna's entire body to spasm as she made a loud and defeated cry of pain. Her tongue once again protruded over her lip, and her eyes half-closed.

    Collecting his opponent off his knee and cradling her in his arms, Sukh stood up. Deanna, somehow barely conscious, took irregular and hoarse breaths as tears ran down her sweaty cheeks. Sukh slid one arm under her thighs, and the other behind her shoulderblades. Then, he began to bring them together with quickly increasing pressure. Deanna's body began to fold as her spine creaked from the compression. She made a few whimpering noises, her eyes flittering open and closed. There was a soft crunch as the girl's body suddenly folded tighter, her bare feet limply kicking in place as her hands shuddered and fell still. She was dumped onto the mat in a floppy heap, foamy spittle forming a small pool as it ran over her protruding tongue.

    "Sukh's given this undergrad a frosh night in the MediKade that she'll never forget! The kid is broken, and the Mongolian is your winner!!"


    Kimberly sat back down heavily, having gotten to her feet to watch in shock as her friend had to face a truly merciless opponent. Sukh's backbreaking finishing maneuvers were replayed multiple times from various angles as the commentators discussed the Mongolian's strength, paying no more heed to the young fighter he had performed them upon.

    While she knew from experience that Deanna would recover, thanks to The Kumite's MediKade technology, she could not help but think of the fact that the girl's older sister and uncle were both big fans of the program. Kimberly finally began to understand how it felt to watch someone you care about get into the ring. Deanna and Gemma were her classmates and friends, people she always saw in class or at the mall. Now she had also seen them beaten and bloodied on the unforgiving Kumite mat.


    "Now making her way to the ring...the Fiery Freshman, Kimberly Jones!"

    The short-haired redhead stepped onto the fighting platform, wearing a brown sports bra that matched her spandex briefs. She jogged across the ring, turning at the edge and squatting. She leapt up after a few seconds, and began to stretch as she tried her best to put the images of her beaten friends out of her mind for the next few minutes.

    "This plucky young fighter's managed to make a mark despite a record of 2 wins and 4 losses, and she's ready to fight tonight! Will she fare better than her classmates? Let's find out as she faces...Paula Dynamo!"

    A brunette with bob-cut hair stepped onto the entrance ramp, wearing a sleeveless red unitard and a pair of metal bracelets. She pumped a fist in the air as she approached the ring, slowly moving into some shadow boxing that carried her onto the mat. Finally, she slammed a fist into the floor hard enough for Kimberly to feel the aftershock in the canvas underfoot.

    "If she catches me in the chin with a deep shot like that, I'm gonna be meat," thought Kimberly.

    As soon as the bell rang, Paula charged forward with a punch that shot a gale of wind through Kimberly's short red hair as she dodged to one side. The teen fighter pushed her shoulder into Paula's stomach as she wrapped her arms around her, trying to lift the boxer up. Paula slammed a forearm down onto Kimberly, forcing her loose. Kimberly immediately slid around Paula, jumping onto her opponent's back as she locked in a rear chokehold. Kicking her feet to try and lock her legs around her opponent's body, Kimberly's vision suddenly popped with a bright flash as Paula whipped her arms up and slammed her fists into either side of the teen fighter's temples. Falling off of Paula's back, Kimberly landed sloppily, stumbling over her own feet and tumbling back onto the mat just in time to avoid a straight right punch that was hurtling towards her face. Crawling back and away from her opponent as she got up, Kimberly realized the vicious gust of wind that had brushed across her cheek as Paula's attack barely missed its mark.

    "What a lucky dodge on the part of Kimberly Jones! And Paula Dynamo knows it!"

    Grinning broadly, Paula kissed her knuckle before pointing her fist at Kimberly with a wink. The teen fighter's lip twitched, her wide eyes locked with Paula's as she crept cautiously around her opponent. Paula charged in once again, feinting high before throwing a left shot towards Kimberly's gut. Twisting to one side, Kimberly took hold of Paula's incoming arm before grabbing the boxer's body. Stamping a foot into the mat, Kimberly lifted her opponent up and slammed her to the ground with a belly-to-belly suplex. "Got the fist-fighter on the floor," thought Kimberly, "now I just have to keep her there!" Using her grappling training, Kimberly tried to hold Paula down and mount her. Paula squirmed to get free, baring her teeth as she looked up at the teen fighter that sat down on her chest. Kimberly rained down a few chops and punches, forcing her opponent to cover up before she leaned down and began to look for an opening to lock in a choke hold. Just as she got her arms around Paula's neck, Kimberly's eyes shot open as her ears popped loudly. A moment later, her head exploded in pain. Paula had slammed her fists into either side of the girl's head, and Kimberly's tactical advantage faded as she stared into space and began to loll back and forth. The ringing had barely begun to subside before the back of Paula's hand swatted her tumbling to one side.

    "The kid's tactics aren't worth much if she lets Paula Dynamo make mashed potatoes out of her brain!"

    Moaning softly as she gripped her temples, Kimberly staggered to her feet and shook the cobwebs away as hard as she could. She got her hands up, but only saw a blurry shape approach her before a lightning-fast punch sunk deep into her gut. Going weak at the knees as her legs quivered, Kimberly made a low-pitched noise as the air was forced out of her body. "Got to get...my arms back up," she thought, struggling to move her slacken limbs as she gasped a desperate breath. She looked like a deer in the headlights as she saw Paula rear back, and her eyes were still open as a massive punch smashed into her cheek hard enough to turn her head to one side. Spit and sweat sprayed from Kimberly's face in a brief white cloud before she went spinning through the air and crashed to the floor. Rolling to one side, the teen fighter's body was unsynchronized as she tried and failed to get up several times.

    "Kimberly Jones looks like a half-strung marionette! Paula Dynamo's giving her a hand...or setting up a punching bag!"

    Pulling her groggy opponent to her feet, Paula helped Kimberly regain her balance as the teen fighter's glassy eyes remained wide and unfocused. Shadowboxing in front of the girl, Paula was all smiles as Kimberly looked confused and lost, raising her hands weakly before a punch smacked into her jaw. Paula circled left and right, popping light jabs straight into Kimberly's mouth three more times. Kimberly's head jerked back as her lip split, forcing a tired cry from the stunned redhead as she staggered back and slumped to her knees. She began to look up at Paula, right before a piledriving punch slammed into the middle of her face. Kimberly's arms flew out flailing to her sides, her eyes forced shut by the impact and her bloodied mouth gaping open as Paula's fist pulled away from it. A thunderous right hook blasted into the side of Kimberly's head, her eyes bugging open unconsciously with knuckles pushing her cheek into her nose. There was a loud crack echoing through the arena while Kimberly was lifted spiralling into the air before crashing facedown in a heap on the mat.

    "That's it, folks! Kimberly Jones is four teeth poorer as she's taken out of this fight!"

    Paula sidled up to Kimberly as the broadcast played a slowed-down replay of the previous punch, showing Kimberly's contorted features as several teeth flew through the air with her beaten body. Raising an arm to the roaring approval of the crowd, Paula slammed one final fist down into the back of Kimberly's head. The teen fighter flopped in place, completely out cold as a small pool of blood formed underneath her face.


    Eventually dragged off the mat, Kimberly's limp body was taken to a MediKade Recouperation capsule in the back of the Kumite's arena. Dumped into the bed-like clear tube of the device rather unceremoniously, the redhead lay mostly unmoving for over an hour inside the capsule, while mostly-unseen beams of energy passed over and through her body in a pre-set sequence both understood by few and used by the many fight promoters who were willing to pay the money to ensure their competitors' survival. Gemma and Deanna lay nearby in two other MediKade capsules, their bruised tissue and broken bones mending at a rapid pace while Kimberly's missing teeth began to grow back into her damaged gumline.

    Kimberly awoke, groaning as her jaw ached down to its nerves. "G-Gemma? Deanna?"

    "My ribs are on fire," muttered Gemma, clutching her midsection as she sat on a nearby bench. "This is a MediKade hangover, huh...how about you, Deanna?"

    "I-I can feel my legs," said Deanna, walking shakily across the room, still in her fight attire. "The floor's cold. Oh god, Gemma, they put me in the ring against..."

    "I know," said Gemma, gesturing at a monitor on the wall. "They're showing the Sukh-breaker now."

    Wincing before turning away from the sight of her own body being dropped onto Sukh's knee, Deanna shuddered. "I know this sounds...crazy, but..."

    "You want to do it again, right?" asked Kimberly. "We all do."

    "That guy's killed other fighters in the underground arenas," said Kimberly, "but after standing on the mat and facing him one on one, it's like...I'm hungry for something new."

    "This is gonna be a hell of a freshman year," said Kimberly, giving her friends a tight hug.
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    Sick of standing by the punch bowl or sitting by the finger sandwiches, Kelly quietly let herself out of the prom and headed around the back of the building. She had somewhere else she wanted to be that night, and decided that she had put in enough face time to convince her peers that she actually went to the dance. Kelly picked up her pace, holding her blue purse tightly against her simple blue dress as she rounded a corner.

    Both girls yelped as they walked straight into each other. Kelly's eyes widened as she began thinking of reasons to be leaving the prom so early. She recognized the other girl as Feliciana, a portuguese exchange student who was often surrounded by would-be suitors. Kelly was surprised to find that none of them were with her, as she had already assumed that she had stumbled into someone else's romantic interlude.

    "Oh, er, sorry," began Kelly. "I'm just on my way...out. Family emergency!"

    "Ow..." Feliciana rubbed her head, nodding. "Yeah yeah, cool! I'm going to a pitfight."

    "That's fine, don't let me get in your...what?" Kelly blinked several times.

    "Pitfight!" Feliciana smiled brightly. "I'm going to go compete tonight."

    "Um...where?" Kelly looked over her shoulder, then back to the portuguese girl.

    "Battle Pit!" Feliciana looked confused for a moment. "You want to come watch? It's the one with the cage, not the one with the concrete pit."

    "I'm..." Kelly instinctively lowered her voice. "I'm competing there too. I-I had no idea you were..."

    "Wow, why didn't you ever say?" Feliciana gave Kelly a tight hug. "I just thought you were some nerd!"

    Closing her eyes as a moment of tingling irritation came and went from her mind, Kelly nodded. "Well, no, I'm also a pitfighter."

    "So do we gotta fight each other now?" Feliciana looked down at her sparkling green dress as she tried to assume a combat stance. "This place sucks, but if that's what's gotta happen..."

    "No! I mean! Maybe!" Kelly shook her head, waving her hands. "Let's just get over to Battle Pit before anybody sees us."

    "Why?" asked Feliciana, as Kelly took her arm and dragged her along towards the campus exit. "If there's two of us then we can just kick their asses!"


    Scratching her nose as Kelly got changed into her singlet leotard, Feliciana nodded and said , "You like blue, eh?"

    "Um...yeah," answered Kelly, adjusting her shoulder straps. "Are you fighting in that dress?"

    Feliciana laughed. "I can barely run in it!" She kicked off her shoes and pulled off her dress, revealing a green bandeau sports bra and matching briefs that had fit under her dress seamlessly. "But THIS, I can kick in all night!"

    Stepping to one side as Feliciana began executing an impressive series of roundhouse kicks, Kelly scratched the side of her neck. "Wow, that's a really cool move. I'm more of a wrestler."

    "Oh yeah?" Feliciana turned to her with bright eyes. "Backbreakers and moonsaults and stuff?"

    "More, um..." Kelly looked embarassed, despite herself. "More like headlocks and suplexes."

    "Cuz you don't look like you could break my back," continued Feliciana, laughing. "You wanna put me in a headlock or something? Warm up?"

    Staring at the portuguese girl as she bent over and pointed at her own neck, Kelly quickly shook her head. "No, no, I already..." She turned to head for the door. "We need to be in the fighter pen, they're calling matches soon."

    "That's the only freebie you were gettin'!" Feliciana gave Kelly a quick hug around the shoulders from behind, before skipping ahead of her and through the door.



    "Looks like he likes blue too," said Feliciana, "go put him in a headlock, girl!"

    "Yeah, hah..." Kelly gave a nervous smirk before she got in the ring, looking at her opponent with dread. Nicasio was a muscular Greek wrestler in blue briefs, standing with his hands on his hips before cracking his knuckles and pointing at the teenager that stood across from him. Kelly could not help wincing as he made a common pit fighting gesture, bending an invisible pipe in the air and letting her know that he intended to break something in her body. She quietly adjusted the shoulder straps of her blue singlet, and then straightened its short bottoms over her thighs.

    Staying low and creeping forward, it was not long before Kelly found herself in a collar-and-elbow lock-up with Nicasio. The little grappler was quickly overpowered by her opponent, who pulled her into a tight headlock. Leading his struggling opponent a few steps around the ring, Nicasio then ran her head into a cage wall. As Kelly staggered back, Nicasio scooped her up into the air and bodyslammed her onto the canvas with a loud bang. The teenager quickly got up, and Nicasio immediately dealt her another bodyslam. Wincing and holding her back for a moment, Kelly was slower to her feet, but Nicasio was waiting to bodyslam her a third time. As she turned upside-down and went over his shoulder, Kelly locked her ankles and got an arm under Nicasio's jaw. Arching her back, she trapped one of the greek wrestler's arms between her legs and began cranking an improvised chinlock. Nicasio was taken by surprise, but after stumbling in circles for a few moments, he got his free hand onto Kelly's chin. Gripping her jaw, he yanked her down, flipping her over and onto the ground as she lost her grip on him.

    Pushing herself up, Kelly was suddenly flattened back down to the mat as Nicasio angrily stomped a foot into the small of her back. She rolled to one side, avoiding another stomp and scrambling to her feet. As the greek wrestler charged towards her, Kelly planted her feet and clapped her arms around his waist as soon as he was close enough to her. Turning and lifting, Kelly was able to deliver a belly-to-belly suplex that planted Nicasio heavily onto the mat. She leapt onto his chest, pulling Nicasio's head under her arm and leaning back to bend his neck forward and to one side. As Kelly's legs viced around his flanks, Nicasio was pinned down and unable to shove her off of him. Once again, he found escape by grabbing at the little grappler's face, putting a thumb in Kelly's eye which caused her to shriek and release him. Kelly fell to one side, clutching at her eye and crawling away from Nicasio as he rubbed his neck and slowly got up.

    A hard stomp to her back shocked Kelly back into the fight, her eye aching but not critically injured. However, Nicasio got his arms around her shoulders and one of her thighs before she could get up, and then lifted her off the mat and against his chest. The greek wrestler drove Kelly's spine down onto his knee, lifting her and dropping her into a second backbreaker as she was still crying out in pain from the first one. Nicasio pressed down on his opponent's throat and hips, bending and grinding the little grappler on his knee with a cruel look on his face. Kelly kicked her legs and clawed at the hand on her throat, moaning as her back felt like it was on fire. Having rested a few moments, Nicasio slammed a hard forearm down into Kelly's gut three times before shoving her to the ground. Kelly curled up on the mat, clutching her stomach as she gagged before twisting and cradling her back.

    Holding the back of his neck, Nicasio pushed a palm down against Kelly's throat, pinning her down until he got his other hand on one of her thighs. With a grunt of effort, the greek wrestler heaved his opponent off the mat and over his head, raising her with a roar as he took a few steps back towards the center of the ring. Kelly gasped for breath, realizing her situation after a few moments of being held prone in the air. She began to squirm and struggle, bicycle-kicking her legs as she beat at Nicasio's arms with her hands and feet. A rogue kick caught Nicasio across the cheek, causing him to stumble slightly and lower Kelly down to his shoulder level. Moving her limbs like rubber snakes, Kelly wrapped herself around Nicasio's shoulders, hooking a leg under his chin and across his throat. Arching her back and screaming with effort, Kelly tightened her body as Nicasio's legs began to wobble and buckle. The greek wrestler threw himself towards the cage wall, smashing Kelly into it twice. The little grappler held on tightly, crying out in pain with impact but refusing to let go. Sweat ran down her face as Nicasio collapsed to his knees, his eyes rolling back slightly as drool pooled between his lips and the leg that viced under his chin. The greek wrestler finally crumpled forward, unconscious before he hit the mat. Kelly tumbled off of his body as he slapped against the floor, and spent half a minute laying on her back and breathing deeply and rapidly. She finally got up to receive a roar of approval from the crowd, and could only grin sheepishly as she cradled her midsection and raised a hand in victory.


    Kelly's eyes went wide as Feliciana nearly tackled her to the floor of the fighter pen. "Holy shit, girl! I thought you were done!"

    "G-got lucky," began Kelly, smiling weakly.

    "Lucky nothin'!" Feliciana thought deeply for a moment, before continuing. "You were like a boa constrictor! You thinkin' of calling yourself Kelly the Snake-girl?"

    "Just...just Kelly," replied the weary grappler. "Kelly the wrestler-girl."

    "I thought you were gonna get broke in half," continued Feliciana. "Guess you almost did, ha ha!" She slapped Kelly's side, eliciting a pained noise from the young fighter.

    "P-please, it still hurts," said Kelly. "C'mon, I'll wait here and watch you do your match."



    Lifting her heel up over her head and resting it on the cage, Feliciana stretched her leg for a few moments. "Shit..." she muttered, looking at her opponent. "You're gonna wish me luck, right?"

    "Y-yeah," said Kelly, nodding. "Good luck."

    Feliciana smiled at her, closing her eyes as she took a deep breath and headed onto the mat. A very large and dreadlocked african woman in a black swimsuit was waiting for her, beating her chest and roaring as soon as the cage doors closed. Feliciana gestured at Fujo, beckoning the beast of a woman to attack as the crowd roared in approval of her feisty courage.

    Answering her opponent's reqest, Fujo charged straight towards the teen fighter. Feliciana barely got out of the way, landing a kick against Fujo's face as the african woman barrelled past her. Fujo turned and charged again, and Feliciana continued to play the part of a kickboxing bullfighter. After landing a third strike, Feliciana leapt forward and dropped an axe kick down into the back of Fujo's neck. With her heel still buried into her opponent's flesh, the teen fighter gasped as Fujo whirled around and smashed her face with a brutal backfist. Spinning and stumbling, Feliciana was bowled over as her opponent charged right into her, clubbing two powerful arms into her shoulders as a massive body mass blasted her backwards. Feliciana landed hard on her back, flipping over onto her stomach from sheer momentum.

    As she got up, Feliciana was bludgeoned over her head by a pair of clenched fists, and flopped back to the floor. Taking hold of the back of the stunned girl's head, Fujo pulled Feliciana up to her feet. The teen fighter's arms hung slack as she was made to stand up, but once she found her footing, Feliciana suddenly slammed a hard elbow into Fujo's jaw. She followed up with a high kick, before taking a retaliatory punch to the side of her head. The teen fighter staggered to one side and turned, but used her position to throw a spinning back kick into Fujo's face. The african woman lost her balance and fell back, while Feliciana once again sprang back to life.

    "Eat defeat, fatass!" yelled Feliciana, before she leapt and stomped both of her heels into Fujo's fallen body. The teen fighter then mounted her opponent to begin throwing hard elbows into her skull, filled with adrenaline as the crowd came to life at the sight of such a smaller fighter taking control of the match. However, her momentum stalled as Fujo shot one punch up into the teen's jaw. Feliciana tried to shake it off and managed to land one more elbow before her opponent's fists slammed into either side of her head. The teen fighter's eyes bugged out as she stared into a dazed nothingness, allowing Fujo to shove her off of her mounted position.

    Feliciana came back to life just as Fujo loomed over her, raising her legs and kicking at her larger opponent's shins. Fujo simply fumed, unaffected by the defensive strikes. Feliciana stared back at her for a moment, before scrambling to turn and crawl away. Fujo caught one of her ankles, and began to drag her opponent away from the nearby cage wall. Feliciana clawed at the mat a few times before trying to flip onto her back to fight back, but a sudden stomp to the small of her back pinned her facedown on the ground. Fujo held the squirming teen fighter down, watching the girl's arms and legs move wildly to try and get out from underneath her foot. Then, Fujo stepped on and over Feliciana, briefly pushing all of her weight into the pinned girl's spine. Feliciana made a retching noise as her body arched up off the mat, before slumping back down as Fujo's foot came off of her back.

    Turning to view her handiwork, Fujo was surprised to see the little fighter shuddering as she forced herself to her hands and knees. Feliciana's breaths came with pained groans, and she looked almost like a zombie as she got to her feet through sheer force of will. Holding her ground as Fujo approached, Feliciana threw a hard kick into the african woman's midriff. Then, Fujo grabbed the back of her head and delivered a headbutt that filled the teen fighter's vision with stars. A second headbutt caused Feliciana to fall to her knees. Still seeing a defiant fist begin to raise, Fujo delivered two more slow, deliberate, and brutal headbutts, each one punctuated by a soft cracking noise. Feliciana's eyes were halfways rolled back as her jaw hung slack, stuttering noises coming out of her mouth as a primal instinct kept her body upright. Fujo shoved the side of her head, and Feliciana fell sideways to the mat, barely moving but struggling to push herself up off the floor.

    Drawing a thumb across her own throat as she licked her lips, Fujo beat her chest and roared before grabbing Feliciana's head with both of her hands. Dragging her opponent to the center of the ring, the african woman then yanked Feliciana off the ground and into a massive bearhug. Within seconds, one of the teen fighter's ribs began to crack, and her dazed state exploded into panicked agony. Feliciana beat at Fujo's face, but only landed two punches before the larger fighter wrang her body left and right. Feliciana's arms and legs flailed as she screamed, her strength depleted as her body was crushed in Fujo's grasp. The african woman jerked her opponent twice, forcing a crunch out of Feliciana's ribcage as a spurt of spittle shot out of the teen fighter's mouth. Fujo gave one last squeeze, popping Feliciana's back before throwing the beaten girl down onto the mat.

    Feliciana gasped rapidly, her eyes rolled up and unfocused as thought she saw Fujo's body suddenly standing over her. Everything went fuzzy and dark as Fujo sat down on her chest, forcing the teen fighter to flop limply beneath her weight. Fujo stood up, and then sat down once more, cracking yet another part of Feliciana's ribcage as the unconscious girl spasmed once more. The african woman stomped down onto Feliciana's spreadeagled body, grinding a heel into the teen fighter's belly as she beat her chest and roared back at the cheering crowd.


    Awakening on a bench, Feliciana looked up at the ceiling and touched a hand to her torso, feeling copious amounts of tape around her body. "...'m I dead?"

    "Ah shit, she's not dead," said another girl's voice, more gravelly than Kelly's.

    "You've been through MediKade," said Kelly, coming into view as she leaned over Feliciana to look down at her. "Do you, um...want to know the damage?"

    "Hit me," replied Feliciana, slowly reaching to groggily rub the side of her own face.

    "Let's keep it simple and say a hell of a lot of busted ribs," said the other voice. She peered down at Feliciana, a dark-haired goth in her early 20's, with a cigarette on her lips. "I'm Arachne. Somehow I got stuck looking after Kel."

    "We look out for each other on the circuit," began Kelly.

    "Which means, most of the time, I'm draggin' her off the mat and maintaining a cover story," muttered Arachne. "I'm her math tutor. Now I'm your math tutor. You both learned some math. That's the story for tonight."

    "Wow," said Feliciana, painfully sitting up. "You're all up in this lifestyle! I never had so much fun pitfighting, girl."

    "Did you forget the part where your ribs got bearhugged into powder?" Arachne sighed and shook her head, walking away. "Tell me when you dipshits are ready to go, and I'll get the car."

    "It's settled, then." Feliciana took Kelly's hands firmly.

    Kelly looked awkwardly to either side. "Um...what is?"

    "Where I'm goin' to college, girl!" Feliciana beamed at her. "So, where are YOU goin' to college, then?"
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    Seated around a table of inexpensive chinese food, a group of girls were chattering happily over their post-training meal. A Hawaiian girl raised a glass and raised her voice.

    "Everybody," declared Leilani, "our time as the Central Avenue High School Women's Self Defense club is just about over. But I hope it's not the end of our time together, on or off the mat."

    "We already know we're both going to college at Truman," said Lily. The Spanish girl winked at Leilani, who held a smile to hide her irritation at being interrupted.

    "So," continued Leilani, "to have the most memorable end to our last summer before college, I wanted to suggest something for the most...adventurous of us."

    "I'm not getting a tattoo," said Lily, getting a laugh out of some of the other girls at the table.

    "Who's got the guts to try a little full-contact?" asked Leilani, taking back control of the conversation as her club-mates gave her hushed stares. "Look, I've been keeping a little secret," she continued, "I've tried it before. I've tried it a lot. I love it. And I thought that before we all go on to the next step in our lives...I'd invite you guys to try it too."

    "You mean like...on The Kumite?" asked one girl.

    "That's right," answered Leilani, "and there's a venue right under this restaurant. I've used it before."

    "I don't wanna fight in front of a crowd," said another girl, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, Leilani."

    "It's nothing to be ashamed of," said Leilani. "But whoever wants to take it to the next level, meet me back here tonight at 11. Come ready to get on the mat."

    Taking out her phone, Lily nodded. "Alright, 11 it is." She began sending a text message.

    "I'll wait for you all by the bus stop on the corner," said Leilani, "so that we can go into this together."


    Later that night, five girls were heading down the staircase into the restaurant's basement. Leilani led the way, glancing over her shoulder at someone who was not part of their group.

    "I never took you for the fighting type," said Leilani, "you know what you're getting into, right?"

    "Lay off her," said Lily, cutting in. "Lilac and I have done this before."

    "If you want me to leave," started Lilac, "I-I'm not."

    Leilani laughed. "By all means, the more the merrier!" She gestured to the locker rooms. "You two VETERANS go on ahead while I explain things to the new girls."

    As Lily and Lilac went to get changed, two other girls approached Leilani. "Wow, now we're the new girls?" said the red-haired one.

    Leilani turned to them, smiling. "It was a joke. Now that they're gone, I can tell you how things work. While you guys get into your gear, I'll enter us all into tonight's matches. When your name goes up on the big board over the ring, you get on the mat and fight 'til someone wins. Any questions?"

    "Yeah," said the braided african girl. "How do we know we're leaving on our feet and in one piece?"

    "Because you can trust me," said Leilani. "There's MediKade technology everywhere, nowadays. And there's never been a deathmatch down here in the Tong Ring. Now go get ready to fight!"

    Clapping both girls on their shoulders before ushering them away, Leilani turned and headed to the registration desk. "Hi, I'm here to enter myself and a few friends. Tell me...who else have you got in the fight queue tonight?"


    The five girls seated on a ringside bench were a mix of emotions. Lilly and Lilac were ready to go, while Leilani was calmer than many other fighters in the venue. The pair who would be making their pitfighting debuts, Cheryl Blossom and Kamali Conners, were balls of nerves. Both were hugging their arms to themselves, clearly unused to being watched by a crowd, let alone fighting in front of one. Soon, the names "KAMALI" and "JADZIA" were up on the board.

    "Go get 'em, girl!" cheered Leilani, as her classmate stood up and stared at the board for a moment.

    Kamali turned back and grinned in appreciation before getting up onto the raised fighting platform. The african girl wore a turquoise sports top and matching bike shorts, while her first-ever opponent was a polish girl in a white singlet, with a gold hairband keeping back her blonde bangs. Jadzia held her head high, smiling broadly with a hand on her hip as she extended a hand to Kamali, who nervously shook it with a nod before stepping back and preparing to fight.

    After a few moments of awkward silence, Kamali shouted a small battle cry and went for a hard leg takedown. Jadzia braced herself and caught the oncoming fighter, letting Kamali pull and tug at her leg for a little while before grabbing the girl by her shoulders. Slipping a leg behind her opponent's, Jadzia flipped Kamali over in place, dumping her onto the mat with a thud. Stunned after being slammed in a one-on-one competitive fight for the first time, Kamali quickly swivelled around on her back and raised her legs to defend herself. Then, a confused look came over her face as Jadzia beckoned for her to get up, smiling in a friendly way as she let her opponent recover in her own time.

    "Wow, that's...that's friendlier than I thought it'd be," said Cheryl.

    With a smirk, Leilani replied, "Oh yeah, fighter's code of honor."

    After a quick grapple attempt, Kamali's world suddenly span around her as Jadzia executed a lightning-fast belly-to-belly suplex. Letting her guard down after receiving mercy the last time she was taken down, Kamali made a surprised noise as Jadzia held onto her and forced her back to her feet. The african girl tried to pull free, but could not escape before her opponent lifted her off her feet. Jadzia leaned back, and then twisted as she gave Kamali another belly-to-belly suplex. Keeping her arms tightly around the african girl, Jadzia hauled her off the mat once more. Then, she performed one more modified belly-to-belly suplex, releasing Kamali partway through and tossing her up and over her head. Kamali cried out as she felt herself fly through the air, and was cut off immediately as she crashed to the floor.

    Rolling over onto her stomach, Kamali cradled the back of her neck with one hand as she crawled to her knees. Her eyes widened as she saw Jadzia's feet marching towards her, and the african girl raised a hand as she looked up at her opponent and began to ask for a moment to catch her breath. Jadzia did not let her finish, clapping both of her hands down on either side of Kamali's head to painfully stun the african girl. The polish girl then slid her arms around Kamali's waist, preventing her opponent from falling back to the mat as she planted her feet and raised her up across her chest. Jadzia then snapped herself back, throwing Kamali behind her.

    As Kamali's body tumbled across the mat, Cheryl gaped. "I thought there was a..." She winced as Kamali was thrown again, bouncing twice before coming to a rest near the edge of the ring in front of her. "I thought Kamali called for time-out!"

    "C'mon," said Leilani, "you think they do time-outs down here?"

    Jadzia slammed her fists onto Kamali's back, flattening the african girl facedown on the mat. The polish fighter waited for Kamali to crawl to her hands and knees, and then repeated the maneuver. Sitting down on Kamali's back, Jadzia slid both of the dazed girl's arms up and over her knees, before reaching down and pulling her head up to complete the camel clutch hold. Kamali squirmed her body around on the mat, unable to get her arms free as her spine was bent with increasing pressure. She howled in pain, kicking her legs and slapping her hands against Jadzia's legs as she tried desperately to give up.

    "She's tapping!" shouted Cheryl. "She's tapping out!"

    "It's until someone WINS," said Leilani, "not just 'til the loser says they've lost."

    Cheryl looked helplessly at Kamali, whose shrieks of agony grew as Jadzia prolonged the tension of the camel clutch with practiced technique. She held her opponent for nearly a minute, listening to Kamali's voice as it grew weaker and more hoarse. Jadzia felt the african girl's body begin to slacken and spasm, as foamy spittle ran from Kamali's lips. The polish girl released her head, letting it hang down for a few moments as Kamali drooled messy splatters onto the mat. Then, Jadzia shoved her arms loose and let Kamali slump onto the small puddle she had made beneath her. The african girl was completely unconscious, gurgling softly until ring attendents dragged her away.


    Immediately, two more names went up, reading "LILAC" and "BALDUR".

    "Alright Lilac, you can do it!" cheered Lily, patting her friend on the back while avoiding eye contact with Leilani. She turned to Cheryl and said, "We've been down here before."

    "You said before..." Cheryl still looked shaken by Kamali's match. "Kamali's gonna be fine, right?"

    "Me and Lilac have won AND lost fights," replied Lily. "She'll be fine."

    "Yeah, didn't I tell you that already?" Leilani flashed a glare at Lily before giving Cheryl a grin. "C'mon, let's see how the 'veteran' performs with more friends in her corner."

    Lilac stepped onto the mat, a pale young artist whose brunette hair hung in a series of braids and loose strands. Dressed in a black dance leotard with a shiny purple sash belt, she began to creep low and carefully around her opponent. Baldur, a muscular german man in black briefs with crew-cut hair, was turned away from her with one fist raised in a proud salute. He turned to face his opponent once she had crossed most of the mat, his face unmoving from its sternly neutral expression.

    Speeding up as she suddenly pushed her feet off the mat, Lilac shot up towards Baldur's shoulders. The young fighter clambered her way around to Baldur's back, traversing his body like a wild monkey. She got an arm around his neck and wrapped her legs around his body, trying to squeeze his carotid artery and cut off the blood-flow to his brain. Lilac was astonished to find her opponent's neck muscles pushing back against her entire arm. She tried to tighten her arms and legs around him, but Baldur planted his feet and flexed his powerful muscles, stiffening his body as solid as a rock. Lilac clenched her teeth and wrenched herself left and right, trying and failing to compress anything beneath Baldur's musculature.

    "She's got a plan, right?" Leilani leaned her head to one side, resting her cheek against her hand.

    Raising his right arm, Baldur curled it behind him and around Lilac's head. Yanking down and flexing his bicep, the german fighter trapped his opponent's skull within his bulging muscles. Grabbing the back of Lilac's neck with his other hand as he slowly pulled her over his shoulder, Baldur ignored the slapping impacts of Lilac's fists and feet against his back and chest. The young artist fought wildly as she was dragged across her opponent's chest. Baldur held the struggling fighter tightly, her head under one arm and her left leg under the other. Then, he dropped to one knee, slamming Lilac's belly against the other. Heaving loudly from the gutbuster, Lilac then felt her opponent's arms begin to push up against her chin and left thigh. Baldur began closing his arms in front of his chest, bending Lilac backwards as his biceps pushed her head towards the back of her captured leg. She could only pull and claw at her opponent, her free leg kicking uselessly in the air as she moaned in pain.

    Watching her friend finally get dropped onto the mat, Lily shook her head. "That should've worked. I've never seen someone that...that..."

    "He's like a brick wall," whispered Cheryl, through the hands she had clasped in front of her mouth.

    Her back awash with aches, Lilac gasped for breath as Baldur took hold of the back of her neck and quickly pulled her back up to her feet. He pulled the young artist into a front facelock, crouching down to cram her head under one of his powerful arms. Slowly, Baldur began to straighten his legs and stand tall, crushing Lilac's head and neck within his muscles as he tightly maintained the facelock. Lilac's muffled voice was soon screaming as her feet left the mat, kicking in every direction to try and find some kind of purchase. Baldur held her several inches off the floor, entirely by the force of the hold that bent her neck forward and applied immense pressure around her cranium. After a few excruciating moments, he swang her body up and onto his shoulders, his arm now pulling her head down as she was locked into an argentine backbreaker. Lilac's will to fight was wrung out of her as Baldur slowly and steadily bent her back over his shoulderblades, forcing her cries to escalate in pitch. She flailed her arms and legs a few times before they began to quiver and curl, growing more taut as her back bent further and began to pop.

    Finally, Baldur released the tension and flipped Lilac over, before raising her shuddering body up and down like a rack of weights. Her hair hung down along with her sash belt, her limbs nearly as limp until she was thrown down onto the mat. Kneeling behind LIlac as he sat her up, Baldur put the young artist into a one-armed sleeper hold, compressing her neck with his flexing bicep. Lilac's tongue protruded from her gaping mouth, and she could only weakly flop her legs a few times as her eyes began to roll up and foamy drool spilled over her lip. After feeling her spasm once and then fall still, Baldur stood up and allowed his opponent to slump back. She lay spreadeagled and unconscious at his feet as the german fighter raised his arms and posed for the crowd.

    Lily got to the ring just as the attendants began dragging Lilac off the mat. She quickly checked her friend before watching her get brusquely carried away.

    "See?" muttered Leilani to Cheryl, quietly. "They were all talk."


    Lily had barely sat back down before she saw her name go up on the board, alongside the name "SOLONGO".

    "Looks like it's up to you to rep the pitfight vets," chided Leilani.

    Cheryl was practically wringing her hands in worry as she added, "G-Go for it, Lily!"

    Stretching briefly before getting onto the fighting platform, Lily watched her opponent. Solongo was a sturdy mongolian girl in a pink top and blue briefs, who pumped her arms back and forth as she waited for Lily to get onto the mat. The spanish girl fixed her hair in a ponytail as she stepped up to face Solongo, wearing the orange spandex top and running shorts that she often wore while attaining achievements in track and field.

    Holding her arms out wide, Solongo barrelled straight towards Lily, who nimbly sprinted to one side and began circling her aggressive opponent. Lily met a second charge with a hard roundhouse kick, hopping back as soon as her foot touched the ground again. Lily then leapt forward, smashing a knee up into Solongo's chin as she drove an elbow down onto the mongolian girl's head. Solongo fell forward, grabbing hold of Lily to maintain her balance. The spanish teenager clasped her hands over the back of Solongo's neck and began throwing knees into her head and chest, trying to either pull free or stun her opponent long enough to land a solid liver shot.

    "HAAAH!" bellowed Solongo, throwing her arms up and breaking free of Lily's hands. Throwing her hands down, Solongo dealt twin chops to Lily's chest. Three more times, she landed loud double-handed chops as Lily gasped and fell to her knees, clutching the quickly-reddened flesh over her collarbone. Solongo slid her hands under Lily's armpits, and then lifted her high into the air before turning and slamming her onto the mat. Groaning, Lily got to one knee and looked up to see Solongo looming over her. She immediately threw three wild punches into the mongolian girl's gut, who grunted and pushed herself forward to wrap her arms around Lily's head. Solongo began to squeeze, pushing Lily's face into her belly as she hugged her skull with increasing pressure.

    "What can she do, Leilani?" asked Cheryl, turning and looking to her remaining ringside friend.

    Feigning concern, Leilani tapped her chin in thought. "I guess she's gotta have a real hard head."

    As her cries of pain were muffled in her opponent's abs, Lily clawed at the arms wrapped around her head. As her mind began to grow fuzzy, Lily began wildly throwing punches at Solongo's flanks. The mongolian girl clenched her teeth, and began moaning until her arms fell slack and she backed away, cradling her stomach. Lily fell to her hands and knees, shaking her head to regain her senses. She crawled backwards until she felt the edge of the ring with her toes, and began to get to her feet.

    Solongo kept one hand on her aching stomach, growling as she began to advance. Lily ran forward, using her full-speed momentum to spin and slam a foot into the side of her opponent's mouth. Solongo twisted in place, holding her ground before slowly turning back around. Lily met her with another spinning kick to the same spot, causing the mongolian girl to spit a spray of bloody mist. Solongo stumbled in place until another kick cracked a tooth and jerked her head back, forcing a loud cry of pain from her throat as she waved her arms to try and stay upright. Finding a loose footing as she saw Lily prepare to strike again, Solongo fell forward to one knee and threw her arms around the spanish teenager to lock in a desperate bearhug. Lily gagged, coughing up some spit as her opponent's arm suddenly squeezed the air out of her body.

    Leilani leaned back, crossing her arms in quiet satisfaction as Cheryl leaned forward, cheering loudly and worriedly.

    Lily twisted left and right, trying to get free as her midriff was squashed within her opponent's grasp. Solongo began to try and stand, but Lily hopped up with her efforts and drove an elbow down into her head to keep her from getting up. Twice more, Solongo began to lift Lily off her feet. Twice more, Lily managed to keep Solongo on one knee.

    "I...crush you like sticks!" stammered Solongo. Lily knew she did not have long until the mongolian girl made good on her threat, as the kneeling bearhug was still quickly sapping her strength. Rearing her arms back, Lily clapped them around Solongo's head. Then, she did it again. Solongo was able to hold on for a moment, but the second explosion of noise left her ears ringing and her senses swirling. Wriggling free of the bearhug, Lily threw two hard kicks into the side of her opponent's head. Then, she leapt up and scissored her legs around Solongo's skull, taking her opponent to the mat with her as she locked and tightened her thighs. Solongo scrambled to get free, but soon the pressure around her ringing head left her twitching softly into unconsciousness.

    Holding the headscissors tightly until she heard her opponent's convulsing, uneven breaths, Lily rolled away from her beaten foe and managed to raise an arm as she made her way to the edge of the ring. Slowly sitting down and getting back down to the floor, Lily held her aching midriff and winced as she sat back down.

    "Way to go, Lily!" squealed Cheryl, hugging her tightly.

    "N-Not so hard!...please," said Lily. "Thanks."

    "I guess things are looking up," added Cheryl, with a sheepish look on her face.

    "Mhm," grumbled Leilani.

    Glowering out of the corner of her eye, Lily said, "What was that?"

    "Mhm, good job," replied Leilani, widening her grin as she turned to look at her two conscious classmates. "You did great in there."

    "Yeah. We certainly haven't had it easy," muttered Lily. "Never seen so many powerhouses in a row, in here. Feels weird..."

    "You're just sour that your 'veteran' pal got creamed," teased Leilani. "The Tong Ring matches are random draws."

    "Right!" Cheryl nodded dutifully. "Our group just had some bad luck. But you've turned it around!"


    As the names "CHERYL" and "TAIMA" went up on the board, Cheryl instantly stood up, bouncing lightly in place. "Ohmygod," she gasped, "it's my turn, already!"

    "Fight hard," said Lily, smiling weakly and getting up to give Cheryl a hug.

    Turning back to look at the ring, Cheryl's expression fell as she saw her opponent step onto the mat and throw a shiny silver robe to one side. Taima Atlas was a black girl with a small frizzy afro, dressed in a golden one-piece leotard that revealed a bodybuilder's physique. As her opponent posed for the crowd, Cheryl began to wring her hands and stammer. "She's...she's..."

    "She's all yours, Cheryl!" cheered Leilani.

    Scowling, Lily quickly spoke. "I need to use the bathroom." As she left, she muttered something about 'bad luck'.

    "Wow. Wow. Leave your CLASSMATE'S SIDE when she has her very first fight, huh?" Leilani looked offended, and stood to give Cheryl a reassuring hug. "Remember, we're on an upswing now. Forget about Lily, she's fought before. But you? You can send a shockwave through this place, and start your career with a 1-0 record. You ready for this?"

    "I-I think so," replied Cheryl.

    "Atta girl!" Leilani clapped Cheryl on the back and pushed her forward.

    The redheaded rookie fighter slowly crept onto the mat, her crimson tresses brushing back and forth over her shoulders as she breathed deeply. Cheryl wore a white spaghetti-strap leotard, and could not help but glance down at her bare arms and legs after Taima turned to face her, fixating on the lack of cut musculature on her own skin. She exhaled slowly, putting her doubts out of her mind as she prepared to be a pitfighter for the very first time.

    Moving forward cautiously, Cheryl was confused as she saw Taima hold her out her arms and offer two open hands. With a broad grin, Taima nodded at Cheryl and said, "Let's start this fair'n'square, honey." Slowly, Cheryl reached out and weaved her fingers with Taima's, and a test of strength began. The two fighters planted their feet, pushing against one another. Cheryl found herself leaning back fairly quickly, and dug her toes into the mat to try and change the tide. She was clearly surprised to find Taima's arms gradually losing ground to her own. Cheryl got a hungry look on her face as she put more effort into overpowering her opponent. Taima began to bend back, looking shocked as she nearly went to one knee. Then she grinned, standing and using all of her strength to immediately put things back to where they started. Cheryl's arms quivered as she continued pushing back, and a saddened expression of wide-eyed realization washed over her as she was smoothly driven down to her knees. Taima smirked at the desperate teen fighter that looked up at her, and then delivered three sharp headbutts without letting go of Cheryl's hands.

    Her mouth gaping as she stared at the stars that filled her vision, Cheryl was easily pulled forward and raised into position for a hanging vertical suplex. Her bare feet pointed at the ceiling for a few moments, and then kicked weakly as she regained most of her senses and began to cry out in fear. Taima turned and spiked Cheryl into the mat with a jackhammer slam, dropping and driving her own weight onto the red-haired fighter's belly after Cheryl's head and shoulders cracked against the canvas. Completely unprepared for such a powerful maneuver, Cheryl moaned and writhed beneath her opponent as she tried to cope with such a sudden body-wide pain for the first time in her life. After flashing a smile, Taima hooked one of Cheryl's legs and flipped her over, before locking in an STF submission hold. With one leg bent and a muscular arm constricting under her chin, Cheryl's eyes bugged out for a moment before she began to claw at Taima's elbow. After a few seconds, Taima's bicep bulged and tightened the hold, forcing the teen fighter to gag loudly. She slapped the mat rapidly with both hands, pounding her free foot against the canvas as well to try and surrender.

    Taima released the hold, but continued to lay down on her opponent's back as she slithered her arms up and around Cheryl's. "Ain't no tap-outs in this ring," cooed the golden-clad fighter, "but since you're a rookie, I'll make a show outta you that they won't forget." Locking in a double-chickenwing hold, Taima forced her whimpering opponent to stand up with her. Then, she raised her arms, lifting Cheryl off the mat and grinding her shoulderblades together. The teen fighter howled, shaking her head and kicking her legs in the air as she cried out, "NO, NO MORE, N-NO, LEILANI PLEASE, H-HELP!!"

    With a smile on her face, Leilani cupped her hands around her mouth and called back. "Just break the hold, Cheryl! You can do it!"

    Cheryl's voice cut off as she was brutally slammed facedown onto the mat, laying sprawled out and still for a few moments before she slowly began to curl and crawl to her hands and knees. Gutteral gasps came from her quivering body as she began to raise her face off the canvas, but Taima took hold of the back of her neck and speedily hauled her to her feet. Turning the teen fighter to face her, Taima then clamped a bearhug around Cheryl's body, trapping the girl's arms within the hold as she leaned back and held her aloft. Cheryl screamed, tears rolling down her cheeks as she squirmed and thrashed with futility. She was able to grab hold of the cuffs of Taima's leotard, just above the black girl's muscular thighs, but it was the last thing she did before a brutal squeeze forced her entire body to spasm. Cheryl's eyes went wide, staring up at the lights as a spurt of saliva shot out of her mouth in time with the audible crack that came out of her back. Taima wrenched her body left, then right, flopping her crushed opponent in her arms as more spittle ran from the teen fighter's gaping lips.

    Releasing most of the pressure as she used one arm to grab hold of Cheryl's scalp, Taima then lifted the red-haired girl up into position for a gorilla press slam. The muscular fighter carried Cheryl around the ring in a final show of strength, while the teen's face filled with half-conscious fear and shame. Taima then threw Cheryl down, causing the defeated girl's belly to slap against the canvas before her whole body flopped and lay spreadeagled on the mat. Stamping a foot down onto the back of Cheryl's head, Taima went through a series of practiced poses over her beaten opponent's unconscious form.


    "Well, I wasn't sure if you were coming back," said Leilani, nodding at Lily as she sat back down.

    "I wouldn't want to miss seeing another veteran in action," replied Lily.

    Seeing the names "LEILANI" and "ELLA" go up on the board, Leilani smirked and stood up. "Get ready for a show."

    With her arms raised, Leilani got into the ring and beamed at the crowd. The hawaiian girl wore red swimsuit tights with a grass skirt sewn to the waist, which swished with her long hair as she performed three spinning kicks to show off. Her expression quickly changed as she saw "ELLA" removed from the board and replaced with "MAMA XIONG", and she barely turned around in time to see a stocky chinese woman in a tank-top and short slacks step onto the mat to face her. Mama Xiong's clothes were stained with grease and oil, as she had just ended her cooking shift up above the Tong Ring venue.

    "Wait a sec," began Leilani, taking a step back. "You're not my opponent!"

    Scowling, Mama Xiong shook her head. "You gotta new one. Me." She pointed at an unconscious girl laying near ringside, who had once been working the registration desk. "I teach her, no take bribes. Now I teach you, no give bribes."

    "F-Fuck you!" hissed Leilani. "I don't have to do shit, I'm outta here!"

    "Oh?" Mama Xiong laughed loudly. "You tell them you wanna leave."

    Quickly, Leilani realized that the crowd had drawn a little closer, and looked a lot more bloodthirsty. There was no way out of the ring, except through Mama Xiong. Snarling, she assumed her stance and barked, "Alright, bring it!"

    "Bring it!" bellowed Mama Xiong, raising a fist into the air. The ventilation system above the ring began piping in hot and humid air from the kitchen upstairs, causing sweat to bead on both fighter's brows very quickly. Leilani frowned, realizing that her new opponent was extremely comfortable in such heat, and charged in to try and finish her off as quickly as possible. She threw a high kick that connected with the side of Mama Xiong's head, but the chinese woman grabbed hold of Leilani's ankle and then scooped her off the mat. Squirming out of her opponent's grasp, Leilani found herself seated on Mama Xiong's shoulders, and began throwing elbows down onto her head. The hawaiian teenager clawed at Mama Xiong's face and eyes, evading an attempt by the chinese woman to grab hold of her body, and rolled back down to the floor before throwing a hard kick into her opponent's groin. Mama Xiong grunted, her eyes going wide as she hunched over slightly and teetered on her heels. Baring her teeth, Leilani went for one more brutal kick below the belt.

    After her foot swang up between Mama Xiong's legs, Leilani felt a satisfying impact, but then realized the chinese woman had grabbed hold of her ankle after the hit. "Little girl play dirty," snarled Mama Xiong, breathing heavily as she forced herself to stay upright. "I show you how Mama play dirty." Yanking Leilani's leg forward, the chinese woman forced her opponent to nearly fall into a forward-splits position. Yelping, Leilani slammed her palms down onto the floor, steadying herself and trying to regain her balance. As she began to stand up, legs still apart, Leilani felt an enormous toe-punt slam up into her groin. The hawaiian girl was brought back up to her feet by the force of the impact, squeaking loudly as she stared into her opponent's eyes. Her body quivering in shock, Leilani slowly curled forward and fell to her knees.

    "You not so tough when you take what you give," chortled Mama Xiong, looking down at Leilani's hand as it weakly reached to grab hold of her thigh. "Now I crack you," she continued, before taking Leilani's wrist and pulling her up towards her. Mama Xiong slammed her palm twice into Leilani's ribs, and then forced a painful pop out of them with a brief and violent bearhug. Leilani cried out and beat her fists on Mama Xiong's chest, before a solid headbutt sent her stumbling and spinning towards the edge of the ring. Mama Xiong grabbed Leilani's head and lifted her up, two thumbs under the struggling hawaiaan girl's jaw keeping her aloft. "SHE FINISHED? OR I FINISH HER?" called out the chinese woman, before throwing Leilani down onto the unforgiving floor outside of the ring.

    The crowd were quick to give their response, picking up the dazed young fighter and tossing her back into the ring. Finally regaining her senses, Leilani got up and saw Mama Xiong standing right in front of her. Raising her hands, Leilani began to shake her head and back away, finding herself trapped once again on the edge of the ring. "Wait, please!" she cried, falling to her knees. "No more, I-I learned my lesson, I give up!" Leilani gagged as Mama Xiong reached a hand forward and grabbed her by her throat. "Ghhnn-no, no," pleaded Leilani in a choked voice, "I give, I s-submit, I..."

    "You a cheating liar," answered Mama Xiong, "and now I make you sorry!" Lifting Leilani into the air by her throat, Mama Xiong turned and slammed the back of her head into the mat. The hawaiian girl gasped and coughed, laid out on her back and barely able to writhe as she felt pain spread across her neck and spine. As she blinked up at the lights, Leilani suddenly realized what her opponent was doing and shrieked in fear. Mama Xiong splashed her weight down across Leilani's torso, damaging the hawaiian girl's ribs even further. Leilani flopped beneath her larger opponent, coughing up some foamy spit as her head lolled from side to side. Mama Xiong splashed her again, forcing another messy retch from Leilani's throat. Getting up and taking a step over Leilani, the chinese woman looked down at her opponent. She sat down on the young fighter's stomach, and then pressed her upper body down onto Leilani's chest and face. The hawaiian girl's muffled voice screamed as she slapped wildly at Mama Xiong's flanks. Leilani's bare feet kicked against the mat as she used all her remaining strength to try and get out from under her opponent's suffocating weight. After a few seconds, Leilani's limbs slackened, and she finally fell still. Mama Xiong slowly got up, Leilani's head wedged in her bosom for a moment before falling back to the mat. The chinese woman raised her hands in victory, sitting down heavily to force one mroe flop out of the unconscious girl beneath her.


    "Uhh...uhn...uh? Y...YOU!!" shrieked Leilani, reaching for Lily's throat. The hawaiian girl's midsection immediately filled with crippling pain, and she instead fell off the bench and onto the locker room floor. Cheryl Blossom, still dazed and pained from her match, came to Leilani's side along with Kamali Conners. Leilani gave Lily an enraged glare as she continued, "You SET ME UP!"

    "You set ALL OF US up!" answered Lily. She stood a few feet back, helping Lilac stay on her feet with one arm. "Paying off that girl to pair us up against all the strongest fighters, making sure you had an easy match...what is WRONG with you?"

    "You're lying!" howled Leilani, forcing some tears into her eyes. "I-I thought that woman was going to kill me, if the crowd didn't do it first."

    "Puh-lease," said Lily, shaking her head. "Kamali, Cheryl, you can't fall for this."

    "Shut up!" Cheryl gave Lily an angry look. "I saw you leave before my fight. Leilani was the only one in my corner!"

    "I dunno," said Kamali, getting up wearily. "I...I gotta go think for a while. I've never been...never been so beat up before. I..." The african girl headed for the door and left. "...I gotta go think."

    "Go ahead, walk away!" Leilani forced herself up to one knee as Cheryl continued to support her shoulders. "The pit really brings out your true colours, doesn't it!"

    "Yeah," muttered Lily, "it does. C'mon Lilac."

    Lily and Lilac left the locker room as well, leaving Leilani and Cheryl behind.

    "Th-thanks Cheryl," said Leilani, turning and giving the exhausted red-haired girl a hug. "I can't believe Lily did that to me."

    "I wanna piece of her in the ring," said Cheryl, her voice shaking with unfamiliar anger.

    "Me too. Me too." Leilani painfully got to her feet, patting Cheryl's hand before turning to head to her locker.

    "I trust you, Leilani," said Cheryl. "And, it hurt but...I wanna fight again, soon."

    "Stick with me and I'll show you around the best arenas, hon," replied Leilani, smiling to herself. "Say...ever thought of applying to The Kumite TV show?"


    (The end!)