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*Petal Contest* Recruitment Drive

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Furryona, Aug 30, 2016.

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    Jan 15, 2015
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    "Don't let her get away!"

    "Got her! Hey someone grab an arm!"

    "Work her over!"

    "Yeah, beat this bitch!"

    "What's wrong? We're just getting started!"

    Times have changed. What was thought to be the next line of ultimate mercenaries had already begun to fade. Was it a lack of interest? A lack of numbers? None could say. But the Petals had faced their greatest foe, a foe that had begun to break their organization apart bit by bit. Those who weren't captured or imprisoned were hunted down in the streets.

    Some were used to send messages. Three Petals in particular were electrocuted until their minds had broken, and were hung upside-down near a safe house normally used by a frequent employer. They were recovered, yet robbed of free thinking or even the ability to speak.

    It had soon become clear that other mercenary groups were on the rise. Groups that relied on foul play, on undercutting even their own allies for personal gain. No honor. No pride. No family. And as for the Petals? Mere toys. Decorations. A relic of an older time. They had been captured, beaten, enslaved, used for any number of purposes.

    All except one. One Petal alone had managed to escape. Lang, considered the strongest of them all. She would find allies... She would find friends... She would get revenge. Lang knew she had to find her sisters and save them, but she was alone. It had seemed fate had other plans for her, however.

    One of the mercenary groups, Enixia, had already found her. Lang had been ambushed on her way to meet a prospective recruit, but instead found three women waiting for her. Tifa, Rikku, and Fang. Lang tried to escape from them, but Rikku was far faster than she expected, able to catch up and seize her around the waist.

    Lang began to panic, knowing what was coming, but she was unable to prevent it as Fang's fist collided with the side of her head, knocking her into a daze. Fang, a tall ebony-haired woman with a mature air to her, a thick accent, and a well-toned body, yanked the smaller Lang into a full nelson hold with ease.

    A fist from the slender tanned blonde Rikku dug into Lang's gut, Rikku taking a moment to press the fist deeper before finally backing off.

    "What's wrong?" Rikku asked as she began to dig her fingernails into the chinese girl's stomach, "We're just getting started!"

    "Look out," Tifa warned as she pushed Rikku aside, Lang's vision now being dominated by an admittedly magnificent bust attached to the mesmerizing body of a trained martial artist, "gotta break down her armor first."

    Lang knew she spoke of her chi layer, an ability all Petals had to protect their bodies from injury without the need for armor. However it required steady breathing to maintain, which was difficult if she was suffering body blows... Which was Tifa's exact intent.

    "Ough, oof, oog, urgh!" Lang's body jerked and bobbed in Fang's grip as Tifa plowed blow after blow into her solar plexus, her fists wasting no time in pulverizing Lang. The red material of Lang's dress caved to each fist, ruffling the outfit more and more as the invasive body part pressed into her hard enough to make saliva fly from her mouth before dripping lifelessly from her gaping mouth.

    "Aww, she's all tuckered out." Rikku commented as Fang let go, allowing Lang to collapse to the ground. Rikku waited for Lang to work her way up to her hands and knees before kicking her hard enough to force her back to the ground.

    Boots and sandals found their way to Lang's beaten form, kicks and stomps crushing her body from three different angles as the three women continued their assault. Lang tried to cover her head, but a stray kick collided with her face to force her onto her back. Her soft front was left exposed, enabling the attackers to capitalize on Lang's vulnerability.

    Stomps to the stomach, kicks to the ribs, and blows that Lang's fading consciousness couldn't follow. Was this how it ended? Being ganged up on in a back alley? Sure, Lang hadn't had the chance to really eat and rest as of late, so her techniques might be a bit sloppy, but... To be brought low without a fight?

    Lang was a bruised and bloody mess, the three women laughing at her as Rikku lifted her minidress to expose her panties. Getting an idea, Rikku looked up at Fang.

    "Can we take her back? Can we? I promise I'll take good care of her..." Rikku begged as her finger traced the edge of the panties gently, ideas swimming through the blonde's head as Lang shivered from the touch.

    "When we've worked her a bit more, sure." Fang replied as Tifa grabbed Lang's hair, pulling her up to her feet.

    However, as Tifa's fist reeled back to continue the one-sided brawl, she felt a tap on her shoulder. With a curious blink, Tifa turned back and saw nothing, though glancing down she came eye-to-eye with a somewhat short girl.

    She couldn't have been a day over 15, with short pale blue hair that covered one of her tourmaline eyes. She was dressed in leather low riders and a frilly low-cut white top that exposed her navel and did little to hide the fact that her bust was modest at best, complete with fingerless gloves and leather boots.

    "Who is this little cutie?" Rikku inquired, noting that the girl was actually shorter than her, a rarity considering the company she normally kept. Yet the girl remained silent, her gaze fixated on Tifa.

    "Scram kid, we're busy--"

    Tifa's words were cut short as the girl pivoted on her heel, swinging up a roundhouse kick across Tifa's head hard enough to slam her into the wall, taking all three by surprise. The sheer speed and sudden force caused Tifa to pass out on impact with the brick surface, unable to properly defend or prepare for an attack she wasn't expecting.

    Lang was dumped back on the ground as Fang and Rikku prepared to avenge their fallen comrade, only for Rikku's thong to be seized by a pair of hands, yanking the garment up in a brutal wedgie. Rikku squealed in pain, causing Fang to turn to the aggressor. Before she could properly react, the short girl capitalized on Fang's distraction, leaping at her and wrapping her legs around the taller woman's waist while applying a modified dragon sleeper around her throat.

    Keep Fang's head bent back and neck tightly locked under her arm, the girl silently rode on the larger woman's back as she staggered about aimlessly, soon falling to one knee, then collapsing entirely as the lack of air claimed her consciousness. Rikku cried out as her body was bounced about, the grabbing hands pulling on the thong over and over to worsen the wedgie.

    Finally being released, Rikku was spun around and grabbed by her shoulders. She could make out that her attacker was a blonde woman that was taller than her, but any further details were muddled by the sudden headbutt. Seeing stars now, Rikku was defenseless as another headbutt had cracked the skin of her forehead, a third causing blood to trickle down her face, and a fourth enabling the blood to flow freely from the fresh wound.

    Rikku slumped in the woman's arms as she was effortlessly slung over her shoulder. Tifa was beginning to come to, and with a whistle from the larger woman, the girl picked up Lang with some effort, and the two bolted down the alley with their catches.


    Having a chance to catch their breath, the girls took a moment to rest near an empty fenced-in basketball court. Sitting Lang on a bench, the chinese Petal now had a chance to take a look at her saviors. The smaller girl began to tie Rikku's wrists and ankles together, roughly handling the sleeping blonde as the larger woman looked over Lang.

    "So, you're her right? Lang of the Petals?" the woman inquired, causing Lang's attention to shift to her. Her figure wasn't much different from Tifa's own, though her bust was somehow slightly bigger. She wore a white button-up shirt with a few unbuttoned along the top as well as a pair of black spats with a blue stripe down either side. Her blonde hair was tied back in a high ponytail with her messy bangs making her brown eyes hard to see clearly.

    However it was quickly clear to Lang that the woman was stronger than her cheerful tone let on, seeing as her feet were wrapped in large padded boots that covered up to her knees and her equally-impressive padded gloves covered her elbows up to her hands but stopped short at her fingers.

    "I should introduce us, I suppose. I'm Olivia, but my friends call me Olive. I'm a seasoned street fighter, and not to toot my own horn, but I've studied some pretty crazy karate in my time," the blonde woman explained as she turned to the smaller girl as she finished blindfolding and gagging Rikku, the wrist bindings also having been tied to the ankle bindings, "hey Sylvia! Get over here!"

    The girl responded immediately, approaching the taller woman with a small smile. The smile immediately faded as she faced Lang, though she carried her manners well as she bowed politely.

    "This is Sylvia, and... Well she's not much for words. I can barely get her to talk. Hey, say something." Olivia commanded as she gave Sylvia a swat on her butt, causing the smaller girl to immediately straighten up form her bowing.

    "Yes ma'am." Sylvia said in a flat tone as she blushed slightly.

    "She's studied loads and loads of taekwondo, so if you need someone kicked, she's your girl. Aren't you?"

    "Yes ma'am."

    "Good girl."

    "This is all well and good," Lang managed between pained sighs, "but why are you telling me this? I mean, I'm grateful for your rescue, but... I'm afraid I don't know either of you."

    "Well you know us now," said Olivia as she folded her arms under her breasts, "and I'm willing to bet that you could use us in your Petals group."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well, we've kinda admired you girls after seeing you in action a few times," Olivia began as she ran her fingers through Sylvia's hair, causing the smaller girl to almost purr at the touch, "and we've wanted to join really bad. We can't do the chi thing, but we can hit really hard. And we can take a hit!"

    Olivia turned to Sylvia with a wide grin and patted her stomach.

    "Go on, show her what you can do!" Olivia taunted, causing Sylvia to nod and prepare herself for a strike... Only to reach out and grope Olivia's bust. After a moment of silence, Olivia grabbed a handful of Sylvia's hair and kneed her partner in the crotch, forcing her to stay standing by her grip.

    "You little skank," she suddenly uttered, her tone and facial expression entirely changed from her earlier demeanor, "did I give you permission to do that?" Another knee found its way to Sylvia's crotch, Olivia's loosening grip freeing her to drop to her knees and curl up in agony. Olivia stomped a foot down onto the smaller girl's head and ground her foot against her before calming down.

    "We'll just have to do a demonstration some other time. Anyway, what'dya say? Wanna let us join you and take back the city for the Petals?" Lang blinked in mild surprise as she looked down at the fallen girl, noticing a lustful blush had covered her face, her eyes hidden by her hair but a wide grin saying all that could be said about her now-obvious masochistic tendencies towards her partner.

    Oddness aside, the two seemed reliable in a fight, and they were able to get the jump on Fang and Tifa, two of Enixia's top mercs. They weren't family, but... Perhaps they could be. Lang opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the sudden muffled groans and shifting body of the bound Rikku.

    "I suppose I could test the two of you to see if you can join the organization," Lang mentioned offhandedly as she pointed to Rikku, "I have a hideout nearby. Let's take her there, and the two of you can show me your interrogation tactics. There are questions I need answers to."

    Hearing this, Olivia cheered joyfully. Olivia's actions caused Sylvia to be freed, causing her to immediately stand up and straighten her shirt and bangs as if nothing had happened. With a quiet cough, her blush now fading, Sylvia nodded to Lang.

    "Yes ma'am."
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    Nicely done Furryona the pace of the action was a bit fast and not as descriptive as I'd normally like but it was well done for an opening of your take on the Petals I'll be keeping an eye on this.